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Star Jones: Emotional and Stressed Out

9/25/2006 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star and Al Reynolds threaten to sue the National EnquirerStar Jones has given the National Enquirer an ultimatum: either admit that a story calling her her marriage a "sham" is untrue, or prepare to do battle in court (and remember, Star is a lawyer).

Bob Chapman, the high-powered attorney who represents Star and Al, tells TMZ that the Enquirer's story that Al is gay and the marriage is falling apart is not true. Chapman insists, "They are happily married," adding that Star is "emotional and stressed out" over the story.

The article in question, published in this week's issue dated October 2, 2006, features the headline "Star Jones' Husband Walks Out!" In a demand letter to the Enquirer, Chapman writes the article is "false and defamatory" and has "caused them massive damage." The letter also states, "You have also chosen to state that Mr. Reynolds is gay. While Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds believe that everyone should be free to make their own choice concerning sexual preference and that there is nothing wrong with being gay, you have nonetheless chosen to falsely state that Mr. Reynolds is gay." Chapman also states that the Enquirer has done "grave damage to their reputations, both publicly and privately."

Brad Zeifman, a rep for the couple, issued the following statement to TMZ: "Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds have tried to handle these vicious lies and attempts at character assassination with quiet dignity for far too they will pursue immediate legal action against anyone who makes false statements about their family."

In a recent interview with Jawn Murray of AOL's Black Voices, Star stressed, "I love my husband and he loves and respects me-period! People can say what they want, but Al and I share what I like to call an unbreakable bond." Star reminds the public that, "It's not easy being under such intense scrutiny by the media. All we're trying to do is live our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds."

A rep for the National Enquirer had no comment.


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Wise old owl, I have not laughed this much either your posts are hiliarous!!

Manbearpighunter had me rolling too.

and Ross I totally believe you about being approached at the gym. thanks for the info it was great.

2948 days ago


AL REYNOLDS IS GAY....if he's NOT then I'M NOT and i know how proud i am 2 b gay....and out with WHO really cares anyways.... just don't try to pull the wool over our...the puplics eyes....we r not dumb.... and there r more important things in the world to b worried about ....besides who's gay and not....lets all get a life....

2948 days ago


Star looks like an old drag queen.

2948 days ago

Jiggidy Susie -Joe aka Hey! U!    

'po 'po Starlet Bloat Jones. Las sumner she did done look like a pterodactyl whooping sour like on the View TV sho. My mistress done let me sneak looks at the TV screen wiles I was filing calluses off o' her feet. Starlet Jones wrangly skin so stretched and baggy black bats look mighty fine compared to that sorry excuse . As Okrah says many yers ago, "wat goes around, cums around". U got what u ordered Star Blat - greed done ate u up and now NO ONE in the legitimate media will touch your sorry saggy ass. Meybe u shyould consider co-habitating in a muff kinda way wit has-been Arsenio Hall. U both gots lots in common. And as fo the mans that married her. Let him be! For keyrists sake - black bossy bats like starbloat jones life is based on appearances alone. Sadly fo her the jig is up gurl. No mores will anyone take u seriously. Southern belle that u bits. Now go back to that there planatation and whup up some grits and 'ho cakes.

Keep up the scuzz on Starbloat TMZ! Those of us that can read LOVE Starbloat stories. Makes us laff and grateful we isn't livin her sad empty life.

2948 days ago


Ms Jones has not way to generate income now so she's looking to a weak lawsuit to find income. She's a bitter woman because she screwed up in spite of her legal mind. Perhaps she read too much of her previous press clippings.

Say good night star (gracie)

2948 days ago


I just want to say that Star has every right to TAKE
THEM TO COURT.......I believe that the poparazzi
have caused enough problems ...accidents and so
forth....I just want to know what it takes to make them

2948 days ago


You can look at that gay outfit Al is wearing and know he is a fag. He's on the Star free ride for life train.

2948 days ago


I think that these militant self hating homos have taken over. Someone should take these bitter old queens to the bank and hold them accountable for there finger snapping quips. Star sue Perez Hilton next, I hate that dude!

2948 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

OMG - you can tell from my moniker I love South Park - and I just thought about it....

Star's husband is BIG GAY AL!!! LMAO!!

THAT'S why he's wearing those shorts! He runs Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary! Benig married to Star? "SUPER! Thanks for asking!"


2948 days ago


sorry but you can't sue the truth...

2948 days ago


B, if you have a story about Al Reynolds why don't you tell the National Enquirer about it? A friend of mine did a story about someone pretty famous recently and she earned tens of thousands out of it. She certainly drives a good car now. I've just checked the number she used to reach them on and it's (646) 935-6053

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #71 Ross : Hey . Right on ! You can't sue the truth. What is this Hag thinking ? All she is doing is drawing more attention to her odd living arrangement. This tatic is going to back fire on her BIG TIME. I am Still realing from your comment " Does being an Ex-gay count ?'' That was the best.

CHeck out post # 64 J J Jay : You are back and as truthful and funny as ever. I just can't get enough of this. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. too much.

I had so much fun last night posting here. I swear I am still chuckling.
I want you to show up on some other subjects here so you can put your 2 cents in. I would love to hear what you have to say. I'll be flying around looking for ya.

2948 days ago


were's your BITCH star? o ya standing next to you...

2948 days ago


ya........he is a fag! and star is soo ugly she just needed any man!

2943 days ago

Santa Claus    

I believe all of the negative comments that I've read are made by people who are obviously upset that Star had the courage to stand up to an icon like Barbara Walters. Have you ever heard the phrase "do you", well that is what Star did. When Star received the freebies for her wedding she did what she knew to do to avoid the spiraling cost of a wedding that she'd invisioned as all young ladies do in their childhood. How many of you can honestly say that if you had the idea and thought it would work for you, you wouldn't have done it too? Star is a bright and intelligent woman who I wish all the Blessings and success that life has to offer her. As for her husband Al. My mother always said. " what's done in the dark will eventually come to the light" and if this is the case with Al, it will all be told in due season.

2941 days ago
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