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Regrets Apology for 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

9/21/2006 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

janet2_superbowl_getty_300-1It has been over two and half years since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had their infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' at the 2004 Super Bowl and for the first time Janet is speaking out about it to Oprah Winfrey.

During an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," to air on September 25, the singer has now said she regretted saying sorry because it made her look guilty for something that was an accident.

She also hinted at dissension between her and Mr. Timberlake during the interview, saying she has not spoken with Justin since their performance on February 1, 2004. When Winfrey asked if she felt betrayed, Jackson would not answer directly, but said cryptically, "Loyalty comes first to me."


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Interesting... Oprah is the celebrity that is retelling the Janet/Justin performance, and this site is posting the information so that we (the readers) can give comments, and yet there are commentators here saying that all others should get a grip, get a life, grow up, forgive, forget, bla bla bla. Some of you really need to learn how to present your opinions and keep up with the subject of the article.

The lesson I have learned with that superbowl act, is that if I am going to watch a family program with my young children and if a song or joke or comedy act, etc., precedes a performance and has sexual or other inappropriate material, I should turn off the tv, because I'm risking from something unexpected and inappropiate for the children to see or hear. People, please understand, if you have a preference for watching sex acts or private body parts on television as a musical act or other, that is your decision. Doing this with minors is illegal. That's why people in most civilized countries use clothes. We don't live in nudists societies. That's why there's the FCC and many government laws, otherwise, it would be xxx porn 24/7 all over the media. How much more messed up we would be as a society. We need to protect our future which are the children that will one day run this world. Children are vulnerable and inmature, yet they can be desensitized and manipulated if exposed to that when unprepared.

And as another commentator said and I support: Janet and Justin should be apologizing for ever.

2918 days ago


Well I can definately say the difference between white people and black people is if a white person does something wrong he does suffer and gets punished for what he does wrong by his fellow white person. If a black person does something disgusting and wrong black people will put the black person on a pedastle and then try to blame the white person and love the black immoral person even more for what they did not only that but they look up to the person foor commiting the crime. OH and by the way look at TMZ top 10 list of most talked about celebritys. They are mostly white being talked about by whites. Paris Hilton has the most cruelest comments said about her and they are by other white people. So it go's to show the real racists are blacks.

2918 days ago


I didn't even agree with what happened at the SB and I could clearly see that there were race and age issues involved in the overreaction, whether or not other white people want to admit it. I guess that's the way of the people here in the US. Let's not address or acknowledge problems exist until they cost us thousands of innocent lives. That's what Bill Clinton would do.

2917 days ago



When was Justin Timberlake punished? Justin Timberlake said so himself on television that he was not punished. When are us (white people) punished to the same extent as minorities for doing that which is CLEARLY WRONG? Minorities seem to always get the short end of the stick and the ignorant wing of the causasian race always tries to find new ways to justify inequality among races and the treatment of minorites.

2917 days ago

ya boy    

all of yall hataz can shut up. her tit was nice to see, yall act like a breast is bad hell didn't your kids see a breast when he was a baby if he was breast feed? stupid people, yall need to leave her alone and she needs to stop apologizing. 4get bout what is appropriate for t.v. it'll be allright, half the stuff on t.v. is inappriopriate anyway.

2917 days ago

Stymy J    

You guys are so right! You can't even look at a decent horror show without all of the sex. Channel nine new shows Desire and Fashion House have people taking off their clothes all over the place. You are not going to see children friendly television unless you are on disney or nick. It's sad because the children with our children seeing and hearing everything it doesn't leave much time for the imagination.

2916 days ago


Who cares its the millineum show it all.

2915 days ago

Mike C.    

Oh Janet, don't expose your self to the public and take us for idiots.

2911 days ago


Hey ya boy looks like your all by yourself. Because judging from these blogs nobody likes Janet Jackson and people are disgusted by haveing to see her ugly breast exposed it was so disgusting people cant stand her now. And as for that show fashion house and Desire those women look hot exposing themselves they got beautiful bodies people like seeing them. Nobody wants to see old ugly Janet jackson exposing her nasty breasts she's not hot stuff.

2905 days ago

Kevin James    

It's too bad people are still holding that against her. The new album is Janet's best in a decade.

2893 days ago


Yeah i dont care if they planned it or not. people are a lot more whoreish now with their performances and if it happened today, people wouldnt bat an eye.
it went with the song, looked cool. we see more boob from ANYTHING nikki minaj wears. but she doesnt have to explain herself. makes no sense.
besides, football is full criminals. "i love that guy that had all the dog fights and helped give pitbills a bad name but omg i cant believe i saw Janet Jacksons breast skin"

count yourselves lucky you were able to see it. shes janet friggen jackson. would you say no to seeing some megan fox boob? angelina? i doubt it. every man or woman in the world would love it, gay or straight. things like that dont come around much. all you get stuck with is some desperate photos of blake lively.

guess the nip shot was ahead of its time.

1198 days ago
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