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Rosie: Bring Star Back ... Puhleeze!

9/26/2006 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

See what happens on "The View" when Barbara goes away for a few days? As the women of morning television reminisced over schoolyard memories, it was brought to the audience's attention that Rosie O'Donnell herself was a high school homecoming queen. Joy, ever ready with a spicy quip, remarked, "Was it based on being pretty ... errr ... I thought homecoming queens were more like Jessica Simpson." Oh, snap, girl.

Rosie clearly didn't take too kindly to this: She said that she missed Star Jones -- "I'm feeling the love" -- and then did some temporary housecleaning of her own, announcing, "After the break, we're going to come back without Joy Behar." To "The View," we say thank you for consistently delivering us a hot dish of morning bitchiness; no word yet on whether Star will take Rosie up on her offer.




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Rosie thinks nothing of offending everyone; she's loud, obnoxious and extremely crass. She's so dumb she doesn't realize that a good majority of people DO NOT, repeat DO NOT share her views when it comes to homosexuality! She's never apologized for any of her dumb public statements and constantly operates with her foot in her mouth. At least Star Jones wasn't this brassy and bossy even in her strongest opinions.

Miss Walters made a huge mistake by choosing this broad for anything, especially morning television. I do not watch the show; I have seen it a few times and enjoyed Joy, Elizabeth and Meredith, but when it comes to the loud, foul mouth Rosie, I draw the line and change the channel. People are looking for wholesome entertainment, especially on a morning show when having coffee. I don't subscribe to Rosie O'Donnell's brand of humor when it comes to making me laugh or feel good. I forsee doom for this show and wonder how it's even lasted this long.

2861 days ago

Quenton Shaw    

I don't watch regular TV, but I do keep myself fairly informed. From a series of audio excerpts I've had the privilege of listening to I've concluded that most of the ladies on this show are clearly and unfortunate ignorant of the details of many of the political topics they discuss. While they do all passionately express their respective opinions, many of them--Ms. O'Donnell particular--remain void of any substantive facts that support them as sound and rational. Ol' Sam Clemmens
is quoted saying is better to be silent and be regarded a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

2832 days ago


PLEASE get rid of Rosie. She is doing more harm than good. Remember her comments about Kelly Ripa?

She needs to take a long look in the mirror at herself and see what she has become. I refuse to watch the view.

Her mouth is ugly and she goes beyond rude.

2832 days ago


I miss Star Jones TOO! That's why I quit watching "the view" I refuse to watch "Rosies View" .

2918 days ago

Travis Bickle    


Goes to show you that Rosie can dish it out but cant' take it. She's a thined skin, mean spirited cuuuunt.

2918 days ago


None of them should ever have been high school homecoming queens. Mascots, maybe.

2918 days ago

she hates U.S!    

I love it!! She can miss Star all she wants (I don't) but she deserves any "dissing" she gets for the way she holds herself above everyone else! She is loud, obnoxious and the View has turned into her old show, before it stopped being funny! It isn't meant to be a political debate is (supposed to be!) entertainment!!! I think Joy has really done a great job, the few times I have watched, keeping Rosie from getting too far out there and keeping her on the "lighter" side of issues. Great if she was homecoming queen, but look at her now, and I don't necessarily mean her weight!

2918 days ago


starr jonz.......I'm no Rosie fan either, but you are a huge hypocrite flinging such a meanspirited vulgar insult towards Rosie O'donnell or anyone else....that's just weird dude.

2918 days ago

Miss Smith    

That clip didn't contain the "look like Jessica Simpson" comment.

And I thought they were all being funny .... going with the moment. Didnt really see any major cat claws in that.

2918 days ago


Way to go Joy! I don't particularly like any of the women on the View, but can't stand that loudmouth, ugly Rosie. She thinks her opinion is the only one that matters.

2918 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

I have heard that these two--Rosie and Star--like to bump pussies. Is this true? Inquiring minds want to know,

2918 days ago

tired of anna nicole news    

I havent minded Rosie yet.. I still cant stand Elisabeth and Joy gets on my last nerve at time too.. I've also noticed that Barbra is a bit off her "rocker.." I dont see this show lasting much longer..

Let's bring on Gayle King so she can discuss Rosie's remarks last week about her and Oprah being a little big lesbian.. haha

2918 days ago


Shut up everyone!
Rosie has brought back great entertainment to daytime television. She is fun to watch. I hate Starzilla and always will. I actually look forward everyday to when the View comes on. It makes my day!!!! Go Rosie, go. I love you. I would vote for you for Homecoming Queen also because it's all about personality to me as well. I'd rather have a fun friend than a prissy one anyday!!!!!

2918 days ago


Rosie DID NOT SAY Oprah and Gail were lovers! Did you even watch the show that day? WHY DO YOU PEOPLE INSIST on being tabloid like? Just like todays banter between Joy and Rosie, it was all in fun!! I don't think Rosie should have made the comment though that she missed Star Jones. Everyone is trying to MAKE SOMETHING out of NOTHING.. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

2918 days ago


joy behar shut the f*** up. how bout a nice fat c**k in your ass. that should shut you the f*** up.

2918 days ago
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