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Did Screech Know the Sex Tape Was Coming?

9/28/2006 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dustin Diamond, aka Screech from "Saved by the Bell," may have known that a sex tape featuring him existed and that it was going to be released soon.

According to a source at, the Web hosting company that recently hired him to be its spokesman, Screech's management told them that something "huge" was going to happen next week and that they were "lucky to have him."

This, of course, was not what the company had in mind.

The company says they are seriously concerned over the recent headlines and is contemplating its next steps. In a statement released to TMZ, Globat says: "We signed Dustin Diamond based on his persona as the recognizable lovable nerd. Through talks with his management, we knew they had something big planned -- but never expected this! We have not seen or received confirmation from Diamond's management of the alleged tape. We are reserving any judgment until further information is available." recently conducted a video and photo shoot with Diamond and was planning on a full launch of Diamond material on their website and sister site Currently, features a picture next to the words, "Our nerds do it best and go all night long!" Another ad features Screech with his pants stuffed and the line, "Our nerds have the biggest packages!"

Diamond's reps tell TMZ: "At the time of the signing with Globat we were looking for easy ways to help with cross promotion. At the time there were three things that were drawing a lot of attention -- the first being the save the house campaign, the second being a televised Showtime comedy appearance and the third is an appearance on the ABC show, 'The Knights of Prosperity.'"


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who cares who the hell is this guy anyway

2946 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

srceech? sex? =yuck, why would anybody want to see screech?SEX?, there are some troubled people out there,thats like saying you love paris the slut hilton,or lindsay hoe-han,or maybe you might want to see rosie in a playboy spread,AND I SAY IT AGAIN =YUCK

2946 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

next week,rosie,s sex tape,she had sex with screech,and ryan secrest,and harry,and bobby and the cast of the veiw and,the cast of desperate housewives,and jerry springer,etc

2946 days ago

the wise old owl    

Boy, this loser is milking this bogus tape for all it's worth. Enough already. Nobody wants it anyway. He must know one of the editors at TMZ to continue to get space here.

GO AWAY !!! You are not leading man material, especially for a PORNO. Talk abut a stretch no one wants to see. News Flash Screetch : what's left of your viewing audience doesn't want to see you in the buff. Gross

2946 days ago

Seth Bullock    

That company shows some disturbing things but the Screech video puts them all to shame.

2946 days ago

Sexy is NOT back    

I guess it's just strange. Unfortunately, this is exactly the respose "the artist formally known as Screech" was looking for. Any publicity is good publicity right Paris? Just try not to let your morbid curiosity get the best of you. Keep those cameras rolling American. . . whatever.

2946 days ago


This guy is such a repulsive scumbag. From the things I have heard described that are on the tape, I have no idea why he would seem so proud of his "handywork" - all it is going to do is cause mass vomiting everywhere. And, the skank who let him perform 1 of the acts in particular must have no self respect. I'm no prude, but it never ceases to amaze me at the sick things people get up to in the name of sex.

2946 days ago

the wise old owl    

This guy was on Howard Stern talking about how big his member is.

WHO CARES ? I wouldn't care if he had 2 dicks , I still wouldn't want to see it. What a freak. If it's as ugly as his face, no thanks.

Desperate measures for desperate folks. Go out and get a real job. about the last resort. Ewwwww

2946 days ago

Stan and Paula    

Please drop this story TMZ

2946 days ago


A Dirty Sanchez is when you have sex with a girl, and then use your finger to penetraite her dirty anal area. Then you paint a Mexican mustache on her face with the dirty finger. I myself don't find that sexy, but...I guess if you don't really like or respect women, well, that's what you'd do. I'm all for tossing salad's like a chef, but I think engaging in a Dirty Sanchez is just plain nasty...and not in a good way. Screech is watching too much hardcore porn for his own good!!!

2946 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Oh dear...

Ok, so we have Mario Lopez on that dance show..(lookin good!!)
Liz Berkeley playing a Showgirl (lookin slutty)
now Screech?? (Oh God!!!!)
Waiting for Zach and Lisa and Mr Belding next......

2946 days ago

Jerome Mayle    

has just come out with the TAPE,, omg... It is HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDD Core, and NASTY...

2945 days ago


Knew of it? He obviously sold it, bitch can't pay his rent!

2945 days ago


Screech youll always be a nerd, so stop trying to fake the funk!

2945 days ago


I think he's a coke head.

Recent events lead me to that conclusion

2945 days ago
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