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Swapping Spit with Avril

9/27/2006 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cameramen beware, Avril Lavigne's a spitter!

The "Complicated" singer, never known for her kindness to the paparazzi, hocked a loogie at TMZ's photographer last night in front of Hyde nightclub.

Here's how it all went down: Avril was spotted getting into an SUV with husband Deryck Whibley, and the newlyweds got hot and heavy in the back seat. After getting interrupted by a couple of friends, the photogs went wild trying to get a shot of them.

Lavigne then stuck her head out of the side window, and yelled "Hey f***head, come here" to our cameraman. His gift for responding to her pet name -- her saliva in his camera lens. The group then broke into laughter, with someone in the SUV calling Avril a "bad bitch" before driving off.

Apparently Avril and Lindsay Lohan, who yelled "f*** off and die" to TMZ cameras the other night, have some anger issues!


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What a crappy video. You can't even see her spit! Go back to Canada Avril!

2946 days ago

joe dirt    

i personally think superman should be played by pee wee herman,
and my mother is like rude,have you ever farted in a bag?
does a egg roll or wobble? is tevlevision really a vision?
can you make a plastic paper bag? is paris hilton really stupid?
how can you make a positive out of two negitives?
is madonna really a virgin? is michael jackson white or black?
do pigs really fly? has anyone really ever caught a tiger by the toe?
is one in the bag really better than two in the bush? can you really kill two birds with one stone? does it have to be a big stone? or can it be like just a regular stone? or can you just use a rock? can you kill two bats with one stone? or does that just apply to birds? or howabout geese or ducks?OR MAYBE FLYING PIGS?,
can you kill two flying pigs with one stone? or if you kill one of the flying pigs and miss the other ,will the one pig get mad? why do they say too many cooks spoil the soup? would alota cooks make the soup easier to cook?

2946 days ago


She should count her lucky stars that anyone is still interested in taking her pictures...however, she did have to call them over so I guess that says a lot too.

classy, classy

2946 days ago


Dark eyelener and ugly clothes do NOT make you punk rock. Her music is nothing but bubble gum pop which has it's place but please, don't pretend to be something you aren't. It's annoying. And the spitting. If she WAS actually punk, it would make sense. Since she's just teen trash I agree with the poster's like she's spitting in her fans faces and it makes her appear to be utterly devoid of any class. She's screwing her own career which is barely hanging by it's fingernails as it is.

2946 days ago


# 26 the ansnwer to your question is , in my opinion she sings like a an old rooster on old mcdonalds farm, ya dont wanna know,, its that silly bubble gum music sh*t that makes my ears screach.

2946 days ago


She Sucks! I can't believe i used to like that sh*t!

2945 days ago


She is SOOO ugly and an untalented flake...Bitch would have went down had she spit on me!

2944 days ago


She is hilarious...and a 2 hit wonder? dream on pal, complicated, sk8er boi, i'm with you, nobodys home, my happy ending, don't tell me... is that just 2? seems like oh, 6 top ten hits she's had...

2944 days ago
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