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"Dog" Breaks Ratings Record for A&E

9/21/2006 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog: The Family Speaks," an A&E special about the recent arrest and possible extradition of Duane Dog Chapman, was seen by 4.5 million viewers Tuesday night. The show tied the network's previously most-seen program -- a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" special about Chapman's wedding.

The broadcast set the record among viewers 18-49 for the network.

Chapman was arrested last week by U.S. marshals and released on bail. He faces possible extradition stemming from a 2003 case in which Chapman captured fugitive Andrew Luster, who was wanted on rape charges at the time, in Mexico -- where bounty hunting is illegal.

The A&E special included exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth that was shot just after his release.


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pamela hedgepeth    

i think what the u.s. marshals did to DOG, DUANE CHAPMAN, was totally and outrageously unfair!!! this man and his family do all the right things, by law, to get all the bad guys the police can't seem to get, which is a joke in itself, but DUANE, and his street smarts, can get them every time!!! and who calls on DOG, but the police and u.s. government!!!! and we pay him back how? by barging in on him while he sleeps, in front of his family, with small children in the house!!! what a cowardly way to get him. why didn't they give him the benefit, and call him, he would have done the right thing, and turned himself in. he believes in what he does, he is an american citizen, and he believes in the laws. what has happened to us that we can't just say, "thank u" for all the good u do, DUANE CHAPMAN!!" i am so glad there is a man like DOG, out there getting all the bad guys off the streets, in hawaii, or wherever he goes. he's the greatest bounty hunter in the world, and commands our respect. from me and my family he has the respect. HE IS THE DOG, THE BIG BAD DOG!!!!!! keep up the good work, and keep u're show on the air, please

2923 days ago


I have been a fan of Dog's for a long time. It's so nice to know there are people like him and his family in this world making a difference. They are working for other peoples well being. What he did took courage, and if Mexico is ok with having rapists and killers wandering their streets, then that just makes me even more thankful to be an american. The Mexican government should be thankful that a criminal like him is off the streets. Who knows how many women he did this to there.

Dog and his family made a moral choice, he was thinking about what's best for the women of the world, including the woman in his life. If Dog has to go to Mexico, that will be an absolute disgrace to our american justice system.

2923 days ago

Debra Cruz    

It sickens me to see that ourgoverment would go along with this Duane chapman and his family do awsome things for this country. He did something that no one else bothered to do and thta was to get that rapist murdering creap off the streets alot of women will be saved because of Dog Chapman and his family. I love them and respect what they do. He has a good heart and is always willing to help anyone to get there life together and give them a second chance,and Beth is awsome she can be tuff but she loves her man and stands beside him. She also has a good heart.There good for each other they complete each other. Leland and Tim awsome too.

2923 days ago


i love the show, and i love the chapman family. i am not the type of person that crys at tv shows but seeing beth and the family and what they are doing to 3 great men. Dog, tim. and leland. it sickens me. i can't believe america would back mexico and allow this to happen to men that only wanted to make our world a safer place. i don't fault anyone for doing dog, tim, and leland did i am glad that scum Lester is off the streets . to be honest i wish we had more people in the world like the Chapman family.
Beth you keep your head up girl, and to the whole chapman family god bless and don't worry god always comes threw for good people like you. Aloha

2923 days ago


TO POST dogdayafternoon...your comment :::You’d all be screaming bloody murder if a Mexican Bounty Hunter came to America and violated our laws

No ...we don't want their, criminals or ours either ...if someone wants to take them legally or illegally from this country more power to them...come on in...take screams here.......anyway they don't have bounty hunters in MEXICO...that's why DOG is in trouble to begin with

2923 days ago

ken carpenter    

dog is a bitch he ran cause he's a cowardly bitch just like any other convicted killer who runs from the law he shouldnt be on american streets cause he is a convicted murderer that nothing can change that GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL DOG

2923 days ago



2923 days ago


#31 dog hater is mexican. you can hear it in his voice. the one and only ROMEO

2923 days ago


crook hater....hate to enlighten you but......

Sorry he is not actually a convicted murderer....that's why he only did 18 mos back in 77, ....he heard a gun go off, at a house he did not witness the shooting.. .. and though he was present at the time of the crime, and did not walk into a police station and report it, he was convicted of conspiracy to murder.. he served only 18 months and was released sorry you are wrong about that
hater...........can't you find another creep to hate..Luster, molester, wife beater, serial killer........blah blah blah

2923 days ago


That info comes from every blog in support of Dog...if you don't believe can read it on the other blogs....I am only the messenger...don't shoot

2923 days ago


I sent this to the President & the DOJ - Department of Justice

To Whom It May Concern;
I would like to apologize for being so upset earlier about the “Dog” Chapman, and his crew being arrested. I am from Huntsville, AL. I am a Bush supporter (both 41 & 43). There are times I don’t understand why anyone would want that job of being President. I do have a point to make, so bear with me. I used to be more tolerant of other races, and immigration. Then all these illegal Mexicans came up here. Most of them seem to be the ones running from the law in Mexico that does not want them back either. There are 2 here in particular I wish they would take back instead of wanting the Chapmans. Why? Very simple answer – they are both murderers. One of them shot a young policeman who had a wife & two children, & killed him instantly. Another one while driving drunk & without a license, running a stop sign, plowed into a car carrying 4 generations of an entire family. THEY ALL DIED. One was an infant. They did nothing to deserve this. I see their graves almost every day. I am not being prejudiced. The officer was white, and the family was black. But I am sick of this mess that these people are causing. Let Mexico take their trouble makers back, and leave people who are trying to do good alone.
Thank you for your time

2923 days ago

Mark Faris    

#7- You said you would donate your life savings? How about $25 or so to the dog defense fund? His website lists an address that you can mail a check to. I've already mailed mine. You can see the check I mailed, lots of current news reports, and links to Dog's site at my "help dog" site at:

Dog admitted in an interview on MSNBC that he doesn't have the kind of money it will take to defend the extradition of him and his son and 'brother' . PLEASE, let's help him. This could just as easy be one of us.

2923 days ago


i like dog and the gang too but, hell no im not donating any money to his so called fund for his legal fees. he new darn well what he was doing when he picked up luster in mexico. he knew he was going above the law there. i think its a good thing he took that dirt bag rapist off the street but dog is a big celebrity , who has way more money then alot of everyday working americans. so let A&E foot his legal bills and hopefully come up with a dream team of lawyers to get him and the other two out of this mess with the mexican government. i wish them well and hope they get out of this unfortunate situation, but im not footing the bill.

2923 days ago

WTF Cares??    

I watched it and was sad for Beth, They need to leave Dog alone and let him do what is good and that is putting all of the crack heads that he catched where they belong, But i guess this is Mexico's way of getting back at us cause we don't want their trash in our country...We will do an even sawp, all of their lazy ass Mexicans for our Dog.


2923 days ago


Love you Dog.....Hang in there. And THANK YOU for getting that SCUM OFF the streets !!!

2923 days ago
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