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Oprah Lords Over White Folk, Talks Poop on XM

9/25/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it wasn't already totally evident that Oprah Winfrey can talk about anything for any length of time, her debut today on her own XM Radio channel just confirmed it. The talk-show queen gabbed with her best pal Gayle King (who called her, inexplicably, "Mommy") on what is nominally King's show on "Oprah & Friends," the satellite channel that launched today.
oprah audio

Among many, many other things, Oprah talked about her humble beginnings in Mississippi, and particularly about how her mother's highest aspiration for her was that she might end up cleaning white people's houses, because "they give away nice clothes." And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff. Way to turn the tables, girl.

Finally -- and this was just in the first fifteen minutes -- Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty," as the pair called it. For this -- and whatever follows -- is what XM is paying Oprah $55 million over the next three years.


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To all of those people who are ignorant to the fact that racisim is still a big issue today and the only thing different about it is that it is more covered up nowadays I mean have you heard the story about KRAMER!! and his comedy act. ....try living your life as a black person. If you had the chance to be born black back during the jim crow laws would you? how would you like to learn in your history that people in your family were beaten for no reason, sprayed with high pressured hoses, being lynched and being denied service just because of a color? It is definately still a struggle for our culture so Oprah has every right to say what she wants. Better to say it and bring awareness to the problem instead of sweaping it under the rug. I mean just think back to what MOTHER BUSH said during her interview about the Hurricane Katrina victims, since 90% of the victims were black she made a statement that she doesn't understand what all of the fuss is about since this would be a big improvement for the victims. would she have said that if 90% of the victims were white. But gee!! we didn't hear too much about that one huh?

2901 days ago


Gee, I wonder how many of you would love to switch roles? I wish all of you had a chance to be born black back in the 50's and 60's during the Jim Crowe Laws. I would love to see the comments then. Oprah has every right to say what she wants. Oh yeah don't you just love KRAMER'S comedy show? what a class act. I think that says it all.

2901 days ago


I have always known that Oprah is racist. I am from Mississippi, went to see her because she was nearby and a friend really wanted to go, and saw first-hand how she treats whites. She thinks she is so great, but people with sense know what she really is.

2901 days ago

Marc Subik    

Typical liberalism, "Do as I say, not as I do". She's as much a racist as a KKK member. Never have liked her. Most people who do are too retarded to realize she's a Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton in drag.

2901 days ago


Jen, how about you shut the fuck up and take a history course. Second of all, black people don't fuckin' whine about anything. You better have some respect for us because if it wasn't for us, your ass wouldn't be here. You can call me mommy. And another thing about this "double standard" bullshit, white people are known for fuckin hating the ORIGINAL people, so when we talk badly about you racist bastards, its only telling the truth. Lastly, it would take the rest of your life for us to really recieve retribution for slavery.

2901 days ago


If we live in the past we will never have a future. It is plain to see that Oprah harbors much resentment about whites. Why? We need to quit telling our children that their lives are determined by white men who lived decades ago. My father came here from Africa. Raised 8 children without welfare, learned english, became an American citizen and never blamed anyone for anything. He and my mom just worked hard. We learned from them that we are responsible for our own futures. Not everyone is going to love/like everybody else. But I never judge people by the color of their skin, and I never will.

1588 days ago


Rationalize this how you wish. You can say that Oprahs comment or any black person that makes such blatantly racial comments is not racist because of what happened 300 years ago or whatever but it doesn't hold water. Don't blame every negative step you make on the white man and don't praise the black man for every positive step you have made. Oprah got where she is because some very good white people helped her along the way...more than giving her some food or wearable clothes. They assisted her educationally and the majority of her audience is white. I was always told not to bite the hand that feeds me but Oprah does just that. Luckily, these audio bits and videos showing her racism are not shown on her show or her white following would drop. Not that she cares. They made her a billionaire.

1540 days ago

dan Hutt    

oprah is nothing more than a sales person and what she is selling is herself.Everthing she does she does for Oprah.
She started out doing good but now it's all about her.
She should quit taking credit for giving her "gifts" and be honest about whos really giving the merchandise.
If she would try being honest and not be about telling the world how great she is,she would really be a popular host.
It jut proves the money cant buy everything and also proves how insecure she is.

1397 days ago


Well,she told you she was possessed by a demon.Straight out of the horse mouth.

1276 days ago


I will speak from only what I know, my family, my life. I grew up in Brooklyn , NY. Lots of people hating Black people at that time. They feared their homes would not be worth much if people of color moved into the neighborhood. My dad worked with all whites except one man, Jack, a black man, older than my dad. Jack had to do the hard work and bring heavy bags up from the basement. My dad helped him and almost got fired. He told his boss, it was wrong not to help. He asked Jack to visit us and he did. I went to school with all white kids except for one, Joan. I became friends with her and never saw her as any different than anyone else. I went to business school and was one of three musketeers, Jackie, Wilma and me. Wilma was black. She was a wonderful person and that is how I judged her. It all seemed so simple to me. There was not color of skin that made a person less than I was. It is so very sad that the world is still racist. If only we could all look at each person as an individual. Stop grouping people. All whites don't hate blacks and all blacks don't hate whites. We hear mostly from those who are bigots. I think that is why things don't get any better.

1190 days ago


"And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff."

So....who's the real racist?

or maybe

Oprah is revealing her true beliefs regarding the work ethics of blacks.

492 days ago
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