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Oprah Lords Over White Folk, Talks Poop on XM

9/25/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it wasn't already totally evident that Oprah Winfrey can talk about anything for any length of time, her debut today on her own XM Radio channel just confirmed it. The talk-show queen gabbed with her best pal Gayle King (who called her, inexplicably, "Mommy") on what is nominally King's show on "Oprah & Friends," the satellite channel that launched today.
oprah audio

Among many, many other things, Oprah talked about her humble beginnings in Mississippi, and particularly about how her mother's highest aspiration for her was that she might end up cleaning white people's houses, because "they give away nice clothes." And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff. Way to turn the tables, girl.

Finally -- and this was just in the first fifteen minutes -- Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty," as the pair called it. For this -- and whatever follows -- is what XM is paying Oprah $55 million over the next three years.


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Oprah is all about publicity which makes more money for Oprah. Yes she does good in the world, but hasn't anyone ever noticed that it's always via her "Angel Network" which is made up of donations from her audience members, not her personally. I don't know if Oprah ever actually gives any of her own money. So she's taking money from ordinary people out here that are not billionaires to pay for her charity work and it all gets credited to her. All Oprah cares about is money - period.

2914 days ago


#38 ok Oprah ass sniffer, WHATEVER.

2914 days ago


No - Mel Gibson situation is completely different. He only apologized because he got caught. (Please read that twice) He had to issue two apologies. This arrogant, talentless white man has been saying and spewing racial hatred for years. It's just that this time he got caught. And all the white people are so quick to make excuses for his racist ass. AmeriKKKa the Beautiful - NOT!

Hollywood is run by Jews. Everybody knows that. So, Mel knew where his bread is buttered. He called Jews and women dispicable names. Don't compare his racial, mysoginistic tirade to Oprah's comments. She was referring to a comment her GRANDMOTHER made. In order to know how far you gotten, you need to know where you have been. Anytime a black person mentions the segrated south - white people come out and droves and say that sh*t didn't happen. Well it did! That's a fact. I think it was a fair comment in it's context. She's comparing how things were to how things are. Her Grandmother never had any expectations that she would ever get this far.

2914 days ago


@whatever: you are too intellegent for these clueless people. they only want to hear what they want and is not fully understanding the statement she made. the day that i will GET OVER IT will be the day when everyone including whites GET OVER IT!

2914 days ago


Wow. There's a lot of hatred out there.

My wife is a huge Oprah fan, and I've watched more episodes of her show than I'd admit to my motorcycle buddies. She's done a lot for white and black people, and at times I've noticed some racist remarks. (Like the high five she shared with Eva Longoria about having white gardeners.) I guess because we expect so much from our celebrities, it's more disappointing when they screw up and I am disappointed by what she said. I had thought she didn't draw the racial line, but I can see I was wrong. Her comment says that she thinks it's cool to have white people working for her, as opposed to her working for whites. It's sad. I thought she was above that sort of thing. I won't lose sleep over it, or get my blood pressure up... it's just one more celebrity proving they don't belong on the pedestal after all.

2914 days ago


Oprah is a racist...A friend of mine was a flight attendent on an American Airlines flight, and told me that Oprah insisted on being served by an African American flight attendent. The finally got the black flight attendent to come up from coach where she was helping the poor folks. She told Oprah, I will be happy to help you.....if you would like to sit in coach. Rumor is, Oprah called the CEO of American Airlines to complain.

I can't look at her without thinking what a fake she is...

2914 days ago


You all are funny with your comments on here..saying Oprah is racist and how shocked you all are. Anyone with some sense of what she came from and where she is now, would understand the context under which she is making these statements. That is all I will say. It is these ignorant statements that the majority of you all wrote, that makes this country still in the state it is in with race relations today...sad part is you all don't get it.

2914 days ago



"The irony here is...Oprah makes it sound so terrible that her grandmother worked for "white people". Like the "white people" took advantage of her somehow because she was black. Yet by employing all "white people", SHE isn't doing anything for the black people, they need jods too!"

I think you REALLY don't understand the point. These people weren't kind-hearted white people who treated their servants with love and respect. This was during the Civil Rights Movement! My grandmother was also a maid for white families in rural Mississippi during the Civil Right Movement. My dad can't even talk about her job without breaking down in tears because all he can remember is the white people calling her a "black n*****," a "monkey," etc., paying her an extremely low wage while making her scrub floors on her hands and knees for hours a day. In many cases blacks were basically treated as slaves during the Civil Rights Movement. My grandfather, for example, was a sharecropper (if you don't know the term, look it up), and he was ridiculed by whites as well as sometimes physically attacked by his boss while working 15 and 16 hour days without breaks. I'm not exaggerating, this is how black people were treated then. Back then being black and having white people working for you would have literally made news!

You guys really don't understand anything about how black people in the United States have been treated. All you understand is slavery and most of you are clueless on that as well, since I've actually read comments where white people say that blacks were "lucky" to be slaves because at least they weren't treated as bad as Jews during the Holocaust (!!!). Let me tell you something:

My father decided to be a doctor because when he was working in on a farm with his dad, he got bitten by a poisonous snake. His leg swelled up and his breathing because shallow. He almost died. Guess why? Because the white people he worked for would not let them in their car to get to the hospital. When he finally got to a hospital, it wouldn't serve him because he was black. Lovely Jim Crow laws. They had to travel to an out of the way hospital and my dad came within minutes of dying. All because he was black. And if you're white, the people who acted that way are your gradparents, uncles, aunts, etc. I'm not saying that all white people are racist but making comments like "Well we weren't here during slavery, it's not our fault" is just silly.

My dad is now distrustful of all white people and I don't blame him. I didn't mention that the KKK set fire to his house, and the fire killed his younger brother. Whites have treated him and his family like sh*t and discriminated against him for his entire life. Oprah had similar experiences living during the Civil Rights Movement and I doubt that she trusts or likes white people that much. She makes her billions off of you guys, because it's good business acumen, but she dosn't have to like you. If you don't like her, stop supporting her, but she'll still be worth a billion dollars so I doubt she'll care.

So stop your bitching and whining. White people pull the race card as much as blacks do. Just read any of the comments when TMZ writes a story about a black celebrity such as Beyonce or P.Diddy. White people call these people n****** and other racial slurs for no particular reason, then turn around and claim that there's no discrimintion in the world. You call us welfare queens but seem angry when you see stories of black people who are self-made millionaires and billionaires. We as black people don't have to kiss your asses when you obviously don't have any respect for us.

2914 days ago

What's this?    

To #34 - get real!
First of all this is NOT an issue of how much money she gives or doesn't give NOR to whom she gives it to! And I can't believe how naive you are to believe everything the media said in regards to N. Orleans & Hurricane Katrina. Here in Texas we not only opened up our cities but our heart & homes as well! Yes Oprah made an appearance at the Astrodome in Houston - big whup! I personally know of several people that gave as much as possible (both monetary & volunteer work) to help Katrina victims! I sure didn't see their tired faces on the 6 o'clock national news! No - but all the celebrities - yes Oprah too - were given way too much credit.

What Oprah said about mostly white people working for her was a racist remark. Even if she were trying to establish an irony in regards to her grandmother, there are more ways she could have said it. I think she has gotten a little too big for her britches and forgot a few things along the way.

And 2 more cents to throw in - George W. is not the one divinding the country - we have been doing that ourselves with a large contributing factor - THE MEDIA! Just the other day, a rumor was floating around my neice's school that the "black" students were going to bring guns to school and target the "white" students because they didn't like them. Hmmmm - wonder where they got that idea?

2914 days ago


All posters that think the statements Oprah made were in anyway "racist" please do the following:

1) Place your right hand in front of you about 12 inches.
2) Make sure your thumb is pointed upwards and your hand is flat.
3) Now in one quick motion swing your hand above your head about 12 inches and stop.

That's about how far over your heads her statements were. Listen again in context this time.

That's about how far over your heads her statement were. Clueless.

2914 days ago


When you're opposed to the content, do what I do, switch the station.

2914 days ago


I think she should have mostly black people working for her, not white, they need the jobs just as much as white people. And most likely the jobs she has for people are very high paying; wouldn't she rather make sure that gets into the hands of more black people? I'm not saying she's racist, actually I think the complete opposite.

2914 days ago

Intelligent black guy    

I agree with 14, listen to what Oprah was saying. She was remeniscing about what her grandmother would tell her when she was a kid. White folks haven't changed a bit. Any black that gets a lot of money sooner or later is going to be torn down by you white folks because they have more than you. You know exactly what she said on the radio, you just want to hear what the fuck you want to hear. TMZ your just as rascist as the rest.

2914 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Even if Oprah herself was a horrible racist, how does that justify your racism. 2 wrongs, do not my dear make a right.

2914 days ago


I'm sick and tired about the race issue. I don't care if you are black, I don't care if you are white. You are all people. White trash is the same as black trash. If it is trash, then it is trash. Quit complaining about what happened in 1960 and deal with reality that this is now and that was then. I don't want to hear about how you use to have to sit on a bus, well guess what now you can have the whole damn bus because we no longer want it.

2914 days ago
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