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Madonna: I Know What Jesus Would Do

9/22/2006 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna has finally spoken out about the controversial mock-crucifixion scene in her "Confessions" world tour, and she thinks that if Jesus were a global pop icon he would hang himself from a big, lighted cross on stage as well.

As NBC vacillates over whether it should air the provocative portion of Madge's show in its broadcast special in November, Madonna decided to respond to all the criticism, saying in a statement that putting herself up on the cross "is no different than a person wearing a cross or 'taking up the cross' as it says in the Bible ... it is my plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another." And then: "I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive he would be doing the same thing."

Whatever Jesus might do, Madonna is certainly raking it in: The "Confessions" tour has brought in $193.7 million from its 60 shows, making it the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist, surpassing the $192.5 million Cher made over 273 shows during her nearly three-year "Farewell" tour of 2002-2005.

Hugh Grant Gets Snippy With Snapper

Once again, Hugh Grant has decided that he doesn't appreciate the attention of photographers. Lensman Bradley Case was taking shots of Grant in London yesterday when the actor said to him, according to Rush & Molloy, "You're nothing but a stupid t***. If you don't f*** off, I'm gonna cut your b***s off." After his tirade, alleges Case, Grant actually slapped him "hard across the face." The photog is planning to press charges. No word from Grant's rep about the incident, but it's not the first time that he's had a run-in with the paparazzi: Earlier this year, Grant allegedly tapped a lensman with a manila folder in New York during an altercation near Central Park.

Leo Gets Smaller Place For Mom Than Himself?

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a place for his mom – a nice gesture, to be sure – but he's got a very specific size in mind for his mama's pad. "I'm purchasing a new place for my mother, but it has to be more than 1,400 square feet," he tells Page Six. Well, Mrs. DiCaprio might wonder what's up when she sees her son's new place – Leo himself is in contract to get a $5 million penthouse in Hudson Blue, a swanky new development under construction in the Village, and those apartments definitely appear to larger than 1,400 square feet.

The Donald Brings You Trump Nursing Home

Now that he's turned 60, Donald Trump is thinking of his golden years, and yesterday he opened his first condo development aimed at "active adults" like himself. "I'm the poster boy for active adults. I'm 60, my wife is 30 and I just fathered a son. Doesn't get more active than that," said the billionaire in reference to his own "active" lifestyle. The $112 million, 141-unit building has one-, two-, and three-bedroom units that go for $500,000 to $1.2 million. And as is his custom (and prerogative), Trump has modestly named the development Trump Park Residences.

Party Favors: Pink Converses in Marie Antoinette's Closet, Yet Another Shrink on Premium Cable

It might not be exactly period-appropriate, but they're cute: Sofia Coppola says that her brother Roman put a pair of pink Converse sneakers into a closet in her latest movie, "Marie Antoinette." The kicks appear for a split second amongst a lineup of French period footwear, and the LA Times wonders if there won't be a kerfuffle with Manolo Blahnik, who did the other shoes in the film ... First there was Dr. Melfi, and then Huff, and now HBO is bringing Gabriel Byrne to its network as a therapist who seems cool and collected with his patients but turns out to be testy and self-doubting when he sees his own patients. The half-hour drama is called "In Treatment" and is based on a popular Israeli series of the same name.

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No Avatar

Alyn Brodsky    

Is it true that Madonna is so enraptured by her own stench that she only bathes once a week, and douches but once every two months? Inquiring minds want to know. As for that little twit Hugh Grant, there is absolutely NOTHING inquiring minds want to know--except when in the hell he's going to get off the planet.

2951 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Is it true that Madonna is so enraptured by her own stench that she bathes only once a month (to get the crud off) and douches only four times a year (to unclog the twat)? Inquiring minds want to know. As for Hugh Grant, the only thing inquiring minds want to know is when he's going to get off the planet.

2951 days ago


It's so funny how ignorant and judgemental all of you are. What she's saying is that she is trying to make a statement about mankind and goodness of people. If you knew the context as to which she was crucified perhaps you would understand. While on the cross, numbers and pictures flash on a screen behind her. These numbers and pictures represent children with AIDS in Africa. She did this to raise awareness for the people watching her show (which I did).

What she is saying is that the "cross" is supposed to represent what Jesus was...a humanitarian, a "do-gooder"...and she is using that same symbol to get a point across for people to take notice and help all of these poor people in need.

What have any of you done to raise awareness or to help the under privileged?

2951 days ago

the wife    

We are mere mortals...Who are we to decide anything about how Jesus would do something? Who the hell does she think she is saying she knows what Jesus would do? That is blasphemy. I don't like the holier than thou Madonna. I miss the slutty one. At least the slutty Madonna was entertaining.

2951 days ago

Is it all black or white?    

i'm not saying i love madonna
but i think all of this upset over a glowing cross on stage is a little ridiculous. You guys seriously need to find some inner security, pull yourself together and move on with your lives. 'Jesus' is not going to 'strike down' madonna just because she incorporated some of the christian elements into her tour.

You know the televangelists and borne agains are making fools of themselves kibbying to horribly written christian music on tv, why dont you go and critisize a group of poeple who could REALLY use some good advice.

Get over it guys, im pretty sure we're all adult here...

2951 days ago

the wife    

Tim, have you done your bit for charity? I have. I help when and where I can. I know the African countries are in need but what about the US? There are a lot of poor and hungry families here too. Help the third world countries but don't forget about the poor in your homeland too. I would like to see Madonna and Angelina Jolie support needy causes here too.

2951 days ago

Stan and Paula    

madonna's nuts

2951 days ago


LMAO @ Madonna thinking herself akin to Jesus .
Like Jesus would be raising awareness by shakin'his a$$ on stage !!!It is a funny thought though !!!!Thanks for the laugh TMZ .

2951 days ago


Hey, "the wife", I feel exactly the same way. I am all for helping 3rd world countries and all, but what about all the poor, homeless, uneducated people here in the US?? I think we should focus more on our countries problems before we try to fix the rest of the world!!

2951 days ago


How Funny Madonna is nutzzzzzzz !Like Jesus would be raising awareness by gyrating all over the stage .IT is a funny thought though !!!

2951 days ago


To the wife...yes, I in fact do help whenever I can and I am glad that you do as well. And I agree 100%...I think these stars should be focusing on the needs here in this country as well. We know the government is doing enough.....

2951 days ago


Madonna is a self-absorbed slut.........

2951 days ago


I think she means physically alive, not "alive" in the biblical sense.
*rolls eyes*

2951 days ago


Caroline I agree with you. I applaud Madonna.. I dont see any other pop stars fetting involved in trying to open up peoples eyes to real life problems. Her concert was amazing and so was her smash selling album and singles.

2951 days ago

Your Mama    

Tim, some of us actually get our hands dirty and literally help in our own cities without showing our t*ts or defacing sacred religious objects. I know it sounds crazy but it is possible to make a difference and not be all showy about it.

2951 days ago
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