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Titillating Birthday

9/25/2006 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092506-nicole-richie-brody-jennerNicole Richie's birthday celebration ended with one of her friends telling her to "show me your tits" -- to TMZ's camera.

After dining at Mr. Chow with boy toy Brody Jenner, Mischa Barton and pro skater and DJ Chad Muska, the group made their way out to the onslaught of fans and photographers waiting for them.

Richie and Jenner were comfortably situated in their SUV when one of their friends, someone named Carlos, attempted to take control of our camera, yelling "show me your tits, show me your tits" to the birthday girl.

Richie, thankfully, did not oblige.


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SICK N' TIRED OF HATERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I LOVE U NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2948 days ago

Not a Britney Fan    

Does she even have any? Poor thing is so skinny in think her chest is inverted.

2948 days ago


Shwayze was there , that dude is freaking cool as hell!

2948 days ago


Nicole Richie is cute as a button, but the girl does not have any tits

2948 days ago


I hope it works out for Brody and Nicole.
I always thought that a guy like DJAM had to many problems of his own to give much consideration to Nicole.

2948 days ago


Nicole we love you! Happy Birthday your the sweetest down to earth bytch! Love ya!

PS. Can't wait for the simple life be continue. Paris needs to grow up!

2948 days ago


umm ok? thank god she didnt show her breasts b/c she doesnt really have any!

2948 days ago


EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! I heard On Just Jared that the sexy bitches of Simple Life are talking.....check it out on Just Jared!!!!!! I am soooo Happy! Paris even wished Nicole a happy Birthday! Now That's HOT! MUAH!!!

2948 days ago


The only reason Brody is going out with fugly Nicole is because Brody's mother, who is friends with Nicole's father, convinced Brody to help Nicole gain weight. I highly doubt someone as good looking as Brody would ever go out with someone like Nicole. For one thing, SHE HAS NO TITS. THEY SAG! And they're wrinkly, in the middle. SHE LOOKS LIKE AN OLD LADY!

Listen, rich kids like Nicole, don't care what you people think. So, of course, they're gonna lie to cover up for themselves. These type of people are compulsive liars. They smile in front of cameras to make themselves look good, but in reality they're badasses. Nicole is clearly anorexic. You can't go from chubby to skin and bones like that. Something else is factoring into it, and it's not a good thing.

But at the same time, you can't force Nicole to gain weight. And out of embarassment, she probably does not want anyone to know she has anorexia. She is LYING. Clearly. If she's not anorexic, maybe she's bullemic. Cause I don't know how her friends can't tell she has anorexia, when they go out with her.

Show NIcole Richie's tits? Nasty! Poor Brody. Even a waif model's tits look better than hers.

2945 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Boy, Samantha (#9) is one jealous BITCH! Jeeze - let someone have a little money and fame and the claws come out, don't they. HISS HISS. Seriously, Nichole seems like a pretty decent person, and yes, she seems to have an eating disorder. But, that isn't a reason to criticize. You should be praying that she gets better. Bulemia and Anorexia are not diseases to laugh about. What kind of example do you set for the younger folks in this world by making fun of someone like that. You are one heartless bitch! Bet you weigh 200 plus pounds you jealous COW!

2944 days ago

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