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Regrets Apology for 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

9/21/2006 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

janet2_superbowl_getty_300-1It has been over two and half years since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had their infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' at the 2004 Super Bowl and for the first time Janet is speaking out about it to Oprah Winfrey.

During an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," to air on September 25, the singer has now said she regretted saying sorry because it made her look guilty for something that was an accident.

She also hinted at dissension between her and Mr. Timberlake during the interview, saying she has not spoken with Justin since their performance on February 1, 2004. When Winfrey asked if she felt betrayed, Jackson would not answer directly, but said cryptically, "Loyalty comes first to me."


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Firstly, Janet had said in the past that she had pierced nipples. At the Superbowl she was wearing a piercing which was a sun, on the breast.

Secondly, I watched the entire half time show. She was the only female performing, and she was at the end of the show, after a long line of mostly black guys (and Kid Rock) performed by demeaning women. They all had back up dancers on their sets, gyrating away as various male singers pushed them around physically., and pulled parts of clothing off them and generally treated all the women as sex objects. Not one word of dissent was heard around the world about that.

Thirdly, Janet was told to apologise, as was Justin. He sucked up to the FCC in order to appear on an awards show the following week with a big sucky apology aka flogging his album. Janet refused and didn't go on the show.

It's extraordinary that, when two people are involved in this, why one was publicly nailed to a cross and the other let off. It was just a woman's breast. Yes, I don't believe it was a appropriate, however they should have levelled the same punishments on the male performers denigrating women.

2920 days ago


" it could happen anywhere to anyone REMEMBER THAT!!!!! "
Nice try PhlebotomyQueen, but I can honestly say, at no point will that occur in my life...nor do I buy clothing that has "removable breast cups" that I plan to wear in public. The fact that THEY (and yes he plays a major part in this) sang a provacative song, were gyrating their bodies all over the place, and even grabbed eachother suggestively throughout the song, and then the so-called "malfunction" happend...well it doesn't take a genius to see that maybe if it WAS an accident, it was one she brought on herself, and should be ashamed of.

2920 days ago


Well post5 you just gotta deal with it. Because Im going to talk about this old hag bitch and her nasty stunt. That whole freaking family are all a bunch of sickos. Notice they all talk all sweet and innocent I use to think Janet was the normal one but after that sick ass stunt she's just as sick and perverted as her pedophile brother. Oh and who gives a shit about their money cause when you die you can't take it with you and neither will they and as for the race card I post these type of comments about the little fag Justin Timberlake too.

2920 days ago


if this was "planned" by janet to begin with, wouldn't justin know?......he did know!...which makes him just as guilty. he's a YES MAN and he did not want to ruin his image.

2920 days ago

duh...totally !    

she is strange...just admit it!

the whole Jackson family is strange...thanks to Papa Joe !

2920 days ago

Srah Ure    

Janet is the QUEEN OF POP. The poor jealous nobody people here just can't handle it.

2920 days ago


Justin is a prick!!...I just love how he distanced himself from the whole situation and everyone blamed only Janet for this!!!!

2920 days ago


the whole family is nothing but a bunch of idiots, justin and her are both liars it was an accident.. whatever... i just really can't believe that they would do something so stupid and immature at a family function like that. im glad neither one of them are parents cuz what kind of up bringing would they have .. no susie its ok to show yours boobs during the game.. and smoke weed with your parents. for the comment about how janet would never do such a thing whatever.. then why on one of her album covers was she completely topless her boyfriend at the times hands was keeping them covered .. so accident my ass.. maybe 30yrs from now they will fess up to it.

2920 days ago


I can't believe i'm reading all of these ignorant comments. This is exactly why the rest of the world looks upon America with humour and disgust...all this fuss about a womans breast? How utterly rediculous! For whoever it was who made the comment about 'children seeing that and feeling feelings they are unable to deal with' is LAUGHABLE! The only children who think that are the ones who come from families where these things are looked upon in the way you do...that it's 'disgusting' 'nasty' whatever. If i'd seen a breast on television when I was a child, my Mum would have said 'yes, thats a womans breast'...BECAUSE THATS ALL IT IS! (PS...Whoever it was who asked if people would feel the same had it been Justins penis...thats something i'd LOVE to see!)
The way America reacted to the Superbowl incident was awful and you should all be embarrased. Whether you 'like' Janet and the Jacksons or not is irrelevant, for one you don't even know them so you can only comment on their music. This whole debate smacks of ignorance and self loathing-and i'm so, so glad i'm not an American.

2920 days ago


For heaven's sake, no one died from the "malfunction" whether or not it was planned. It's likely no kid was warped for life, no one fell ill. I am so sick of family, family, family, what an overdone and overrated catch phrase. There are others in this world who are more sophisticated and tolerant, "families" will just have to learn to live with the rest of us. Time to put it to rest.

2920 days ago

Jimmy Hoffa    

This could have been settled over two years ago if the networks would have used the replays and Janet's tit had been examined more thoroughly. I volunteer - I'm a tit connoisseur. And I think Janet's boob should be shown on every Superbowl highlights show with zoom and reverse angle. It may not be the best boob there is but it's the only one we've seen so far at a superbowl. I'd like to weigh in more heavily on this but I've lost a lot of weight in the last thirty years. XOXO

2920 days ago


Enough with the "boob heard round the world." No one in their right mind believes it was an accident, Ms. Jackson. Quit trying to convince us otherwise. We have had to suffer through countless slow motion replays of Justin ripping your costume - that was no accident - it was a calculated publicity move that bit you both in the ass.

2919 days ago


oh, it was about race? silly me! you are so right, it was all about race. good lord.
so, janet didn't mean for her boob to pop out? she just normally wears a heavy silver nipple ring under tight costumes for fun? and it popped out because she is black? oh, no, wait- she got CRITICIZED for it because she is black. it all makes sense now!

2919 days ago


Who cares about Justin I dont like him either but he did not expose himself Janet did thats why this is all about her. justin actually did nothing wrong and if he knew about it then it was probably her idea to begin with. isn't she suppose to be the older more mature one not some old perverted woman comeing up with sick ideas for justin and her.

2919 days ago


I'm shocked at some of these comments I am reading. For those of you who are preaching "family values"--doesn't that also come along with teaching about forgiveness? Regardless of whether you believe this was a "stunt" or not, morally-the right thing to do is look at this event as unfortunate and forgive Ms. Jackson for the "accident" or her bad judgement in her performance routine. I just can't believe some people are holding such a grudge as if her boob was a weapon of mass destruction. My Lord! Get a grip people.....

2919 days ago
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