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Oprah Lords Over White Folk, Talks Poop on XM

9/25/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it wasn't already totally evident that Oprah Winfrey can talk about anything for any length of time, her debut today on her own XM Radio channel just confirmed it. The talk-show queen gabbed with her best pal Gayle King (who called her, inexplicably, "Mommy") on what is nominally King's show on "Oprah & Friends," the satellite channel that launched today.
oprah audio

Among many, many other things, Oprah talked about her humble beginnings in Mississippi, and particularly about how her mother's highest aspiration for her was that she might end up cleaning white people's houses, because "they give away nice clothes." And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff. Way to turn the tables, girl.

Finally -- and this was just in the first fifteen minutes -- Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty," as the pair called it. For this -- and whatever follows -- is what XM is paying Oprah $55 million over the next three years.


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#858 is right, racism is a big issue today

Yesterday is gone. Today is here now, and blacks never had it so good. If you want to go back in history, what about the black trade in whites from the 14th to 19th century? Enough of this sniveling. No excuses for black racism. History of black racist jihad against whites is being made today.

Google "Jennifer Ross" for the most recent news of black jihad against whites.

Google "Alan Sennit" read about how a black gang slashed a white man's throat and sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

Google "Lance Corporal Mark Beyers" a white disabled veteran missing an arm and leg who was mugged along with his wife. The media is covering this up to prevent a backlash to black racism towards whites.

It is time to end special privileges for blacks including welfare, race based college admissions, all govt programs. It is time to end this hypocritical reverse-discrimination-double standard nonsense.

Yes racism exists today, just look at the black Panthers and Nation of Islam.

2834 days ago



Using the delusion that Hurricane Katrina was a conspiracy by whitey to off the people as an excuse for the admitted black racist homicide of whites, betrays a criminally insane mind.

Bush is responsible for Katrina? Rubbish. The mayor of New Orleans is black. Perhaps you can blame Bush for the black on black violence in Africa as well. Yes, and of course Sickle Cell Anemia is all a white plot, eh? And of course AIDS is a white plot against blacks. It is a dark mind that justifies racist genocide by blacks against whites for history 100 years ago, and delirious paranoia that Bush plotted a hurricane and flood. By the way...remember the news stories of what transpired during the blacks ganged-up on isolated whites...rape...violence...plunder. The race card won't work anymore..

2834 days ago


Look. In no way am I racist, i love African Americans. But i can't stand how Oprah ALWAYS plays the race card, or has to talk about white people this and that. No one cares. It's like the hermes incident. She said it was because she was Black. No dumbass is going to turn Oprah down because she is black. The store was closed, she was just trying to be a princess. Get over the race card, because its really old.

2916 days ago


It's amazing how one of the most powerful woman in the U.S. surrounds herself with whites. She must have chosen intelligence over race.

2916 days ago


Yikes what a racist statement that she has almost all white people working for her. Let's fast forward a couple hundred years Oprah. There is no one race that hasn't been persecuted in history and your statements don't reflect the change towards the positive but keeps those closed minded people in the past. I prefer to think of people as people not by the color of there skin.

2916 days ago


GEEZ! Oprah has really gotten a big head and become just a wee bit racist...who would have known. What an ugly person she has become and that's why I've boycotted watching her show or anything to do with her because of her horrible attitude.

2916 days ago

Miss Paul    

So, Ms. Winfrey, you only have one black staff member? Do you think that is something you should be proud of? I do not understand! You mentioned something that your mother said to you earlier in life; well I can remember one that my grandmother told us and it is " There aint a bird that flies too high that cant fall and break it's A--!"

2916 days ago

poor britney    

I find Oprah's comments completely offensive and I find the people that worship her like she is some kind of God completely brain washed. First of all there is no other way to take the comment that she now has only white people working for her other than what it is racist. Secondly those that worship Oprah because they think she does so much good have you really researched where and how she gets the things she gives away can you say free publicity. Third and last, I find those that feel Oprah is one of the regular people as she always so kindly puts it- did her season premier show not show you that she could not function in society with out those "white" people helping her do things such as pump gas. I think this whole country needs to re evaluate this whole Oprah thing, because I am really starting to think people are getting brainwashed by her. It truly scares me, that this is the type of person we are looking up to. What ever happened to doing something for someone because you want to not just so you can talk about it on your show.

2916 days ago


I love how it's OK for black people to make racist comments against whites, but if we do it, we're in the KKK. Talk about double standards. I'm really tired of hearing blacks whine about inequality. How many hundreds of years more do whites have to "pay retribution" for slavery, when most of our families came to this country after the abolition? Quit yer bitchin' and DO SOMETHING about your situation- whining and finger pointing doesn't count.

2916 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

Watch out Stedman, she is going to trade you in for Brad Pitt (I forgot, Tom Cruise is her man). Since he is white, she is going to "Buy" her a whittie to cruise around with, her Gaypal (I meant Galpal, Gail) is keeping up a great front for her while she shops for a new man. The Reverend Oprah won't have much longer in the untouchable spotlight will she: Martha? Mel? DOnald? Janet? Think a few years back at baseball player John Rocker, his remarks were not even close to Oprah's and he has been vilified for the rest of his life and he had talent, she has a racist mouth and billions to buy positive press. For all those folks that wanted her to have a child? DO you want another little Oprah around? Think Not.

2916 days ago


Racist, full-of-yourself, fake, soapbox bitch!!! You may be rich, but you can't buy class or good looks, can you girl? You're still trash!

2916 days ago


If she could impregnate Gayle and make her deal with the poop, perhaps Miss Orca - er, Oprah - wouldn't be so averse to the notion of little Oprettes running around the house.

2916 days ago


I remember years ago when Oprah 's shows were panel discussions on a certain topic. The topic one day was "Whites who will only date black women, and Blacks who will only date white women." She was very agreeable to the white men who would only date blacks, but she came down like a lead balloon on the black men who would only date whites, and was very rude and judgmental with her comments. It's too bad that Oprah needs to call it a "racial incident" when people don't grovel at her feet. Yeah to Hermes in France -- when the store is closed and you just show up (don't call first to see if it's ok) the store stays closed, according to Oprah, it was a racial incident. Another example of how money doesn't buy class.

2916 days ago


So let me get this straight:

In her efforts to minimalize the white folks, she actually turns down potentially more qualified black people--all for the sake of making a statement? So would she actually hire a less qualified white person over an equally or more qualified white person? And would she do this all while complaining that black people don't get as many opportunities? Maybe if she wasn't so selfish about making a statement, she could do something about that...

2916 days ago
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