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Lisa Rinna is Voting For the Stars

9/25/2006 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Rinna received a lot of votes last season on "Dancing with the Stars," but now she's letting everyone know who she wants to vote for -- for President.

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Rinna was spotted in Beverly Hills on Sunday exposing her love for all things Clooney by wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'George Clooney 2008.'

While Clooney has made his voice known on certain political issues, he says he has no interest in running for office.

Looks like Lisa will just have to be content with voting for her husband, Harry Hamlin, on this season's "Dancing with the Stars."


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See, this is the reason average citizens don't like celebrities. Lisa, love you, but LOSE THE SHIRT! Clooney is a MORON!

2916 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Im going to vote twice in the election.

One time for each of her great juggzz

2916 days ago


LIVEWIRE finds her overrated in the looks department- too skinny and bumpy lips from hell, the over the hill ol bag needs to fire then sue her plastic surgeon.

As for Clooney for prez, even he would do a better job than Chimp Bush as president. Hell, Anna Nicole Smith would do a better job than the Chimpster!


2916 days ago


Poster #4 ya mama doesn't think so son...

Too bad the homemade hooch scrambled my sperm and out comes the banjo playin' superstar, the RETARD from DELIVERANCE...

However, ya got ya mama's looks!


"Love it or hate it, but learn to love with it, because LIVEWIRE is the best thing going on TMZ!"

2916 days ago


is there anyway lisa renna can go away she is so confident in hersel and i cannot figure out way, her lip job looks horrible, i wish she would go away

2916 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Hey Retard - unfortunately, you'll have to contend with LIVEWIRE on
EVERY story on this site. You know, when you're 45 and only have a
part-time job as bun examiner at McDonald's, you've got nothing
better to do than post all day on TMZ.

He got OWNED by me last week and slinked off. If you want him to go, just use a dab of intelligent wit, and he runs like Forrest Gump - of course, not
before spewing drivel about your mama or sperm or sucking someone's
penis. Because liberal, welfare-collecting, trailer-dwelling mama's
boys living in their parent's basement have no other recourse but to
use the lowest form of toilet humor to defend themselves. LIVEWIRE NO LIKEY BIG WORDS!


Oh, and as you post your oh-so well-versed response, Livewire? I'll leave you with a little somethin' My grandpappy used to say - "let the asshole have the last word."

2916 days ago


Poster 7- another LIVEWIRE obsessed groupie! Who's worse? LIVEWIRE and his funny posts or the groupies who obsess over the TMZ SUPERSTAR and follow LIVEWIRE wherever he goes?

It's obvious poster 7 won't reveal a true name because of the humiliating smackdown laid on the moron by LIVEWIRE. One clue is it is a conservative "Bushie" because the thing thinks LIVEWIRE is liberal- so it must be GOOEY LOUIE/FIBERTY, JJ the JOKE, KRAZY MAINER, STORMY, RETARD WOOD, or another deranged Chimp Bush supporter, LIVEWIRE has had the pleasure of exposing the stupidity of soooo many Bushie sheeple- there's a whole slew of nutjobs on the Dixie chicks story- go read and see for yourselves who is the MASTER! Luckily, the majority of Americans are seeing the light and know now that Bush is a dumb f**k like his supporters!

LIVEWIRE is self made hypnotist and investor; at 36 LIVEWIRE is semi retired and enjoys posting as a hobby- betcha POSER 7 can't say the same!!!!!!!

LIVEWIRE- Men want to be him and women want to be with him! (LOS ANGELES folks can attest to this- not like West Virginia backwoods POSER 7!)

As Grandpa LIVEWIRE used ta say, "Son, there will be many envious jealous sheeple, ya just gotta BITCHSLAP and laugh." And boy, LIVEWIRE laughs a lot on this site!

2916 days ago


I dont even understand what the livewire argument is about. All I know is this Lisa Rini is one ugly woman I agree why the hell is she so confident when she looks that awful She's up there with Sandra OH ugly!

2916 days ago


You don't have to think you are beautiful to be confident. Isn't that what we try to teach our own daughters?

Lisa is a beautiful woman both inside and out and WOW...what a body!

2916 days ago


I hope you read this Lisa because you really have to stop injecting collagen, botox or whatever in your lips, they look fake and HORRIBLE.

2916 days ago


For every 7 LIVEWIRE LUNATICS, there will be girlie men like Jimmy "Superfag" Snooka and the RETARD from DELIVERANCE. Especially for you loverboys-

SUPERFAG- (masturbating while online surfing the internet) EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHH, hey RETARD, your dad LIVEWIRE posted again on TMZ! UHHHH, he gets me so excited! AHHHH, he is ALL MAN! But we have to get revenge for him abandoning you and you mom!

RETARD- (playing the banjo) YEAH! When he got my mama pregnant, she says he banged her so hard, that's why she's blind!

SUPERFAG- Who should we be today? Should we use our names leaving a message to him or should we make up another name?

RETARD- NO!! I wanna be me!!! Me Me Me! I am the son of LIVEWIRE, and he left me in West Virginia eating possum while he has the good life in Los Angeles!

SUPERFAG- (shooting his load) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Papi!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVVVVEEEEEEWIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, wow, I love.....uh, I mean I hate your dad! Since you can't read or write, what do you want me to post on TMZ?

RETARD- let's see- "Damn I hate you, you suck...."

SUPERFAG- hey RETARD< speaking of suck, i'm kinda gooey down there, can you clean me up?

RETARD- only if you'll be my piggy again!



2915 days ago


This is why stars are in their own world.
What the f*** does George Clooney know about politics or about running a country. He never even graduated college for gods sake. He has no business mind. All he knows how to do is act and now we should let him run a country.
Thats the most absurd thing i ever heard

2914 days ago

J. Newkirk    

It;s too bad today that stars such as George Clooney , Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie and others are interested in countries other than the Good Old USA. We have people starving, homeless, and malnutritioned but no one wants to help.

2914 days ago

Dr Forbin    

I just want to say in general that I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. You guys could be writing material for Leno or Conan! Thanks for the humor; this is a riot!

2914 days ago


Hey RETARD, LIVEWIRE was funny your follow up is just a ripoff, he bitchslapped you and snooks for sure. Lisa better get some of that collegen sucked out of her lips she looks funny!

2913 days ago
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