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Broken Wrists Suck

9/28/2006 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at The IvyLindsay Lohan is finding life with a big hunk of plaster attached to your left arm is a bit of a downer.

La Lohan grabbed a late lunch with some friends yesterday afternoon at the trendy L.A. eatery The Ivy. A couple of girls inside tell TMZ that Lindsay was complaining about how annoying it was to try and eat with a cast on. They also heard Lindsay speaking about some guy only referred to as "he" -- Stavros or Harry, perhaps?

Maybe that explains why Lindsay has been a little testy with the photogs lately; she doesn't hate the paparazzi, she's just hungry. Nah, she probably just hates the paparazzi.


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Britney Spears    

I dare TMZ to have one ENTIRE DAY PASS without printing a bull$hit story about La Lohan...come on...I DOUBLE DARE YA.

You guys must be SO BORED

2945 days ago


I feel bad for her I broke both bones in my wrist last summer and it sucked having that cast on. My cast was almost up to my shoulder so I could not bend my arm but still when they shortened it, it still sucked. I hope she heals quickly and it does not give her trouble in the long run!!

2945 days ago


But how can a broken wrist be a downer for Hohan???? Look at all the free pain medication she is getting - and it's all legal.

2945 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I think thats her drinking hand,sorry hoe han live is a bitch,

2945 days ago


Lindsay is a complete wash. Her last half-assed talent movie was the Parent Trap. Now she's a diva, demanding and talks like a trucker. Very attractive. She is in obvious need for male attention the way she "velcros" herself to any guy she's dating and saying "he's the one" in a month. Her demanding, suffocating personality is as annoying as Paris Hilton, with her fake "sponge for attention" ways. It's almost fun to watch the two of them compete for who looks like more of a complete idiot, a battle of wits between two unarmed mental cases. No wonder Lindsay's family is a mess, DCFS should get that youngest kid out of there as soon as possible. I wonder how long it will take for Lindsay to realize that if it weren't for the paparazzi, she'd get no attention at all, and they are just following her around for the next time she screws up. Check yourself in for "exhaustion" Lindsay and give us all a break.

2945 days ago


It's so so sad that the new stars whether they are young or old have not learned from the star's of the past who had everything and destroyed themselves ,their family and their reputation by not be able to GROW UP and handle responsability.Many of the stars that have spoke out about her in their own way are giving her good advice.,but we fear that she won't stop untill she hits bottom like so many other addictive personalities.What a waste of her life. I don't care if she is a good actress or not she is not a good young person to watch for me, my friends, or my family.

2945 days ago

Pet My Katt!!!!    

Whoever thinks Lindsey is pretty is stupid and dumb. If she was any regular girl waliknug down the street, the only way she would get a second glance was if she was flashing her firecrotch!! UGLY!!UGLY!!

2945 days ago


She is wayyyy more annoying than Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton had very bad luck with an an ex BF putting their private tape on the market after she dumped him,but other than that, I can't really think of anything annoying she's done.
Looking pretty and being rich is not annoying,lol. And BTW, some of the pics floating around of Paris crotch are photoshopped, that's NOT her. I think both Paris and Nicky have very good taste in clothes.

2945 days ago

Lisa D    

I think this girl is ugly,how she ever got to where she is now, is beyond me,, at least Paris Hilton is prettty,,That Lindsay likes the attention she gets, and craves it.UGLY, UGLY UGLY,

2945 days ago

Lisa D    


2945 days ago

Britney Spears    

I think she's gorgeous...I'd kill for that red hair and Lohan rack

2945 days ago


I just want to say that for how mean I've seen her be to the paperazzi, she sure does make herself seen. Whenever I hear of a celeb eating at "the trendy eatery The Ivy", I feel no sypmpathy for privacy invasion because the paparazzi are always there and we all know that they know that. If she wants them to leave her alone she should eat at home. No sympathy!

2945 days ago


Lindsay is on a downward spiral to where we would see her probably a good 5 to 10 years from now either doing celebrity reality TV shows like "The Surreal Life" or her own version of "Flava of Love", In a Betty Ford Clinic, turn her life around and become a serious actor winning academy awards( which is a far-fetch scenario), or worse. Just a thought though.

2945 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

Are those a new set? I know LaLa keeps saying their real, but I believe she really hurt her arm trying to hold them up.

2945 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Anyone else think she resemble Britney a bit in this picture? Must be the lame walk, trailer hat & hair.

2945 days ago

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