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Rosie's Had Enough of Polls, Ditches AOL

9/28/2006 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell has decided to ditch AOL, and TMZ (which is part-owned by AOL) might just have something to do with it. In one of her most recent blog postings on, the talk-show queen said that -- well, let's just let her say it in her inimitable haiku-ish way: "quitting aol/as my face appears/way 2 often/with a survey underneath."

We're not sure precisely what Ro is referring to with the surveys, but it is certainly true that we've run several items (well, four, to be exact, see below) with surveys -- or, as we refer to them here -- polls within. And AOL does run pictures of celebrities with polls embedded underneath.

To be fair, Rosie hasn't exactly come out on the sunny side of most of our polls, so it's understandable if she's not a huge fan. Regardless, we certainly wish Rosie luck with her Internet service provider needs -- and hope she'll continue to check herself out on TMZ.


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I believe that it is terrible that a teenage idol is forgiven for doing drugs as well as inappropriate behavior. For me, I have a teenager at home and didn't appreciate Donald forgiving her. It sent a message out to my teenager that its ok if you do drugs and underage drinking. Because it will all be forgiven. She is supposed to be a role model. She isn't a good one. And I support Rosie for speaking up about it. It wasn't up to Donald to excuse her behavior, it was up to Americans who don't respect the outcome.

2801 days ago

Donald T    

GEEEEZ-- What an overwieght,U_G_L_Y ,STUPID,Lesbian(because NO man would have her) Bitch!!! I think I got this one right!
Her "Views" are only listened to by people out of the main stream who don't have JOBS!! Yep mostly women!
Ladies PEEEASE-- Back to the bedrooms or kitchens or just SHUT UP!!
IF I wanted your opinions I would give it to you!

2801 days ago


Sweetie we must not let our celebrity get to us. I support you, just don't take any anti depressants to get over this. It'll make you glib.

2885 days ago


The day she posted that blog, she was featured on AOL with a survey asking something along the lines of "Is America ready for a topless Rosie?" that linked to a Nip/Tuck story.

Rosie rocks, and her honesty is refreshing in a world where too often people sacrifice themselves and their convictions to pander to public image.

2885 days ago


Bye, bye Rosie! Hope it wasn't all that awful blog that appeared saying you were going to take it off on Nip and Tuck, clearly something no one wanted to see.

2885 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I support a womans right to show us her tit-tays. Most true men like to look at tit-tays no matter whoes they are. If you're showing...I'm looking! Go ahead Rosie and flop them big rascals out.

2885 days ago


Bye Rosie!

2885 days ago

Iowa Girl    

the only reason this is odd to me is because it goes back to the old "you can dish it out, but you can't take it" reference. Ok Rosie. Fantastic. I actually liked her back in the day, but she thinks just because she's gay...everyone's somewhat gay? Who CARES? Be what you want to be, but don't be on my TV because Rosie...I think you're an a**hole.

2885 days ago


There should have been a poll under her picture!! "Does TMZ run too many polls about Rosie?"

2885 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Are we supposed to weep copious buckets over this piece of news? I think not.

2885 days ago


maybe Rosie has a check off list of things she'd like to quit and the view won't be too far down that list. do everyone a favor and get to crossing out those items.

2885 days ago


What a little baby!

2885 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

to bad the veiw didnt ditch her,she dose not fit the veiw ,hope in the near furture they ditch her and her gay point of veiw,

2885 days ago


Rosie who?

2885 days ago


Rosie, if GAY is a state of happiness fine. But don't be accusing other's who have close friends of the same sex as gay. Don't people who are gay, understand that there are those of us who AREN'T? Having a friend of the same sex does not make one gay. Get over yourself Rosie before you find yourself off that show and best friends with the now toooo skinny, Star Jones.

2885 days ago
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