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A Quarter Century

Never Looked So Good

9/25/2006 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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On September 25, 1969 in Swansea, Wales Catherine Zeta-Jones was being delivered from her mother's womb into the world. On that same day, her husband Michael Douglas was celebrating his 25th birthday.

On Sunday, Michael and Catherine commemorated the eve of their shared birthdays by having dinner at London's Wolseley Restaurant.

Monday also marked an extra special day for Michael because besides turning 62, he is now eligible to start receiving his federal retirement benefits. Obviously, Catherine still has a ways to go as she's only 37.

While there's no word on how the duo will spend their day, one thing's for sure, with 99 candles between them, they're going to need one mighty large cake.

Despite their quarter century age difference, the Oscar-winning actors have been happily married for nearly six years and have two children together.


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Free Catherine!

2951 days ago


You gotta love TMZ. Going out of their way to remove copy-and-paste links THAT NO ONE EVER COPIES AND PASTES!

Oh, I know. Advertisers won't pay to put ads on your site if people can just leave links for free in their comments. Fine. But for God's sake, would it kill you to just leave the clickable-name links? Which may get clicked ten times in a day at most (and then only on the first day)? Why so damn uptight? Every other fricking blog at least allows you to leave your name as a clickable link. What you're doing is a violation of the whole spirit of commenting.

And by the way, in your T&C it says, "Purely promotional comments may be removed." But if I say something clever or witty about the topic, even if I leave a link, how can my comment be considered "purely" promotional? Maybe it's "partly" promotional, but if I'm lending my wit to your site (which is, I hate to inform you, by-and-large witless), why shouldn't I be allowed to leave a link?

I'm through posting here anyway. I just thought I'd get my two-cents in. You can now take down this post and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

2951 days ago


Micheal has had soo much plastic surgery for a

Pretty soon they'll refer to him as CAT WOMEN

He's soooooooooo OOOOOOLLLLLD.

2951 days ago


yes, I agree. Michael Douglas is OLD...Let's see if Catherine sticks it out with her OLD MAN!!

2951 days ago


Does their young children accidently called him "Grampa" ?

2951 days ago


Great. After seeing these two I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

2951 days ago

Ron Benoit    

I think all the posters up to this point are ASS HOLES!!! Big poop
dripping butt holes.
Don't you morons know that everyone grows old, everyone gets older.
You all sound like a bunch of stupid 13 year olds....GROW UP!!

2950 days ago


i think these 2 make a nice couple. catherine is one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen, she doesnt have that fake plastic botox scary mary look. lol. mikes ok too , older men are hot!

2950 days ago

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