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K-Fed: No Mo' PoPoZao

9/25/2006 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed on stage. Singing, or not. As if she didn't have problems to deal with, now Britney Spears is being dragged in to salvage her husband Kevin Federline's debut album by singing a duet with him on it. And, not surprisingly, K-Fed's decided to ditch "PoPoZao" -- his much-dumped-upon ode to the female rump -- in favor of the duet with Brit.

It was all the way back in January that Mr. Britney Spears unleashed his rapping talents on the world with "PopoZao," and it caused a minor stir then, mainly because of its unremarkableness – Billboard magazine called it "a monument to mediocrity." And, as MSNBC points out, one of the rappers who had claimed that he'd written some of the rhymes for K-Fed disavowed his role in the song after its release, saying, "I didn't have nothing to do with that, dog."

But K-Fed, according to WENN, might really be playing with fire with the song with which he's decided to replace "PoPoZao" – the song is called "Crazy," and it'll be on the album when it drops October 31.

Oprah Now Officially Everywhere

You watch her on TV every afternoon, you read her magazine, you've seen her on film and on Broadway – and now, if you need even more of her, Oprah's on the radio.

Starting at 10 am today, Oprah and Friends debuts as a new channel on XM Satellite Radio, but even though XM is paying the talk-show queen $55 million to put her name on the channel, Oprah's not going to be making very many live appearances. "She kind of the spiritual leader of what we're doing," explains the GM, John Gehron, to the Chicago Tribune. "All these things are her vision, and she guides it."

What's her vision? Well, the broadcasting will begin with Oprah and – who else – her BFF Gayle King doing what they do best – gabbing endlessly about what good friends they are – and will be followed by a panoply of Oprah's favorite guests, including Maya Angelou, Bob Greene, Jean Chatzky, and Dr. Phil.

"Jackass" Out-Grosses All To Win Weekend Box

The merry morons of "Jackass 2" once again emerged triumphant at the box office, bringing in an astounding $28.1 million to top the weekend box office heap, reports Variety, and exceeding studio estimates that had the film finishing around the same as its maiden gross-out voyage in 2002, which made $22.7 million. TMZ, of course, has had its own exclusive rendition of "Jackass" as performed by cast member Steve-O.

Coming in second and third were Jet Li's martial arts farewell, "Fearless," and the holdover football drama "Gridiron Gang." The adaptation of the Robert Penn Warren novel "All The King's Men" suffered from terrible critical response and word of mouth, debuting much below expectations, pulling in just $3.8 million despite a cast that includes Jude Law, Sean Penn, and Kate Winslet.

Triumph Schtupps Ernie, Incurs Wrath of Muppets

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, foul-mouthed and inappropriate as ever, may just have gone after the wrong puppet this time. Robert Smigel, the voice (and hand) behind the raunchy cigar-chomping canine, performed a routine at new club Comix in New York, says Page Six, in which Triumph sexually assaults an Ernie doll – as in Ernie and Bert from "Sesame Street." And then, Triumph goes on to chide Ernie for having gay sex with Bert. The folks at Children's Workshop, who produce "Sesame Street," don't think it's so funny. "It's very inappropriate," says one insider to the Post, and an investigation is underway regarding the incident.

Party Favors: Aaron Carter Calls It Off, "South Park" Boys Goof On World Media

Well, that was quick: Aaron Carter decided that getting engaged to his brother's sloppy seconds wasn't such a great idea after all, and he's called off his engagement to former Playmate Keri Ann Peniche after just a week. "It was a hasty thing to do and I am not ready for marriage quite yet," says the 18-year-old Carter to Us Weekly ... South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone tell Rush & Molloy that when they said that Saddam Hussein's jailers had made him watch the South Park episode in which he's featured as Satan's gay lover -- a tidbit that got picked up all over the world by media outlets – they were just goofing. But they'd be happy to help out if Amnesty International need their creative assistance.

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No Avatar


The second I heard about this I knew it was a publicity stunt! There was no way this marriage was ever going to take place. I feel sorry for her, though. Aaron took Nick's sloppy seconds, huh? Guess you have to keep the STDs in the family.

2897 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

theres no way even britt could save k-thugs career,it was over before it started,it a matter of week before she cut his thud ass loose,it cost more money to produce that crap than its worth,britt need to go to doctor phil and get real with her life,all k=thug has done for britt is make her fat,drop the thug drug dealer,and go find jenney craig so you can slim,or if you can slim down,if that dont work,find nicole richie and get some of her crack,that might work,,KEEP K-THUG AWAY FROM YOUR KIDS BRIT,AND BY THE WAY I HATE THE DIXIE CKICKS,

2897 days ago


Now there will be two people on Federline's album that can't sing.

2897 days ago


I thought Aaron was gay anyway?

2897 days ago


Kfed did the unthinkable. People don't hate Kfed because he was a backup dancer. Jlo's ex-husband Chris, was her backup dancer, but he seemed like a nice guy and I think everybody was rooting for him in a way. In fact, relieved she was with him.

But Kfed's deplorable actions of leaving a pregnant woman who also had his two year old child was enough to make the public hate him before he got started.

I don't think his music is any worse than what's already out there by some rappers. But it's KFED that everyone hates. Not the music. America is not going to let him be successful.

2897 days ago

the wife    

Why won't Kevin Federline just go away? I almost feel sorry for him cause he is so pathetic and is so oblivious to it. He will never be able to handle the fact that his wife has a career in the industry and he'll always be just a joke.... I bet they go there separate ways within the next 2 years..

2897 days ago

the wife    

What do all these girls see in Aaron Carter? I mean looking at his pic, I wonder why all the fuss? Why did Lohan and Duff fight over that?

2897 days ago


Is there anything that the ego-maniac Oprah Winfrey won't do? Give me a break!

2897 days ago

Deborah Haney    

Seems to run in the family. Sister, Leslie Carter, did the same thing and not surprisingly she lost the engaement ring.

2897 days ago


We live in a sad world when a gay puppet can't be sexually assaulted. He was asking for it.

2897 days ago

Deborah Haney    

Seems to run in the family... Sister, Leslie Carter, did the same thing while she was dating the drummer in her band. Not surprisingly the engagement ring turned up lost.

2897 days ago


enough already oprah why don't you enjoy some of your billions and give the rest of us a break from you.

2897 days ago

Marc C.    

This makes NO SENSE ! Aaron Carter came out as being GAY about 3 months ago.He publicly stated taht he was gay.So what the heck is he doing saying he wants to marry this lady..ofcourse he's going to break off the engagement..because he's GAY !!!

2897 days ago



>>>>Jackass" Out-Grosses All To Win Weekend Box

I bet my friend that “most” people would be too smart to pay again to see these buffoons after the first movie was so disappointing. It’s not even a “movie” it’s like to 2 hour clip show. He told me people, especially the stupid young males will pay to see anything where other guys get kicked in the nuts!?!?!? Now I have to pay for his booze next weekend (that’s right all weekend long and this guy can drink).

2897 days ago

U Know Who    

Corliss I will concur with you for the most part.

But I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with K-fed leaving Shar, that is no biggie it happens everyday thousands of times a day.

People, Guys Mainly in general HATE K-fed cause he ruined their dream of one day meeting Brit and having her fall madly in love with them. They cried and ripped her poster off the wall. Girls hate her for marrying K-fed instead of JT or Brad Pitt or something.

Their marriage is NOT all that unique otherwise.


2897 days ago
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