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Star Jones: Emotional and Stressed Out

9/25/2006 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star and Al Reynolds threaten to sue the National EnquirerStar Jones has given the National Enquirer an ultimatum: either admit that a story calling her her marriage a "sham" is untrue, or prepare to do battle in court (and remember, Star is a lawyer).

Bob Chapman, the high-powered attorney who represents Star and Al, tells TMZ that the Enquirer's story that Al is gay and the marriage is falling apart is not true. Chapman insists, "They are happily married," adding that Star is "emotional and stressed out" over the story.

The article in question, published in this week's issue dated October 2, 2006, features the headline "Star Jones' Husband Walks Out!" In a demand letter to the Enquirer, Chapman writes the article is "false and defamatory" and has "caused them massive damage." The letter also states, "You have also chosen to state that Mr. Reynolds is gay. While Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds believe that everyone should be free to make their own choice concerning sexual preference and that there is nothing wrong with being gay, you have nonetheless chosen to falsely state that Mr. Reynolds is gay." Chapman also states that the Enquirer has done "grave damage to their reputations, both publicly and privately."

Brad Zeifman, a rep for the couple, issued the following statement to TMZ: "Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds have tried to handle these vicious lies and attempts at character assassination with quiet dignity for far too they will pursue immediate legal action against anyone who makes false statements about their family."

In a recent interview with Jawn Murray of AOL's Black Voices, Star stressed, "I love my husband and he loves and respects me-period! People can say what they want, but Al and I share what I like to call an unbreakable bond." Star reminds the public that, "It's not easy being under such intense scrutiny by the media. All we're trying to do is live our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds."

A rep for the National Enquirer had no comment.


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They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

star look like she smokes crack,is that how she lost the weight? crack would keep the stress off,and lost the weight,maybe shes a meth head

2920 days ago

Joisy Boy    

shorts don't make a man gay, taking it in the shorts does...Starr, DeNile is a river...

2920 days ago


The only reason why bug eyed Star is stressed is because she not getting any more free-bees she got fired ,her gay husband isn't working So now she going to sue and tie up the courts with a frivolous law suit. Star, you need to start eating again you have way too much time on your hands.

2920 days ago


fyi, equinox is a gym in manhattan and not a nightclub. before al reynolds married star jones, in fact even before they were dating, al propositioned me in the sauna. i politely declined as there is just too much cream in that cocoa...

2920 days ago


If he is an ex-gay does her lawsuite have merritt

2920 days ago


I just remember Star Jones said on "The View" that they did not have sex before they were married! She said they wee going to pre-martial counsiling! To think it about maybe they still havn't had sex

2920 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Why don't these two idiots go off into the sunset yanking each other's ding-dong, accept the fact that they're both gay as geese, and stop bothering the rest of the world with their qasi-marital bullshit? She may be a lawyer, but she's doubtless of the shyster genre, which means she proably got her law degree where she got her misersable excuse for a husband--out of Babwa's dumpster. And what does that other Sapphic slob, Rosie, have to say about all ths (not that I particularly give a rat's ass, but just would like to hear it for kicks)? The sound like typical Democrats.

2920 days ago


To post # 24 .... What are you a teenie bopper.... I think Gayle would add wonderful insite to the show an maybe could be able to get a word in over Rosie, since she is used to being around Oprah.... Rosie was the worst mistake that show ever made.... As for no more old sagging bittys lets talk when you hit your late 40's to early 50's. Trust me it sneaks up on you before you realize it. As for the younger ones you have the very oi oppionaited Mrs. Hasselback, who I think covers the younger generations all for myself attitude very well....

I hope all works well for Star and Al. But I also agree that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Her head does look too big for her body now....

Kim in NC

2920 days ago


Please..every guy gay knows that Al is indeed a cocksucking fag, or rather he most definitely likes to have his dicked sucked by another guy........Once his 3 years of marriage is up, and he can get some kind of financial compensation out of Star, Al is out of there...he is just passing time...Al has to be in the marriage at least 3 years in order to get some cash....(if and when they divorce...)...

2920 days ago

jeanettte jay    

First of all I would divorce a man married to me for wering those "GAY" Easter looking shorts out in Public!! If you are going to deny being gay, then don't dress like a fag! As to Star and the " GB Bobble Head" most people who have GB look like there head is twice the size for their body. Personaly, I liked her better fat, she had more of a personality and was taken serious. Now she is to busy trying to manage her looks and defend her marriage.
Take a stand in something other then yourself Star. You did not focus on your looks before but you mind and your opinion. Since GB it appears life has gone down hill and you lost the ability to use your brain. The old fat Star would have told the public to shut up and leave her alone and would have pulled this story away with some opinion/cause that she was standing tall for. Now all I see in the press are pictures of her combing her dogs hair and her gay husband.
get a cause and a life and eat some dinner and a man for your husband and a job. Let's get bck to the Star who focus's on others not her.

2920 days ago

the wise old owl    

I have never laughed so hard as I did when I read Post # 31 Ross
and Post #32 and # 33 ....Stan

I am 10 years younger after reading your candid posts. Talk about a high better than Coke. I laughed so hard.

Ross...............he propostioned you in a sauna ? Too much cream with the coco, that is hystercial !!!

ANd Stan , ............That remark about still waiting them to consummate the wedding night is right on the money. Your question :

" Does being an EX - GAY have any merrit in the case., ........... Is absolutely priceless. I am still laughing.

I hope I come back to this site and read a lot more of these comments. They are beyond entertaining. They are true !!! This could be stand up comedy act. What a rush. Thank you both.

2920 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

I swear, I thought I was going to lose a lung laughing at those gay-ass shorts Al is wearing. That is UNBELIEVABLE!! Even Elton John looked at that picture and said, "oh my GAWD! What a faggot!"

Not only are those the GAYEST SHORTS EVER WORN, they look like rejects from 70's porn! Did he get those at the Dicks-N'-More Gay Thrift Store? I promise you, if the CSI team waved a blacklight over those shorts, they'd light up like the Fourth of July. Been some "fluids" makin' their way through that plaid! EWWW!!!

2920 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 35 Kent, ..................and Post # 37 J. J. Jay : Love your style.

All of a sudden honest people are coming out of the woodwork to comment on this subject.

Star is grouchy because she doesn't eat. Everyone gets bitchy when they don't eat. The reason why she looks like a BRATZ DOLL , is the exteme weight loss. THe head size remains the same, while the body shirinks. That gives her that popsicle head look. accompinied with the Bulging eye thing

Post # 30 Ellenor : Honerable mention. Your remarks were right on the money.

2920 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 31 Ross : Thanks for clearing that up. I just assumed it was a night club. I've never been to Manhattan.
Have you ever been approached by John Travolta ? Just curious. I know a few guys who have been propostioned by him at health clubs. Heard anything ?

2920 days ago


never been approached by travolta... but it's safe to say that judging by the looks of him of late, a gym is the last place you would find that doughy bod...

2920 days ago
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