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10 Years for Cartman and Company

9/22/2006 8:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Stone and Trey ParkerIt's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since "South Park" burst on the scene with their underground "Spirit of Christmas" video. Last night, Comedy Central celebrated the decade of comedy with a shindig in West Hollywood.

"I remember when we started the show, we had an order for six episodes, and we're like, 'This is great because when we're older we'll always have these six shows. You know, we'll always have these six episodes to show to our kids and stuff," Parker said. "And, it was actually Brian Graden who told us, 'I think someday these will be six of 100.' And we're like, 'You're crazy. There's no way.' And we're up to 150-something."

Parker also said he thinks the show always takes on its subjects from a very positive point of view: "We're not laughing at people, we're laughing with joy, and that what we want. We want 'South Park' to be that show that [says], 'Can't we all relax and isn't this all kind of funny, and aren't we having fun?'"

"South Park" returns with all new episodes on October 4.


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do something about it    

This is the best show ever. I love how it touches on subjects most shows are afraid to. I will be looking for more south park episodes to come

2951 days ago

the wise old owl    

Too bad they couldn't air the episode where Tom Cruise comes out of the closet. Of course his damage control experts put a stop to that. Only a guy who is trying to hide something would do that.

If they would have had that on Harrison Ford he could have cared less. He probably would have gotten a big laugh out of it. It's not so funny when it's true. Ummmm..... that one was a no brainer. When he did that it only confirmed what I knew all along. It's time to " fess up " . We already know anyway. Dahhhhh

2951 days ago


I can't believe that this show made even one episode - let alone 10 years worth. It just goes to show you that there are more uneducated people in the US that find toilet humor funny than not. What a great Country you have that this is what you contribute to the global conciousness. Contratulations. One more reason why the rest of the planet can't stand Americans as a group.

2951 days ago


Mrs. Garrison is an amazing woman.

2951 days ago


TMZ I am disappointed in your lack of stories today =P

2951 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Ah, maybe...maybe the rest of the world is jealous and wishes it could be like America. Maybe that why all these poor people are willing to spend thousnads of dollars working as field hands or busboys just to come and live 18 in a two bedroom walkup in the "Great Satan" South Park is cutting edge satrical ADULT type human. As Cartman would say: "Kyle, you stupid Jew...." TM, you stupid whatever-the-f*uk you are!

2951 days ago

raacist bullsh*t    

TM: You are an idiot. If you were even half as intelligent as the creators of South Park, you might possibly understand the wit and intellect, not to mention the message, that South Park shows. Yes, there is toilet humor, but beyond that, these guys have something to say, and it makes more sense than anything that's come along before or since. So sit down, shut up, and maybe try to learn something from it--before you condemn it because you don't understand. America is the greatest country, and South Park epitomizes all that's good about it...especially the right to criticize it if something is wrong.

2951 days ago

Lacey Morris    

South Park goes to a place where most shows are too afraid to go. They don't care who they offend because what they say has value and thought. Plus, most of the people they have angered are so easily offended anyway. I mean, get over yourself! The thing is, I'm so sick of TV. You know, the usual, can't do anything out of the ordinary, gotta have the hunk of a hero, can't raise an issue etc. etc. South Park has raised so many questions and has challeneged the satus quo. During college South Park episodes spurned many debates (scientology, environment issues, even AA) that without the show I'm not sure I would have talked about. Sure, I've been offended by the show at times, but who I am is solid. I don't let some little cartoon shake me to the core. I know my beliefs and always enjoy hearing what the other side has to say (with a hilarious slant). What is that called? Oh, yes the first amendment. I am very suspicious of these people who actually let it get to them. Like Sean Penn! When people can't take a joke or are so offended they actually loose sleep over something that fat little redneck cartman kid says then maybe they need to look at themselves before blaming Mat and Trey.
South Park live on!!! And QUIT YOU'RE BI****ing!

2951 days ago


Boy, you really have to put on the very high boots when Parker speaks, don't you? I mean, he opens his mouth about coming from a place of "joy" and we are wading through some heavy BS...

2951 days ago


The creators of South Park are daring and very clever when it comes to their show. Sure, they have funny yet arguementive and crude jokes, but notice how in almost every single episode, one of the characters says " Well, I learned something today...". SP sort of teaches/reminds us of moral values, and making us laugh at the same time.

2951 days ago


I have watched s.p. from the beginning,am over 50, have a masters,a morgage and a husband.we find s.p. addresses issues that many ignore or find objectoniabe, We have always viewed s.p with an open mind its an adult CARTOON people,it is not a reality show in fact s.p. seems to be more grounded in relaity ie: flavor of love,the simple life,the great race ect...and is more in touch with main stream American life. To the people that find s.p. not to thier likeing simply don't watch it,and shut up already. p

2951 days ago


I want to make a comment about the Tom Cruise/Trapped in the Closet episode. I read somewhere that Matt and Trey are friends with Penn & Teller, who do the "Bullsh*t" show on Showtime. Penn & Teller wanted to do an exposee on Scientology, but their lawyers told them they couldn't. So in response, Trey and Matt created their Scientology episode, which turned out to be one of their best. Apparently they have more latitude legally with the animation than Penn & Teller do with a more straight-forward, documentary style.

2951 days ago


South Park is one of the funniest shows ever! Hope it keeps running on and on!

2950 days ago


TM you are the uneducated one. If you don't like the show don't watch it! It's way more then just toilet humor.

2950 days ago


Hey "tm" lighten up. We all have to be able to laugh at others once in a while. If you`re offended I say "GROW UP", what are you 10 years old. Who cares what a french guy thinks about the USA, the only time that putz get`s his hands dirty is when he is running them Thru his hair. Lest I forget, I`m a multicultural Half black half white (I`m African from the waste down) man-dingo. See I can even laugh at myself as well as laughing at a sensitive YENTA like you.

2950 days ago
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