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Harry Potter

And the Disappearing


9/28/2006 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Admit it, you love the "Harry Potter" movies. The movies transcend age groups and have spawned millions of wizards-in-training. So are the much beloved tales about to lose one of its most important stars?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
That's the situation Emma Watson has potentially created with her inability to make her mind up about signing up for the last two films. Emma, who plays Hermione Granger told Newsweek on a recent visit to the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" set, " I don't know yet... I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing."

Now before everyone panics and starts hiding beneath their invisibility cloaks, producer David Heyman says that Emma went through the same questioning process before signing on for the third and fourth films and he is cautiously optimistic that she will sign on for the last two.

Just to ease the situation, it might help if you keep your fingers crossed, your dragons in a row and chant a few spells and hopefully Hermione will stay enrolled at Hogwarts for a few more years.


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Whatever she plans to do is up to her. As long as she knows how much support she's got is all that matters. More money could be the case but I'm sure the want of a regular life is more like it. I can completely understand why this decision she will make is relevent. Whether the decision she makes is for personal gain or for her fans we've got to recognize what a great actress she is and what a great addition she has made to the Harry Potter series. No matter what she decides to do she's got plenty of fans who support her and will respect her for the deciscions she makes. Sometimes walking down the wrong path or going in a different direction will ultimately lead you back to the path you belong on.

2854 days ago


I have only watched the first Harry Potter and I only made it to "it's not just a broomstick Harry! It's a Nimbus 2000!" And I just couldn't stop laughing! I have no idea why- it just sounded so funny- I like that girl though- she's got spunk-

2916 days ago


shes the best actor in the movie

2916 days ago


I love the Harry Potter movies and the books. It wouldn't be the same without her.

2916 days ago


I love Harry Potter. : ) I hope she decides to stick around.

2916 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Death to Emma Watson

2916 days ago


She mentioned how long production takes on each movie. She'll be like 20 by the time these things are done. BUT, if I was up to the fifth movie already and there are only 2 more left, I'd stick it out and finish it, regardless. There are so many things she wants to do and if she sticks around HP, there is still a lot of life left to do much more! So, I don't see why there'd be any hesitation. A 20 year old has many, many years left to do other things with their life. This is no regular movie. This is the infamous Harry Potter! It would be awful to see a different girl for the last 2 or even last one. Period! I know it must be tough, but I think they all should just finish it out. Harry and Ron have been able to do roles in other films, so she should be able to as well.

2916 days ago


Could be little Emma is just growing up and realizing the ways of the world. Holding out for more $, now that she has become an icon.

2916 days ago


I agree--Emma stick it out. Hopefully, you won't get typecast for the rest of your life. But like Sasha says, you are YOUNG! Plenty of more roles for you yet.

2916 days ago


This started happening a few years ago with Dan Radcliffe being cagey about continuing. It had something to do about salary negotiations. I'd just say her advisors are following the same gameplan.

2916 days ago


Emma needs to realize where her fame came from and that she might end up like a lot of other stars who have turned their backs on what made them famous. A has been without work. Emma needs to realize Harry Potter films made her rich and to turn her back on the last two films is a terrible mistake, she will lose her fanbase and be critisized for leaving such a money making enterprise. Always repspect how you started in the business and keep that respect towards your Producers, Stars and Filming Company...Be appreciative you have work!!!!!!!

DO NOT BE ANOTHER "DAVID CARUSO" it got him nowhere-he thought he was too hot for NYPD Blue, but everything he did from that point on was trash!!! and he ended up back on television, where he said he hated it>

2916 days ago

Johnny B    

Emma is the best out of them all! She's going to be a top-notch actress someday too. She's just playing the Hollywood game. Wait till they offer her the 7 million she's holding out for... she'll be back! Little brat!

2916 days ago


Who cares, I like her, but it sounds like she is holding out for more money. She should just be honest and ask for more, but what else is she going to do? Producers get hinky with actresses that go all "I don' know if I wanna do this after all. whine whine whine"

So if she holds out and doesn't get it I can guarandamntee you there are about 9 thousand actresses who could play her and look enough like her to pull it off. She's not an indespensible human being by any means.

Grow up Emma. You caught a comet by the tail and be happy about it instead of being a spoiled little actress.

2915 days ago


"Admit it, you love the "Harry Potter" movies."

I cannot admit to something which is not true. Please don't project your feelings on others.

HP is pure children's fantasy but this adult finds the movies, and the books, fatuous and insipid.

My hat's off to J.K. Rowling, however. She has inspired children to read and for that alone the whole Harry Potter saga is a great thing.

As for this child actress: *yawn*

2915 days ago

mike jones    

She is the best looking one on the show. My son is in love with her.

2915 days ago
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