Rugs for Rugrats

9/27/2006 2:46 PM PDT
Who hasn't wanted to dress up their toddler up as "The Donald"? Oh, you have your kid in a little business suit, his little hand waving about and that gurgling could almost be a "you're fired!" But you're missing the most important ingredient... the hair!

Well, concerned parents, just in time for Halloween, a company called Little Human is giving us Baby Toupees. You can give your child the celebrity locks of Donald Trump, Lil' Kim, Samuel L. Jackson and Bob Marley. The website says the wigs are safe for children ages up to nine months and has a soft comfortable lining. So your baby will be comfy while oozing a cuteness not seen since the Olsen twins appeared on "Full House."

If these adorable Baby Toupees don't make it onto your personalized Christmas card this year, you're doing your family and friends a huge disservice. Think about the children!