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Prince William + Babies

= Cute Overload!

9/21/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will and babyPrince William returned to the hospital where he was born to open a new neo-natal wing at St. Mary's in Paddington, London.

The dreamy royal took time to greet a group of new moms and their babies, even holding one of the infants, at the refurbished NHS neo-natal Winnicott Baby Unit.

Both William and brother Prince Harry were both born in a private wing of the hospital, which serves as one of the top specialists for premature babies.

When not holding babies, the future King of England has another way of passing the time -- by donning a uniform and training for the Army.


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Newsflash to #10. The royal do a lot of things pious Anglicans aren't supposed to do. Just ask the Spencers.

2952 days ago


This almost chocked me up. Diana had an incredible influence on her boys. You can tell he has the sensitivity chip that the rest of the family lacks. Too cute...

2951 days ago


He is the great white hope of the Windsor family. If he wanted to marry a Catholic, believe me they would find a way to let him. Henry VIII found a way to get rid of Katherine of Aragon and marry 5 more times. Charles found a way around Diana. The monarchy is on such shaky ground, they'd let him do anything! And would that be so bad? He's got a lot more going for him as a potential King than the current heir to the throne.

2951 days ago


LOL. Henry the VIIi divorced Katherine of Aragon by declaring himself head of the English chuch and giving himself a divorce. William should do something similar... and marry me, a Baptist. He's HOT!

2951 days ago


Prince William has earned even more R-E-S-P-E-C-T from myself. What an absolute charming and delightful young man. He shall some day make some special lady proud as I am sure he has his mother whom he has taken so much character after (as well as his younger brother).
What a wonderful thing to do in opening a neo-natal wing to bring new life into this world.
God Bless you and your family forever "Prince William!!

2951 days ago


He and his brother are just darling.

2951 days ago


He has a way with babies. How SWEET is that!

2951 days ago


I can't help but like this kid. I read some great things about him, in the press of course ;-> I'd have to admit that I admired his mother a great deal. She was a charitable women. His dad, I could do without.

2951 days ago

Ron Benoit    

Isn't he DARLING, he's tring to breast feed that fetus! He's so GAY!

2951 days ago


I still wouldn't kick him out of bed, but is it just me or is William going bald very rapidly?

Even so, babies, princes, all very cute.

2951 days ago


Actually, the boys aren't following in their mother's footsteps (unfortunately). They are training for military careers they'll never use since the royal family will never allow them to go into actual combat when they should have dedicated their careers to something useful, they don't have any friends that aren't extremely rich and/or elitist unlike their mother who had friends across the board, and they've been dodging royal duties like this one at every chance they've had.

2951 days ago


#15.............harry is not misguided. he lost his mother at a time when, as is normal, things start to change for teens. he lost her support, her love, her presence. yes, he had his father, but mothers are different. i'm sure he would have been just as badly devastated had something happened to his father instead. i think harry is doing fine; we all grow up eventually and he will too.

i think the monarchy is changing. if prince charles had been allowed to marry who he really loved in the first place, this tragedy might not have happened. hopefully charles has learned something from all this and will stand by his sons and their decisions, just as diana would have.

they are both so much like her in character, and so much like both of their parents in looks. it's easy to see both charles and diana in these two young men. i wish them both nothing but good things in their lives, good people to love them, good people to befriend them and, always, be kind to each other and look after each other as brothers the world over do.

2950 days ago


Much as Diana had an effect on the Princes, due credit should go to Charles as he has undoubtably done his best for the boys and it should be said they love him to bits

2937 days ago


Hey Nelson.....Misguided kid brother???? What the heck are you talking about. Prince Harry had a small streak of wildness but got out of it and joined the army and is wanting to be on the frontlines with his men....I don't feel he's misguided, his brother William had the same wild streak........stop living in the past and see what is being done in the present! They are BOTH like their Mum, and she would defenitly be proud of them.

God bless.

2895 days ago


What a cute guy prince William has turned out to be. His ma would be proud. As should the rest of the family. A plus for that family fo uglyies.


2895 days ago
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