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Hey Britney -- You Might Want To See This...

9/23/2006 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and K-Fed.Last night's episode of "Law and Order" had tongues wagging that it might hit a little too close to home for Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline. In the season premiere of the long-running show, a blonde pop star named Skye Sweet is worried that paparazzi photos of her dropping her baby daughter in the park are going to be made public. Not only that, her husband is a white rapper with dreadlocks who goes by the name "J-Train."

Turns out that those photos aren't the only thing Skye has to be worried about: Her devious husband had given her drugs at a club the previous New Year's Eve, then had let a photographer into the bathroom to snap photos of her while she took them. The plan was for him to use them as "collateral" in their divorce settlement, since he didn't get anything in the pre-nup. (There's never been any allegations of drug use in the actual Spears-Federline household.) Maybe Britney should start watching her husband even more carefully than she does now.

Bullock Wants To Keep Close Eye on Stalker

Sandra Bullock's stalker has applied for a 90-day leave of absence from a Tennessee mental health facility-and she's none too pleased about it. The man, James Weldon IV, entered the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute voluntarily in 2003, after he chased the star across state lines and sent her countless emails, faxes and phone calls. (There was also one more bizarre gift-he once mailed her a bottle of red nail polish.) Bullock asked for, and received, a restraining order against Weldon through 2009 that dictates he can't come closer than 200 yards from her in any state, but she's not taking any chances. E! Online reports that she's filed suit in Tennessee to ensure that she's notified exactly when Weldon gets released, so that she can take the necessary precautions against him.

Cruise's Magical Mystery Birthday Present

Tom Cruise must be in love with "LOVE." For his mom Mary Lee's 70th birthday, he took her and 10 family members-including fiancée Katie Holmes and kids Conor and Isabella-to a performance of Cirque du Soleil's "LOVE" at the Mirage in Las Vegas on Friday night. The Cruise entourage headed backstage after the show, where the cast and crew greeted his mom with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" and a present. (Cruise must like the show, which is a celebration of the Beatles' musical legacy as interpreted by the famous Cirque troupe-this is the second time he's seen it.) Also in the audience was "Star Wars" director George Lucas, with four of his family members.

Party Favors: ABC Wins Thursday Showdown, "Idol" Priciest Dance Ticket For Advertisers

One of the first big showdowns of the fall TV season has gone to ABC. The season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy" won its 9 p.m. time slot on Thursday night with 25.4 million viewers, handily beating CBS's "CSI," which had 22.6 million ... For the third year in a row, Fox's "American Idol" is the most expensive show on television-for advertisers, who will have to pay between $500,000 and $700,000 for a 30-second spot next season. And if they want to advertise during the AI finale, it'll cost them even more. This year cost $1.3 million and that's bound to go up, since over 30 million people watched last season's finale.

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No Avatar


I loved Grey's Anatomy since season 1, however this season premiere was not as strong as the previous season, but hopefully, the following episode will be as strong as the preview shows. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2954 days ago


Tom and Katie look so stupid standing next to each other.

2954 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

I hear that Tom Cruise is a golden shower queen--that is, a gay guy who likes to have rough trade piss all over him. Can anyone out there confirm this? Inquiring minds want to know.

2954 days ago


Kevin is really dumb if he is not doing Britney like that show is talking about because he has no career ahead of him so he had better hedge his bets. . . Sorry Britney cause I love you but that's what you get when you play with Fire. .

2954 days ago


No fan of Britney at all. Dislike her music and the trailed park trash she has turned into since hooking up with the looser she married. They say love is blind and it appears so for Britney, but give the girl a chance. She has made a ton of mistakes with her son, but she is young, trying to save a married that was doomed from the start, trying to stay out of the trailer park if Kevin ever leaves her, trying to revive her body and career.

Lay off her for awhile. Let's all give her on last chance to change her ways. If she screws up again, then we can all go back to making fun of her again.

Word of advice to Britney, loose the gum, hire a live in chef and trainer, get your body back, and go out there and kick ass. Make us all wrong for thinking you are trash. Take control back of your life, and you go girl. And while your going, loose the hanger-oner. He is only bringing you down and will continue to bring you down. Don't you get it that he wants you to be a nothing so he can look like a big shot. Kick his ass to the curb real quick and show him whose has the talent in the family.

2954 days ago


The only thing Tom is in love with is himself and that vodoo religion he so strongly believes in.

Let him go find himself another weirdo and leave Katie alone.

I never wished back luck to anyone because I never wanted it to come back to me, but this time, I honestly believe Tom is through in Hollywood and its all his own doings. Thank God we might soon be seeing the last of him.

Oh and one other thing Tom, if you are such a fabulous actor and big shot in Hollywood, how come you never won any kind of awards.

You kicked Nicole to the curb, and guess what, she did not need you and she has an Oscar.

Tom, you cutie pattutie, I honestly believe you are one chromosone short of being a woman.

2954 days ago


I hope the authorities in Tennessee don't let this goof ball out on any kind of pass. Sandra Bullock I hope you are safe.

2954 days ago

the wise old owl    

To post # the Inquireer: I haven't heard that one before. However the Dr. office I go to in Beverly Hills, tells me that they know for a fact he is a big old queer. The guy working there KNOWS personally other men he has been intimate with.He has paid many people lots of $$ over the years to keep his secret. Katie, Nicole, Penelope and all the rest of them have served him well. In return for their loyalty they get a push on their careers and many other benefits too.

I do know Jack Nikolson likes to give golden showers right into the mouths of woman. YUCK !!! The woman who got it actually wrote about it in a book called " You'll never eat lunch in this town again " ( written by one of Hiedi Fliss's prostitutes. ) I wouldn't be surprised if Tom likes getting it either. He is really a wierd guy. I am sure an unauthorized biography will be coming out on him soon. Exposing him for what he is. I can't wait. Now that will be some good reading.

2954 days ago

the wise old owl    

To post # 6: Sweet pea : I agree with you. Slowly but surely all these people that come to this website are starting to understand what this guy is all about. He has so carefully orchestrated his outward personna to show a normal heterosexual man with a wife and kids. However more and more are starting to see the real picture. It's amazing he has gotten away with it all this time.

I too feel his ride has come to an end. Who wants to see this guy do anything anymore ? I know I don't.

2954 days ago


This is really sad! Check out this video of Britney and K-Fed. He's an *ss for ever letting this get out on the web. He has no respect for her at all.

2954 days ago


I think Britney is a great person and the only reason for her being bashed left and right is because who she married.

Before she married him she very rarely ever had anything bad said about her but now since she has married this filth it is bad comment after bad comment.

This guy is just taking her for a big ride. Shar told him to go out and get a job because she was tired of him mooching off her and what did he do, he went and found someone with money who would fall for his act and support his ass and get him famous.

What I do not get is why Britney stayed with him. Ever since day one all he did was lie, he lied to Shar and Britney. While he was on tour with Britney he was lying to Shar and saying he was doing some job thing and would be home soon but he was really having an affair and Britney found out about Shar threw a damn magazine.

She new how painful it is to have your hear broken because of what happen with her and Justin yet even after finding out the truth about Shar she still stayed with him, she thought only of herself when she should of said look you have a kid with this woman and she is pregnant now and you need to go back and do the right thing and I am not going to be part of this but instead she kept him around..For all anyone knows if she had said goodbye to him he maybe would have done the right thing and went back to Shar.

Britney and Kevin actually met when Britney was like 18 or 19 and he had NO interest in her but now all of a sudden when his girlfriend tells him to go get a damn job or leave he is all of a sudden in love with Britney.

Think about this, how many times have you seen photos of Kevin with his kids? I can say about 2 or 3 yet every time you looked in a magazine their was Britney alone with Kevins kid or kids and now after Sean is born when do you ever see Kevins kids? It is always Britney alone with Sean and Kevin no where in site. Their has been like what a total of 2 pictures of Kevin with Sean and every time Britney is with him and every time Britney is out she has Sean with her, it kind of makes you think is she afraid to leave the kids alone with Kevin.

For the first year of Sean's life he was laying around buying things left and right with Britneys money and now when baby 2 was on its way he started actually getting up and doing stuff but it is not because he wants to help pay the bills it is because he will be to busy working to help out with the 2 babies so Britney will get stuck being single mommy as usual.

I do not even get this guy I mean Britney gives him all this money yet everytime you see him he is wearing pretty much the same damn things and he looks like he never showers.. He dresses like a teenager and why is it every time he freaking talks it seems like he is freaking high?

I took a chance at hearing his song and it was like I thought it would be.. RETARDED...He said this is that hip hop mixed with a little bit of rock and roll yet their was nothing freaking rock and roll about the song and the video totally sucked and he wore a tux like alfit that he had warn to a darn club to promote his song, you do not do that. It made him look like he was to poor to afford new clothes for his darn video and he needs to face the fact that the only reason he got signed to a label is because Britney and once his CD flops married to britney or not the label is going to drop his ass.

I read the other day that someone who buys his cd has a chance of winning a pair of his shoes signed, well I see those are not going to go very far seeing as the only people who are going to be buying the CD are friends and family...Who would even want his shoes anyway's I mean it looks like he never showers so imagine what his freaking shoes smell like.

2954 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2954 days ago



2954 days ago

the wise old owl    

I think Tom Cruise looks so silly next to Katie Holmes. He got Katie for her 27th birthday an entire DVD collection of all HIS movies. What an egotisical jerK. He tried to make it look like a thoughtful gift by inscribing it with something he felt was memorable. What a joke. Nothing like giving the gift that says " Here's a shrine to myself ".

Who does that ? I wonder if he threw in the one where he's having ( staged ) sex with NIcole. I am sure Katie would like to watch that one. What was it called ? Eyes Wide Shut , I think. It took like 5 years to make that film Maybe that's how long it took him to get a legitimate hard on , to make it appear as if he was ENJOYING having straight sex. Ha Ha .

I also read an insert on Andrew Morton's book that is coming out that states that Tom Cruise loved having sexual liason's with men in the U.K. during the filming of that movie. They have names and dates. I totally believe it. The more I find out about this guy the more transparent he becomes. ( Keep up those family outings Tom. You are not fooling me one bit. ) You are so tarnished that nothing will remove the residue of your torrid past.

By the way , in his early years, Tom Cruise posed for a gay magazine called " Parlee " that was distributed in N.Y. When the magazine made note of this, Tom's Lawyers tried to sue saying it wasn't true ( until they discovered copies still in existance. ) After that the lawsuit mysteriously disappeared. Just like all the other ones. Ummmm..........makes ya wonder. COVER UP !! NO, YA THINK ?

2954 days ago

Alicia S    

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went out with his two children Conor and Isabella? Isn't Suri one of HIS children? Even though there is a picture of the mysterious offspring I still have my doubts about her actual existance.

2953 days ago
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