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Drew to Paps -- F*** OFF!

9/22/2006 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Drew Barrymore is not a fan of the paparazzi.

She was shopping in NYC with Sarah Jessica Parker when the two were swarmed by the paparazzi. Sarah drove Drew to her apartment and after she dropped her off, Drew decided to give the photogs a piece of her mind.

Basically, she tells the paps to F**** off.


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Yeah! Drew you're the BEST! The Paps are disgusting, but people like this photos a quotes.

2889 days ago

We know who is unethical    

She must have been coked up when she went into a tantrum

2953 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Two pieces of glorified trailer trash.

2953 days ago


What a whiny little bitch.

2953 days ago


Drew is a piece of trash. She should be thanking her lucky stars people still want to take her picture. Ingrate!

2953 days ago

the wise old owl    

How many more times do we have to see celebrities getting all pisst off at photographers. GET USE TO IT. IT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY. If you don't like it go stock shelves in a grocery market. DAHHHHH.

Come on Drew.. You know the game by now. You have been at it long enough to know these guys follow you around like a shawdow. It's just as easy to say ' hello ' as it is to say "'FU#K OFF " Geez. I don't think I ever saw Princess Di behaving like that. Have a little dignity. They are not going away in the near future so get use to it.

2953 days ago


I love Drew she's a sweet person. I don't understand why these celebrity don't get pepper spray and or a taser? That would stop the photog from following them around. It would be easy to say you felt like you were endangered by them, running at you with cameras. I would feel endangered. If not a taser she should walk right over to the closest one and kick him square in the balls. They’d think twice before approaching her again!

GO Drew we love ya dear.

2953 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 6 : tootoomuch

Oh come on. A camera is not a gun. Whyi is it everyone wants to make an excuse for a celebrity behaving badly. Pepper spray or a taser for taking a photo ?
You must be kidding. If she did that it would be assult . The photographer is not trying to harm her, only invading her privacy.

professional poster for TMZ:

THE WISE OLD OWL...............nocturnally protrolling this site to stir the pot . What ever you do, don't take the owl seriously. He is for entertainment purposes only.
( smile , it's just an opinion derived from many years of experience and wisdom ) I am all knowing and all seeing............. I am .............................................

2953 days ago


Drew and Sarah both rock!!
I love them both till death!!

2952 days ago


Personally Drew GOOD FOR YOU!!!

It must suck to not even be able to take a sh*t without a flash in your ass!


2952 days ago


You can taser someone if you are in fear for your life. Drew is a good actress she could pull it off. I say taser them, then ask for forgiveness later. She doesn’t want them following her, so they should stop. If her popularity suffers because of it that’s her choice, not a bunch of bloggers. There is NO LAW that state photog are allowed to abuse and harass celebrities. It fact, California is looking into increasing the penalties for photog that assault anyone with there rude and unrestrained camera attacks. I’m OK with seeing photos of celebrities when they are willing to pose for the picture, and not caught off guard trying to open their front door.

2952 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


This fat sweat hog should be happy any one wants to see her washed up rehabed fat ass.

She always has such a HOG LIKE APPEARANCE....
fat pig.... LOL

2950 days ago


The stalkarazzis’ should back the hell off. Why don’t they follow around the media whores that want to be in a picture every single day?

2950 days ago

Georgia Peach    

I cannot believe she said that! How ridiculous! I am stunned that she could not be gracious for the few seconds it took her to walk into that store. Instead of spouting out obscenities, it seems to be her energy would have better been spent with a smile, a wave and a simple "hello". What a bitch!!!!

2949 days ago


Teresa, you're deluded if you seriously think they were just following her for "the few seconds". I'm willing to bet they followed her from the moment she left her house. Maybe after 20 minutes of a huge crowd of disrespectful jerks trailing after you with cameras, you would lose your cool too. Even the sweetest people (which Drew actually is) are allowed to snap sometimes.

2949 days ago
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