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Jim McGreevey a No-Show on the "Late Show"

9/28/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim McGreeveyThe "Late Show with David Letterman" had expected former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey to present the Top Ten List on tonight's episode -- only McGreevey didn't show.

Letterman explained that "we had invited the governor to be here, he said he would be here, we were all very excited that he was going to be here and then he stopped calling. They just stopped calling. They left us numbers that were unplugged, we couldn't get a hold of him. He said, 'Oh no, we're coming, don't worry, we're coming,' and that's the last we heard of him...I hope he's okay."

The Top Ten List was instead presented by former "Late Show" writer and staff member Gerard Mulligan. The list was was a top ten list of "Chapter Titles in Jim McGreevey's Book."

In 2004, McGreevey admitted to having a homosexual affair with a male staffer and left office three months later.


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Well, instead of focusing on how he 'hurt' his wife by marrying her and turning out to be gay - why don't you focus on straight people 'forcing' gays to believe they can turn straight, if they try hard enough. It's enforced by the christian right every day, and they send kids to camps to 'turn' them straight, and implanting the idea that they aren't normal if they live their lives in a gay relationship. This gives people the false impression that they are making a choice - and the few who try to marry and live a 'normal' life, eventually figure out that it's not a choice. It's just who they are.

2890 days ago

Biotch Please!    

No one is FORCING gays to do anything. That is a slap in the face to the gays who have a damn BACKBONE, PRIDE and the INTELLIGENCE and MORAL FORTITUDE to say, "HERE I AM BABY!!"

Save it!!

I don't believe all gay people are born gay. Some people are traumatized through sexual abuse as children and go into gay relationships for a myraid of reasons. Marie Claire just did an article last month called, "I kisse a Girl" or something like that, and 2 of the women talked about being "gay" but maybe someday going back to men... In prison people have survival sex while incarcerated and come out very confused when they come out...are they gay or straight...They don't know. Even that coward Lance Bass talked about being in LOVE with women in previous relationships even though he knew he was gay? C'mon, that is illogical and you cannot have it both ways.

A Halle Berry could up to me butt naked slathered in whipped cream and they only thing I would ask her would be, "Who cuts your hair because your haircut is fierce!" There is no way I would be attracted to her as a straight woman.

Yes, I beleive some people are born gay, but I don't think ALL people are born gay

2890 days ago


Wow, there sure are a lot of homophobes on this site.

2890 days ago


I love being and gay. I've been gay since the day I was born. Straight people have such boring lives IMO. But his guy was un-cool. You don't marry the fag hags unless you%u2019re about to be deported. I find gays without spines a real turn off. And don%u2019t worry all you heterosexually, we%u2019re not after you either. Yet!

2890 days ago

slappy magoo    

I find McGreevey's new reason for being in the public eye extremely offputting. Not because he's gay, but because he was once married, and he has kids, and they are forced to see their exhusband and father tell the world how happy he is NOW, which means, that he wasn't happy THEN. What kid wants to hear that his or her home life was misterable to their old man? It's a slap in the face to them. It is extremely possible for a formerly married person to find happiness with someone else, and still be low-key and cool about it, so as to not do more to break the hearts of people who used to (and may still) love him. Just because they're saying "We support you, Dad," that shouldn't be interpreted as "talk about it on any talk show that'll have you, Dad." What's next, a couch jump on Oprah?

The worst things is, because he was such a poor governor, his only reason for being the public eye now is that he came out. and wrote a book about coming out. I haven't heard him talk about running for further office (not that I'm implying he should). His story, quite frankly, is tabloid fodder, titllation for the LCD, and should not be rewarded with all this high-profile attention. Let him do something of substance, and then talk about him, hell, feel free to talk about him being a gay man who made this accomplishment (which as well know is so much more interesting than if a straight person accomplished something) But not JUST because he is a failed politician and JUST because he's gay.

2890 days ago

Biotch Please!    

**LOL** Love your post zap-zip! My most FABULOUS cousin in the world is gay and everyone loves him in the family and I come from a conservative background. He is "just Mike" know? He opened up a lot of people's eyes in the family because of his courage. Not everyone is "happy" (his mom thinks he is going through a phase and just hasn't me the right woman! Bless her heart!) but, he took a lot of courage to come out in his teens, but by that same token no one was surprised...

He still appreciates a beautiful looking woman aesthically, but he has no desire to ever be with a woman...He is gay and proud.

He finds men who use women to hide their sexuality as being LOW DOWN and DEPLORABLE and he would "beat up" any man who did that to any of his nieces!!! along with any man period who would do them dirty!!

2890 days ago


Anyone know why my single quotes are showing up as %u2019? They don't look like that when I send them.

2890 days ago

Know It All    

After reading the homophobic comments here, I won't shed a tear as the great USA is flushed down the toilet of history, and its people become their own victims through global warming, fascist leadership, and corporate slavery. Intolerant, abusive, ugly - what more can be said of Americans?

(I'm an American, BTW, so I know not everyone is like this. Yet these seem to be the prevailing values.)

Anyone who judges McGreevey clearly doesn't own their own collective role in his behavior. Expecting people to be honest and open in a culture of persecution, intolerance, and outright hatred is unreasonable, to say the least. After you have championed the causes of genuine freedom (not the BS American illusion) and diversity, then you see how others are doing.

For my part, I saw McGreevey on Oprah and I found him honest and courageous.

2890 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Boo and hoo! The man is a USER, COWARD and I FEEL SORRY for HIS FORMER WIFE AND KIDS..I saw him on OPRAH TOO and it was ALL ABOUT MKSKEEVEY!!!




2890 days ago

Know It All    

Dear biotch,

Yes, he did use his wife. And his wife used him - she enjoyed playing the role she played, just as he enjoyed his role. And Americans used them both, as it suited their purposes.

McGreevey admits he made errors in his treatment of others. That is courage #1. Secondly, he is open with his errors and his life, sharing an experience that is very common in this culture of deceit.

Obviously, you have no capacity for compassion, and are driven merely by your fears and judgmental holier-than-thou values. That doesn't make you big or superior. It makes you small and common.

2890 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

His being gay is his business. But the way he's cashing in on it, let alone the fact that he married an innocent woman to be his unwitting beard makes him a thoroughly repulsive pile of snot. He deserves to choke on his lover's ding-dong. If the ex-wife is smart, she'll change their kids' surnames. They're the true innocents in this whole slimy affair.

2890 days ago

Know It All    

Hey kids - dad is gay. Hey wife - your husband is gay. He lied.

So what?

The only thing that makes it a 'bad' thing is that the culture makes it stigmatizing - the same reason he lied. We're all responsible for that, not just McGreevey. Make it easy for people to be themselves and they won't lie to you or anyone else.

I see in McGreevey a bit of selfishness (especially in his past). I see in most of the people here hatred, judgment, and envy. Of the two, I'd choose McGreevey as a friend any day.

2890 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Also, when you get the COURAGE to get out of your closet, then you will have something meaningful to say. Otherwise, you are probably using some wife and child for your own going up the corporate ladder...

You are sick!!!

Yes, I am the ultimate biotch because I can smell a selfish Bullsh*tter when I see one..NOthing I am saying is homo-phobic..HELL GAYS ARE HAVING THEIR NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY... PINK, the singer, is CHAMPIONING IT! CHECK OUT D-LISTED and you Will see all about it..


Closet HOE!!!

2890 days ago


Know It All,

I bet his wife doesn't think "so what". It's betrayal plain and simply. You don’t get to be a big jerk just because you once had to lie about being gay.

2890 days ago


Um, BSTexas, where has it ever been reported that anyone "forced" McGreevey to pretend to be straight? If he had been sent to one of these camps as a child I would understand your argument. But the truth is that he became a lying sack of sh*t of his own free will, and duped his wife of his own free will, and is now commercially exploiting the pain and lies of his own free will. I agree completely with Biotch Please, and don't say it's because I'm homophobic. I am an openly gay person who has been openly gay even when the personal and professional risk is great, and I have no sympathy and abundant contempt for all the McGreeveys of the world. Gay rights does not mean the right to exploit and hurt an innocent spouse.

2890 days ago
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