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Madonna: I Know What Jesus Would Do

9/22/2006 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna has finally spoken out about the controversial mock-crucifixion scene in her "Confessions" world tour, and she thinks that if Jesus were a global pop icon he would hang himself from a big, lighted cross on stage as well.

As NBC vacillates over whether it should air the provocative portion of Madge's show in its broadcast special in November, Madonna decided to respond to all the criticism, saying in a statement that putting herself up on the cross "is no different than a person wearing a cross or 'taking up the cross' as it says in the Bible ... it is my plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another." And then: "I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive he would be doing the same thing."

Whatever Jesus might do, Madonna is certainly raking it in: The "Confessions" tour has brought in $193.7 million from its 60 shows, making it the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist, surpassing the $192.5 million Cher made over 273 shows during her nearly three-year "Farewell" tour of 2002-2005.

Hugh Grant Gets Snippy With Snapper

Once again, Hugh Grant has decided that he doesn't appreciate the attention of photographers. Lensman Bradley Case was taking shots of Grant in London yesterday when the actor said to him, according to Rush & Molloy, "You're nothing but a stupid t***. If you don't f*** off, I'm gonna cut your b***s off." After his tirade, alleges Case, Grant actually slapped him "hard across the face." The photog is planning to press charges. No word from Grant's rep about the incident, but it's not the first time that he's had a run-in with the paparazzi: Earlier this year, Grant allegedly tapped a lensman with a manila folder in New York during an altercation near Central Park.

Leo Gets Smaller Place For Mom Than Himself?

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a place for his mom – a nice gesture, to be sure – but he's got a very specific size in mind for his mama's pad. "I'm purchasing a new place for my mother, but it has to be more than 1,400 square feet," he tells Page Six. Well, Mrs. DiCaprio might wonder what's up when she sees her son's new place – Leo himself is in contract to get a $5 million penthouse in Hudson Blue, a swanky new development under construction in the Village, and those apartments definitely appear to larger than 1,400 square feet.

The Donald Brings You Trump Nursing Home

Now that he's turned 60, Donald Trump is thinking of his golden years, and yesterday he opened his first condo development aimed at "active adults" like himself. "I'm the poster boy for active adults. I'm 60, my wife is 30 and I just fathered a son. Doesn't get more active than that," said the billionaire in reference to his own "active" lifestyle. The $112 million, 141-unit building has one-, two-, and three-bedroom units that go for $500,000 to $1.2 million. And as is his custom (and prerogative), Trump has modestly named the development Trump Park Residences.

Party Favors: Pink Converses in Marie Antoinette's Closet, Yet Another Shrink on Premium Cable

It might not be exactly period-appropriate, but they're cute: Sofia Coppola says that her brother Roman put a pair of pink Converse sneakers into a closet in her latest movie, "Marie Antoinette." The kicks appear for a split second amongst a lineup of French period footwear, and the LA Times wonders if there won't be a kerfuffle with Manolo Blahnik, who did the other shoes in the film ... First there was Dr. Melfi, and then Huff, and now HBO is bringing Gabriel Byrne to its network as a therapist who seems cool and collected with his patients but turns out to be testy and self-doubting when he sees his own patients. The half-hour drama is called "In Treatment" and is based on a popular Israeli series of the same name.

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No Avatar

Your Mama    

Ali said "I dont see any other pop stars fetting involved in trying to open up peoples eyes to real life problems."

Um, yeah... Those losers Bono, Sting, Peter Gabreil, Bob Geldoff are just selfish hacks, unlike Saint Madonna. Riiigggghhhtttttt.

2950 days ago


You are the worlds biggest IDIOT Madonna

2950 days ago


So, Madonna knows what Jesus would do? Well I think for starters donating 100% profits from all your current album sales, tour and merchandise sales would be a more, ahem, solid statement to make. I mean its not like you can't live without that extra cash.

Ah but wait, a crucifix is THE ulitmate way to raise awareness right? IMO "raising awareness" is just a thin veil for seeking attention, can't blame her for making the most of it.

2950 days ago

Mind yours...    

BINGO!!! Tim, hit it right on the head. I take it that the ones degrading Madonna, didn't see the show. If you would shut your mouths and take a look at the whole picture you would see that there is a lot of meaning behind the "crucifixion" scene. Playing on the screens behind her were shots of poor, dying children from every background. It had a lot to do with AIDS and other issues that poverty stricken countries face. She displays several bible verses preaching for us to help one another. It fit perfectly into the show. Until you see one of her shows, don't judge. By the way, isn't there such a thing as "freedom of expression?" She is an artist so you shouldn't be that surprised by what she does.

2950 days ago


Madonna on the cross is a disgrace. Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. Can she save anyone from their sins? No. It is blasphemy and she should be ashamed of herself. Jesus is alive and He is coming back some day to clean up the mess we have made here on this earth. Madonna only does these kinds of things for shock value. She can teach us nothing as she is vile and brazen. She even left the USA to live in England. Disloyal or what ? Go away and take Rosie with you.

2950 days ago


I absolutly with agree with "the wife" and Jenn. There is nothing wrong with helping other countries that are less fortunate; however, we should not be neglecting the less fortunate in our own country. It is a shame that celebrities that have the means to help support other countries more then they support our own country. Why cant some of them adopt orphans from the US? COUGH...angelina ..cough cough

2950 days ago


I'm going to kick her butt!

2950 days ago


News flash.... Jesus is alive and reigns on high and people will still be praising His name when Madonna and her attempts to reinvent herself have long been forgotten. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for eternity.

2950 days ago


First and foremost, how is her mocking the crucifixion encouraging mankind to help one another? Does she think we're stupid? Honestly, what is she trying to express with her hanging herself on the cross, other than of course create controversy.

I am a christian, and I do respect people who may not be inclined to our religion because it's not what they believe in and that's okay. But when someone like Madonna, uses our symbol as part of her act, I do get offended because I don't really see what she's trying to tell me other than, it is just entertainment for her and create talk.

She's a kabbalist now, why can't she use that to "encourage mankind to help one another"? Obviously, it doesn't get notice if she goes to that route. No matter what pictures shows while she hangs herself on the cross, does not justify it for me. You can show those pictures without hanging yourself on the cross. You can show the cross as a symbol for mankind to do good without hanging yourself on the cross. If that's what she did, will we be talking about her right now? So, obviously, she knows what she's doing and it does not impress me. Just standing up for what I think is just wrong. If she wants to encourage goodness, she should know by now that there are people out there, including me, that are offended by this, should have drop this act by now to show goodness.

2950 days ago


Anyone who sees Madonna on a cross symbolizes humanitarian efforts should get a grip. It is blasphemy and to compare herself to Christ shows her over sized ego.
I thought she is into Kaballah do they believe that Christ was the Son of God?

2950 days ago

jay center    

Madonna's performance on Live To Tell during Confession tour was so moving that it put tears on the eyes of many people in the Wembley show..

There are many people who just talk the talk, how many out there walk the walk she asks to the audience during Confessions tour?

By now, she should be kidnapped by Russian mafia, grilled by Vatican, harrased by Orthodox Church! Yet, all she does is hit the stage, put on a superb show, move people around the world to take some action and be responsible individuals. She enlightened 1.2 million people this summer! Happy to be one of them...

Let America watch the show and judge...It is easier to talk about something that you do not see!

2950 days ago

Beth Young    

Madonna saying that Jesus would do the same thing is probably THE MOST sac-religious thing she could have said....I'm sure He stands in Heaven looking down with no surprise and probably wonders why we are even shocked by her at this point.

2950 days ago


It's not Madonna that is F-d up... Its all of you religious FREAKS!
Good luck with that!

2950 days ago

Pretty Vegas    

I don't think being offended by Madonna's actions qualifies anyone as a "Religious Freak".

Madonna is a fake and a poser.

She poses as a lady, dressed in long, pleated skirts, a good mother, with her nannies, chef, housekeepers, etc....She pretends to be an equestrian in the finest, most expensive English riding clothes yet can't even hold the reigns properly while POSING for pictures dressed up as a rider. The only time she accurately portrays herself is on stage, dressed like a slut, grinding on something or someone -

I think giving that $193.5 million she's earned on this tour to the charaties she CLAIMS to be representing would be an excellent way to raise awareness for her cause. But I think it's safe to say that she has the same true cause she always has......herself.

She is clearly the most self-absorbed, self-important person on earth.

And for those that idolize her.....I'm sure you've made your parents proud.......

2950 days ago


JJ, Madonna, Idiots et al....

I hope you enjoy pain, torment, and the gnashing of teeth because that's exactly what you are all in for in HELL>

If you're wondering WWJD? He would cast all of you to eternal damnation for your sins and transgressions. Don't be fooled into thinking that religions are the way to eternal life. It is only through knowing Jesus is Lord and Savior that you will enter into life eternal.

2950 days ago
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