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Screech: "It's Possibly Me in the Sex Tape"

9/27/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Dustin Diamond has yet to confirm the existence of a sex tape set to explode into the public eye, Screech ain't exactly denying it either.
The actor took to the radio airwaves to set the record straight about his role in the alleged tape, telling the top-rated Tampa based MJ Morning Show, "It's very possible that tape exists."

Diamond says he has yet to feast his eyes on the tape in question, but says it wouldn't shock him if it's authentic. "I've had a lot of fun with video in the past."

The co-star, or rather co-stars (it's being reported that Screech pulled a threesome!) have also not been identified. Diamond says if the "group" details are true, none of the women in question could be his fiancée, claiming he's never engaged in the sexual acts described in the reports with her.
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This is f***in hilarious. You guys need to get a sense of humor. Just say it....Screech in a sex tape...... as Johnny Carson would say that's wild wacky stuff.

2916 days ago


I'm going to throwup

2916 days ago


OMg.. get the hell over yourselves.. I mean seriously. Ive seen some really imature omments.. Monkey loser? please. The part of the video where hes actually supposedly boinking some chick.. maybe that was real but the talking park was not. Have u people not seen Jimmy Kimmel?? Watch his damn lips and how many times the video glitches. that was out of context and inproperly bleeped out. GET OVER It. you people only make fun of people because there isnt enough interesting things going on in your sad lives. who cares if he was f#$%ing.. you all do it!

2916 days ago


All of you calling him a loser and so forth. What have you all done in your lifetimes? Have you been on a succesful TV show or in movies? Do you have pukes following you around with cameras to take your pictures? No you sit around waiting for the next gossip to surface. Get a life! The paparazzi and anyone else that invades celebrities privacy should be dragged behind a car going a 100mph. How would you all like it if people tried to extort you, follow you around all day, make bogus accusations for publicity?

2916 days ago


To Jeff: No.. I don't have Paperazzi following me around all day, and I'm not a celebrity. On the other handthough, I'm not the loser selling lame T-Shirts and doing porn flicks to pay my mortgage either. We're sorry to offend you. We didn't know that you were such a Screech fan....

2915 days ago


YES THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT Screech gets his junk in there trunk makes a video and lives his life for the next day he's the man and if u got a problem with a three some then you oviously need to figure out what sex you like......

2913 days ago

Tennessee Jed    

I thought a dirty sanchez was when you sat on a toilet while your partner pleased you orally. When the time comes for you to get off, you drop a log in the bowl simultaniously. Opps, I just threw up in my mouth.

2913 days ago


This is funny, what would be even funnier, is when somebody purchases the tape and you see a naked Gary Coleman running around scrwaming watchin you tryin to do to me Willis LMAO!!!!

2913 days ago


God! What next, Molly Ringwalt (SP?) coming out with one?? Why would that hasbeen in the news anyway??

2913 days ago



2913 days ago


It's not possible to find a less attractive person to have sex with than Screech.

2912 days ago


you know "Screech" is losing his house up here in WI. Of course He'll do anything to get back in the media. he cant afford his morgage =)

2909 days ago


WTF!!!! That is gross as hell! No house is worth that crap (pardon the pun). Hopefully he can raise the money he needs and then disappear so we don't have to hear him whine about it anymore! What a freakin' sicko!

I agree with some of the other is a publicity stunt for sure.

Get a life screeeeeeeech.

2908 days ago


He is so ugly no one would ever sober put out to him why doesnt he get a job as a trolly boy somewhere no one has to see a has been or never been

2904 days ago
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