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Simon to Clay -- Give Me a Break!

9/27/2006 7:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell: Click to watchLeave it to Simon Cowell to put down a guy on Paxil.

When commenting on Clay Aiken's recent admittance that he takes the anti-depressant to deal with the fame that came with "American Idol," Cowell definitely didn't hold back.

"Oh give me a break. Let me have a choice, I'm going to work in a coal mine for 14 hours a day or I'm going to be a runner-up on 'American Idol.' Give me a break, idiot."

And while judge Paula Abdul and celebrity guest judge Olivia Newton-John both stuck up for the season two runner-up, Cowell kept the insults rolling.

"They're not working for a living, they're becoming famous ... no one's put a gun to their head ... Clay, whatever he may have said, would not swap what he's got now for what he had three years ago."

Way to be sympathetic Simon!


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Clay is a miserable little twit! Simon was dead on about the comments about him! If the loser can't deal with it why the heck did he go on the show and then make records? Stupid dick wad!

2947 days ago

Takes AllSorts    

Unfortunately Clay is bearing the brunt of all the celebrity whining. It's a cumulative thing that is pissing everyone off, not just what is coming out of Clay's mouth. (Lindsay Lohan is the one who really needs a Simon tirade).

It's a weird time. The entertainment industry has become too accessible. We have too many reality stars. Corporations dictate who will bombard our eyes and ears, not public taste. (I don't care that AI is based on "voting," it's way more complicated than that). This is not a jealousy thing. These are angry times and we are getting a lot of crap entertainment forced down our throats, all from a bunch of celebrities who have more entitlement than talent. No one wants to hear it. They need to realize that. It's understandable that being in such a high pressure situation would give you panic attacks, but be strong and keep it to yourself.

If Clay is gay, I feel really bad for him. Most of his fan base seem like homophobic, Christian conservatives. That's got to be rough - the people that love you would hate you if they knew your inner self. But his sexuality is his own business - NO, AI never started the rumors. It's just a vibe he gives off. And who cares? Except that freaky group of women who tried to sue Clay for not being upfront about himself. Freaky times I tell you.

2946 days ago

simply the facts    

Have any of you watched any of the interviews? Clay never brought up the subject the interviewers did. And he certainly did not whine about it. Simon's the "IDIOT" Does he have an UN appointment,is he sitting on a Presidential committee? I think not, he's just pissed because Clay has proven him wrong. NOBODY cares about Simon Cowell! And 95% of the time I even agree with him on Idol. The
gay card is always easy to play when you don't have anything intelligent to say. Yay of Nay who really cares! Why can't everybody just leave the poor guy alone. You wonder why he takes anti-anxiety medication. Think about it . For what it's worth I don't think there's any stopping him, especially not Simon Cowell.

2945 days ago


Simon Cowell is THE biggest bully in the world. I don't know how he can even go to sleep at night after hurting people the way he does during the day. What has America come to when we actually make bullys millionaires?

Clay Aiken has done NOTHING wrong. Excuse him for having a medical problem he can't control!

Simon Cowell is a disgrace to the whole American Idol TV show. He is rude, heartless, and a very cruel person.

2945 days ago


Good for Simon! Clay is a little tw*t! If he can't handle the spotlight quit! DER!

2944 days ago

Coyote Jack    

I've always thought Simon was gay. I mean he is, isn't he? Doesn't matter he's still an ass.

2944 days ago


Everyone -- including the Media -- should be ashamed of themselves for picking on Clay. How can Simon and all of you who pick on this poor kid look at yourselves in the mirror! Too hurt someone who has never hurt anyone. Clay brings warmth and brightens peoples days, helps the disabled and the worlds sick. It makes me want to vomit! What comes around goes around. That is for everybody! Simon's remarks are vial, despicable and pathetic. He is truly wicked & evil. SIMON IS NOW SLIMON. He used to only be rude, cruel and arrogant. He is now the slime that festers underneath your toilet bowl rim. SIMON IS SLIMON!

2943 days ago

kick Bachi    


2942 days ago


Good lord people. Clay had panic attacks before he ever thought about trying out for America Idol. He had one in the hospital the day his father died. The "fame" just made it worse, and brought it to the forefront, it didn't CAUSE it.

Simon needs to buy a dictionary and look up the word "class." And while he's there, "compassion" as well.

2930 days ago


If you listen to one of his albums then listen to him sing live, there is a very major difference in the quality of his voice. They do something to the way he sounds when the tapes are made and they don't do justice to his natural voice. He isn't rappin about sh*t nobody can understand or shaking his bootie, pointing fingers like guns for killing people. Maybe some of you just don't remember what real music was. Hell,
my dead grandmother can probably rap better than those guys who are out trying to kill each other every weekend. yo..... yo what?

2930 days ago


Good Lord, some of these comments are so cruel, how would you like to hear some of this sh*t said about some of you. There are a lot of
performers who have trouble with panic attacks, and nobodys as well.
Are all of you related to Tom Cruise? So the guy isn't the most masculine acting man around, big deal. Rickey Martin can shake his bon bon's all day and it's been years since his tour and nobody asks him if he is gay, they didn't ask George Michael, or Lance Bass, and you know that list goes on for a lot of pages. Get over it and let him have some peace. Carly Simon has panic attacks, I have panic attacks, just because you don't make a certain enzyme in your brain, you have to suffer not only the panic attack, but the public one as well.
Thank you to the chemist who developed this medication. If you have never lived in the south before, you would know that there are plenty of men living there who sound like Clay, act like Clay and are good people with families. This guy was raised by women, not a man around to help out, he had a sorry ass father who abandoned them. Sure he's going to sound like these women and act a lot like them. Hey that guy who ran for VP in the last election, he sounds like Clay, acts like him and may even take Paxil too. It's a MEDICAL CONDITION

2929 days ago


Simon needs to read about "Panic Attacks". Panic Attacks have nothing to do with depression.He's as bad as Tom C.saying Brook S. didn't need a medication for post partum depression. Are these two egomanics so into themselves that they don't care about anything besides themselves I work in the mendal health field and beleive me post partum depression and panic disorders are very real and very frightening to the people going through them. Why does Simon smoke so much....nicotine is a drug...maybe he should examine himself before he comments on others. Tom and Simon should learn about what they are exspousing before they cause someone to stop taking their medication. and this would not be a good thing. These two should talk to someone in the psychiatratric field before they go on TV and make asses of themselves...Oh..that's right ..they are asses.

2918 days ago
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