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"Dog" Breaks Ratings Record for A&E

9/21/2006 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog: The Family Speaks," an A&E special about the recent arrest and possible extradition of Duane Dog Chapman, was seen by 4.5 million viewers Tuesday night. The show tied the network's previously most-seen program -- a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" special about Chapman's wedding.

The broadcast set the record among viewers 18-49 for the network.

Chapman was arrested last week by U.S. marshals and released on bail. He faces possible extradition stemming from a 2003 case in which Chapman captured fugitive Andrew Luster, who was wanted on rape charges at the time, in Mexico -- where bounty hunting is illegal.

The A&E special included exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth that was shot just after his release.


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Alissa go fuck yourself If you were on fire I wouldnt piss on you to put you out
Dog would help you if you were in trouble. Tightwad ho

2922 days ago


First off how is the world could we as Americans send in our US government to pick these men up for those bastards in Mexico. They say that Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico well what about them illegally jumping the borders into our country and then using our government for there medical insurance and so on. I am truly upset that America would allow this. I do not think that Andrew Luster paid the officials in Mexico, the Mexican government knew what in the heck they were doing when they picked dog up. I mean they are the ones who run the most drugs in there own country to get money. You would think that the government would be proud and stand behind this family. Our government seriously disappointed me when I heard this. Lets do what we can to get him freed.

God bless to the Chapman family at least you have the balls to do what is right. Lots of love for protecting my two children in the long run.

2922 days ago


Alissa who in the hell asked do anything..........donate or otherwise........Karma is a bitch.............

2922 days ago


post43 if you read post19 it says you can sign a petition to free dog and you can donate to his legal fees. Did you donate anything? OH thats right. sorry they dont accept food stamps. Stop starting shit with tmz users that state their opinion. This is America. Do you have a green card?Hmm homegirl101 watch out for your own KARMA you probably live off the government. DONT THROW STONES.

2922 days ago


We pray for the Chapmans family,
Tim...Hold your head up high, were proud of you!!!

2922 days ago


I watched the episode too..... it's just terrible what Mexico is getting away with!

2922 days ago


I hope you people have the same loyalty to our troops as you do the Chapman
brothers. God bless america and us all.

2922 days ago


Yeah I know about the donations...did you give, have you signed any petitions,or emailed the Embassy, or Bush, Rice, Geraldo,blah blah....
I was commenting to the way she Alissa Not you commented about a one sad you had to make one...only offered a site where you could????
Your comments that I have a green card, on welfare, and food stamps, you're starting sh*t yeah I, think so???...I am allowed to state an opinion as you just did...attacking me...for the same sh*t
Throwing stones wow...........Karma is a bitch...
YOU think homegirl101 means what??? All that sh*t stated above....funny that you attack me...about my opinion...when TMZ is about opinions...
my opinion and I am are the trouble maker..with your F>>>>>up comments above...


2922 days ago


Harry, along with my last post #48 by homegirl101

Funny you didn't bash
post #40. Alissa go f*** yourself If you were on fire I wouldnt piss on you to put you out
Dog would help you if you were in trouble. Tightwad ho

Posted at 9:01AM on Sep 22nd 2006 by BRADDADAWG
Were you afraid he might tell you the comment was not as harsh yet you decide to bash me hummmmmm
I do just fine don't worry about me....leaving now to cash in my food stamps to get my nails done....LMAO at you

2922 days ago


Homegirl101 wow I bet you just pissed off alot of people with your comment about cashing in your food stamps to get your nails done. Dont forget to feed your kids. You might want to consult a shrink while your at it lol. you are talking to yourself alot.. Stop disecting the posters, oh and dont forget to thank the board for paying their taxes so you dont live on the streets.

2922 days ago


The US Government should be ashamed to even think about giving up Dog to the Mexicans! Dog and crew do a lot of good, and they did what they had to do to get Luster off the streets-obviously the Mexican goverment didn't care about that part.

Rumor has it they traded Dog for a Mexican drug lord...

2922 days ago


homegirl101 i see you like trashing my ass when im not looking. some of us have to work for a living to support your fat ass. any questions bitch?

2922 days ago

heather adam    

god bless dog and his crew for the work they do, i am a loyal fan of the show over here in scotland, uk what has happened to the family is both unfair and a slap in the face to them after all the great work they do i just wish theyd come over to scotland and work some of theyre magic over here, keep up the good work dog and crew, god bless take care and stay strong. always in my prayers heather (scottish fan)

2922 days ago


believe what you will...I do not get food stamps...bash me if you will... my comment was in reference to don't know me...and commented that I was on welfare...and collected I gave him what he wanted...sorry public assistance here...but, glad you believe everything you read...from people that don't know each other....
Oh Alissa...trash on ther guy..who said he wouldn't piss on you..if you were on fire....that was when you what??? weren't looking as you say..

2922 days ago


thank you 55 im not going to ramble about this any further lol. as far as that jerk off with the piss comment. hey go for it dude hopefully the wind wont splash it back in your face lol. kinky fk probably sleeps with a dildo up his ass. hes the dude walking like a duck. lol sorry about the nasty post 55 . take it or leave it
. i blame tmz for my temporary insanity at times lol..

2922 days ago
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