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Jim McGreevey a No-Show on the "Late Show"

9/28/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim McGreeveyThe "Late Show with David Letterman" had expected former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey to present the Top Ten List on tonight's episode -- only McGreevey didn't show.

Letterman explained that "we had invited the governor to be here, he said he would be here, we were all very excited that he was going to be here and then he stopped calling. They just stopped calling. They left us numbers that were unplugged, we couldn't get a hold of him. He said, 'Oh no, we're coming, don't worry, we're coming,' and that's the last we heard of him...I hope he's okay."

The Top Ten List was instead presented by former "Late Show" writer and staff member Gerard Mulligan. The list was was a top ten list of "Chapter Titles in Jim McGreevey's Book."

In 2004, McGreevey admitted to having a homosexual affair with a male staffer and left office three months later.


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McGreevey is no saint. But all you little gay-hating trolls need to look in the mirror the next time you wonder why a gay man would ever deceitfully marry a woman.

IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU DAMN HIPPOCRITES! Every time you morons turn around, you tell people how wrong a "choice" it is to be gay, and that we need to just make a different "choice." Well guess what a**holes, when gay men try "choosing" heterosexuality, McGreevy is what you get

No worries, though. Just keep heaping on those steaming piles of bullsh*t Catholic/fundamentalist hypocracy. Keep telling yourselves that we're the ones being dishonest. Keep teaching creationism to your kids, I'm sure they'll come out just f***ing brilliant. Keep it up, because as you sit back smugly saying to yourself that we're the ones being deceitful, we are in turn sitting back and watching you. And you know what? We're smarter tha you are. And we're more loving. We even adopt the beautiful, multi-racial, so-called "high-risk" children that you people are constantly throwing away. We are raising these chiildren in solid homes, with love, respect, and a sense of pride. We are turning these wonderful children into YOUR FUTURE LEADERS. And thank god for that, because your leaders suck.

You want to know the gay agenda? I can only speak for myself. But my gay agenda is to save you from your own studpidity. It's a mighty big challenge, considering just how profoundly stupid you gay-haters can be. But someone's got to take on a humanitarian roll before your little brains atrophe into pulp That's what happens when you watch too much Fox News and 700 Club. Pulp. Let's hope I'm not too late.

2857 days ago


As a gay man, I have known since I was 8 or 9 years old that I was attracted to guys and not females. But I kept trying to convince myself that if I dated girls it would solve the problem. (ha ha it didn't) Our society is so homophobic , hateful and ignorant (if you doubt that, look at some of the previous posts) that is it any wonder that someone would hope they were not really gay? Maybe that's what McGreevey was doing. You don't understand why you have feelings different from your friends. And often wrong decisions are made. I did not get married (of course we don't count the 24 years I've been with my partner since right out of grad school) because I understood my feelings well. My partner tells me that he did not "understand" his feelings until he was 25 or 26 and he is as gay as they come,too. Plenty of people simply do not understand their feelings. And they make the wrong decisions. Like trying to project the look that society expects. I try not to judge others since I have not walked in their shoes.

But I do think that McGreevey is a product of our society's idea that 'making the right choice' can lead to happiness. What it can lead to is disaster. The only "choice" is whether you are going to face up to your feelings, thoughts, and desires---or if you are going to choose to try and make decisions that would look good.

2856 days ago
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