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Brad Wants Angie Preggers Again -- STAT!

9/29/2006 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could there be trouble in the oh-so-pretty paradise that is the universe of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? According to a report this morning, a tussle over their next child is causing a rift between the stars.

"Brad wants another child, preferably a boy – but he wants a biological boy," says a Page Six source. "He is adamant and wants her to get pregnant again right away." Angelina, on the other hand, isn't on board with that plan – she's ready to adopt again, plus the pillow-lipped actress has a profoundly busy work schedule, with at least three films in the making. The couple's brood already includes two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, and one biological kid, Shiloh Nouvel.

Pitt's rep didn't have comment and Jolie, according to the Post, doesn't even have a rep.

Anna Nicole: Married Or Not? Tabloids Duel Over Alleged Nuptials

It may ultimately come down to legal technicalities, but the tabloids are crossing pens today over whether or not Anna Nicole Smith and her lover-lawyer Howard K. Stern are actually married. Star magazine reported yesterday that the pair had gotten married on a catamaran anchored off Blackbeard's Cay in the Bahamas in the morning, just 18 days after the death of Smith's son Daniel.

But now, In Touch Weekly says that the pair are in fact not married, and that what went down on the boat was just a commitment ceremony, and wasn't a legal marriage. TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen, described by ITW as a "close friend" of the pair, says that they "do plan to have a proper ceremony in the future," but that yesterday they simply "declared how much they love each other in front of God."

"Survivor" Creator Burnett Wants To Hypnotize You -- Literally

Mark Burnett, the reality show mastermind who made being stranded on distant islands and being fired by Donald Trump actually seem appealing – and compelling TV – is aiming to put people quite literally under a spell on his latest series. Uber-producer Burnett is teaming up with world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna, who's plied his mind-bending trade on Elle Macpherson, David Bowie, Daryl Hannah and Naomi Campbell, among others, on a new series produced in conjunction with paraMedia inc. McKenna, author of last year's bestselling "Change Your Life in Seven Days," will help contestants deal with a panoply of issues – obesity, anger management, relationship woes, fear of heights – in the as-yet unnamed show. Let's face it: if the man can get Naomi Campbell to go to a calmer place, even for a little while, the world's already better for his techniques. Prospective hypnotees can apply to be on the show here.

Party Favors: Jay-Z Rocks Royal Albert ... Amanda Peet Has Nightmares About Marriage ... "Kidnapped" First Fall Casualty? ... Don Ho Hurries Back

Rap mogul Jay-Z is taking a little sabbatical from his job as CEO of Def Jam records to go on a mini-tour, and he started yesterday in London, becoming the first hip-hop artist to headline the Royal Albert Hall. According to Rush & Molloy, it was a star-studded affair, with his girlfriend Beyonce doing "Crazy in Love" and Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow lending their voices as well. Nicole Kidman was in the audience ... Amanda Peet, who's going to marry screenwriter David Benioff this weekend, says she's having recurring nightmares about her wedding...reception. She told David Letterman that in her dreams she goes to the bathroom and when she comes back, "everyone is gone except for a few distant uncles of David's" ... The Los Angeles Times' Scott Collins reports that NBC's "Kidnapped" might be the first big flop of the fall TV season, coming in a distant third in its Wednesday 10 pm timeslot ... Legendary Hawaiian crooner Don Ho was released from the hospital after a two-week stay. The "Tiny Bubbles" singer had a new pacemaker installed, and last year had a procedure involving stem cells to strengthen his heart. No word on when he'll resume performing.

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No Avatar


I would love this story to be true. I dislike Angelina Jolie for ruining what appeared to be in a good and stable marriage. Brad is dumb for mistaking her for a woman who is marriage material. Her unstable past is proof of what is in store for him. I hope both get what they deserve. Angelina most of all.

2941 days ago


if it had been a good marriage she could never have interfered.

2941 days ago


So much hatred towards celebrities you guys don't even personally know... Everything is just gossip. No one really knows what truly happened or happens behind closed doors except those involved (AJ, BP and JA). The funny and silly thing about this is that we all waste our time and emotions giving our opinions online. Don't you think?

2941 days ago


Brad had two affairs while he was with Jennifer (that anyone found out about). Kelly Brook, who he met and stayed with while on location for FIGHT CLUB, and Rose Byrnes while on location for TROY. That does NOT sound like a good and stable marriage to me! He does not have a good track record, I hope for their children's sake he has outgrown this since he has got into his 40s. If not I at least hope he will remain faithful as a father to these kids and not pull a JON VOIGHT on them! (I don't think his Mom would allow that)

2941 days ago


PSST OFF: most people don't have the time or the urge to read foot long rants IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, they tend to make you look "wierder" than the person you're bashing! less-----------is more. (I can copy & paste too!!!)

IMO I'm glad we're ALmost back to normal. I like reading what people have to say that's why I'm here, I just don't have any patience for baffoons first thing in the morning. Sorry, BYE!

2940 days ago


If anyone believes this story is true or that they are breaking up any
time soon, you have no idea what children can mean to a guy like brad.
With all his money looks and fame, he could never feel complete. His
love for children is genuine, no one who knows him, whether they like
him or not, has ever doubted that. Also, he's a sex freak. This has
been cropping up since he was with his first serious girlfriend
Paltrow. There was a lot of talk how he wanted her to do things she
wanted no part of. And I only think he stayed with his ex as long as
he did because he was getting his freak on elsewhere. Can you imagine
what Angelina can do for him besides having children?

2940 days ago

kick Bachi    

Jennifer BigAssniston if a home wrecker herself. She stole Brad Pitt away from others. Jennifer Aniston Loves to Fly - She spreads her wings open for any men to dump their creamy loads in JenniferAniston's Hoo for an acting part - That's why Jennifer loves to carry cracker around in her purse cause' bitch has cream cheese ready anytime!
hummmm slut, skank, tramp, whore, homewreker, fake, hoe, btich... well at least this means that Jennifer Aniston's ho is PERFECT for any man want pumps cheese to fill her up. to be beautiful you have to be more than just a pretty face. Being beautiful means everything about your ugly face, if you want to find a real beautywhore then look at JENIFER .....and she has NO talent.

2940 days ago


Hey Laura & Dorothy, the beautiful and talented AJ did not break up BP and chinnifer's marriage. that marriage was already over. did you hear me, over! the way I look at it, is if he really, really loved his wife the chinnifer, then he would of not wandered away with AJ. What! like AJ twisted his arm or something! Get Real! its obvious that he wanted out, cause the way he did it, boy, he took off running. so what does that tell you, he fell out of love with the chinnifer. so he must of not been that happy. Ya Think!!!! Also, as for Vince, no one will tell me differently, vince dumped her, she didn't dump him. He had to of dumped her back in Aug. or Sept. before he left to London. He knew better then to stay with that mental broad chinnifer. Also, didn't you see the two of them fighting when they made their satellite appearance on the MTV Awards! You could sooooo totally see that he couldn't stand her. Boy! it was soooo obvious. Now, the pathetic chinnifer is going to chase Matthew McConaughey, and why? Because she's looking for someone that is star status to walk down the red carpet with come Oscar night in March. The chinnifer is a big time user, and she preys on these guys so that she can try and look soooooo famous when she is walking the red carpet. Boy! when I see her do that, I want to Puke! she acts all famous and all, when she's not. She's just disgustingly pathetic! bottomline! Oh! and I don't care if you liked what I said or not. But, I know I'm right!

2940 days ago


I just can't believe the the vitriol that is spewed considering that none of us actually know these people, and they have never done anything to us personally that would warrant such viciousness. Imagine if everyone channeled that energy for something constructive rather that insult everyone. A few important points:
#138--Gwyneth has gone on record to state that the demise of their relationship was due to her own issues and immaturity. Also, Juliette Lewis was with Brad prior to Gwyneth.

if one were to check out anthropologist Helen Fisher's book, Anatomy of Love, she researched global census taken by the UN and notice a glaring similarity across all countries and cultures. The average life span of a romantic relationship is 4 years barring children. Meaning that if children are not involved then the two adults move on. If children are a result of a union, couples tend to stay together longer for the benefit of the family unit. Brad and Jen were married for four years. I found that bit of information interesting because it fit perfectly with Dr. Fisher's theory. I'm not saying anything about anyone's relationship. I wasn't the fly in the bedrooms. But, it makes one think twice.

I wish everyone here happiness and positive energy, but more importantly, isn't anyone interested in how baby Shiloh looks today. She must be so freakin' gorgeous! ;) Peace and chill out folks

2939 days ago

jack..yeah right    

he's always wanted a bio-son.

why do you think him and jen didn't adopt?

why do you think jolie (who often said she doesn't want to have a bio-kid) got pregnant?

why do you think he still hasn't adopted the two orphans?

he's only allowed the orphans to have his last name, that's all. they're just used for publicity. how many pics have we seen of piloh? how many pics did we see of Z straight after jolie bought her? and Maddox?
they were used for photo-ops, much like today. (do you remember the pics from the beach a few days after they were being accused of ignoring the orphans)

if she hadn't gotten pregnant, they wouldnt be together anymore, simple as that.
i'm congratulating angie and her followers on taking women's equality progress back by 200 years. back in those days you had to get pregnant in order to keep your man....

2939 days ago


Oh, really? People scramble seven ways to sunday to read anything about them, I hardly think they need to play the media, unlike some homely irelevent woman who has finally been exposed for being just who I always knew she was.
Brad loved Maddox from the time he met him. Angelina wasn't in love when she made those comments about bios. How do you know he wouldn't be with her? they took the opportunity she had between films to have a kid, big deal. AND there are always pictures of him and maddox. They are not seen carrying Shiloh around with out Zahara. Go to can't-keep-a-maniston's thread, she needs the support!!!

2939 days ago


IDON'TTHINKSO!: don't know where you got your freak info, but the daddy part seems right!
JennyJenJennifer: got one word for you; meds
deenappr28: the name Chinnifer sounds just as immature as Holie
libra 21: the balance we ALL need (me too)
damage control: you make as much sense to me as deenappr28
and getreal: "can't-keep-a-maniston"??? now,now just when you were making such good points.

I like a sense of humor as much as the next guy, but I don't see much of it, sure some things here are funny, but they're said with a mean spirit. I fall into it myself, what with the one-upmanship that goes on in these sites. but I try to keep my critiques short and tongue-in-cheek. Thanks for the coffee break!

2939 days ago

Lucia Giuttari    

Irrespective of all the hype....look at Jolie's "hanging on to a man" record...not too good. She got the married boy all worked up....held him off (in her own words..she didn't sleep with a married man)..... and snagged this "in lust boy" ....more the fool he. But that aside....just when she adopted..its when Billy Bob left her. Pitt was obviously in lust profound....and to hold onto him, she got him to adopt....then she had his baby...(was he aware of how ridiculous he looked with his snood following her around) she wants to adopt again...he wants his own son...she may want to adopt to give these needy children a home and love....perhaps she has matured from the gal (she says) who loves both men and women, from the gal who carried her husband's blood in a vial around her neck, from the tatooed wife, but has either she or Pitt considered what kind of love and upbringing they'll be giving all these kids...because if what's written about them is true..this (no marriage as yet) affair, I'd give odds, isn't going to last...but the kids are.

2939 days ago

barbara hyde    

Angelina should give Brad all the biological children he wants. When Brad fell in love with her she led him to believe she would make a family with him. Angelina promised him children and she should live up to her promise. Brad could have any woman he wants. If a woman has his love she should make him happy. If Jennifer wasn't so selfish maybe she would still be with Brad.
I believe Jennifer is dumb for losing Brad. She should accept that she messed up and quit calling Brad's mother causing trouble there too.
And what's up with Vince? I think Jennifer is using Vince... she isn't serious about him. She thought it would make Brad jealous. After being married to Brad all she can get is second rate in comparison. She thinks she's too good for anyone else. She can't act either. Every part she plays she is Rachel in a different setting. She should give up movies and find some sit com to do again.

2938 days ago


Jen is a pathetic wade, it that what's you're saying? If you don't believe me just read what her "fans" post about her. Little girls that have had their fantasy bubble burst, when they had to realize real life happens and nothing is forever. They say they like her but tear her down make her look like a loser. I think Jen is smarter that you jackasses. She will more on. Too bad you never will.......

2937 days ago
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