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Brad Wants Angie Preggers Again -- STAT!

9/29/2006 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could there be trouble in the oh-so-pretty paradise that is the universe of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? According to a report this morning, a tussle over their next child is causing a rift between the stars.

"Brad wants another child, preferably a boy – but he wants a biological boy," says a Page Six source. "He is adamant and wants her to get pregnant again right away." Angelina, on the other hand, isn't on board with that plan – she's ready to adopt again, plus the pillow-lipped actress has a profoundly busy work schedule, with at least three films in the making. The couple's brood already includes two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, and one biological kid, Shiloh Nouvel.

Pitt's rep didn't have comment and Jolie, according to the Post, doesn't even have a rep.

Anna Nicole: Married Or Not? Tabloids Duel Over Alleged Nuptials

It may ultimately come down to legal technicalities, but the tabloids are crossing pens today over whether or not Anna Nicole Smith and her lover-lawyer Howard K. Stern are actually married. Star magazine reported yesterday that the pair had gotten married on a catamaran anchored off Blackbeard's Cay in the Bahamas in the morning, just 18 days after the death of Smith's son Daniel.

But now, In Touch Weekly says that the pair are in fact not married, and that what went down on the boat was just a commitment ceremony, and wasn't a legal marriage. TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen, described by ITW as a "close friend" of the pair, says that they "do plan to have a proper ceremony in the future," but that yesterday they simply "declared how much they love each other in front of God."

"Survivor" Creator Burnett Wants To Hypnotize You -- Literally

Mark Burnett, the reality show mastermind who made being stranded on distant islands and being fired by Donald Trump actually seem appealing – and compelling TV – is aiming to put people quite literally under a spell on his latest series. Uber-producer Burnett is teaming up with world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna, who's plied his mind-bending trade on Elle Macpherson, David Bowie, Daryl Hannah and Naomi Campbell, among others, on a new series produced in conjunction with paraMedia inc. McKenna, author of last year's bestselling "Change Your Life in Seven Days," will help contestants deal with a panoply of issues – obesity, anger management, relationship woes, fear of heights – in the as-yet unnamed show. Let's face it: if the man can get Naomi Campbell to go to a calmer place, even for a little while, the world's already better for his techniques. Prospective hypnotees can apply to be on the show here.

Party Favors: Jay-Z Rocks Royal Albert ... Amanda Peet Has Nightmares About Marriage ... "Kidnapped" First Fall Casualty? ... Don Ho Hurries Back

Rap mogul Jay-Z is taking a little sabbatical from his job as CEO of Def Jam records to go on a mini-tour, and he started yesterday in London, becoming the first hip-hop artist to headline the Royal Albert Hall. According to Rush & Molloy, it was a star-studded affair, with his girlfriend Beyonce doing "Crazy in Love" and Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow lending their voices as well. Nicole Kidman was in the audience ... Amanda Peet, who's going to marry screenwriter David Benioff this weekend, says she's having recurring nightmares about her wedding...reception. She told David Letterman that in her dreams she goes to the bathroom and when she comes back, "everyone is gone except for a few distant uncles of David's" ... The Los Angeles Times' Scott Collins reports that NBC's "Kidnapped" might be the first big flop of the fall TV season, coming in a distant third in its Wednesday 10 pm timeslot ... Legendary Hawaiian crooner Don Ho was released from the hospital after a two-week stay. The "Tiny Bubbles" singer had a new pacemaker installed, and last year had a procedure involving stem cells to strengthen his heart. No word on when he'll resume performing.

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No Avatar


I agree ELI...but when you put God's name inprint it should capitalized!

2955 days ago


Because it's "go forth and sin no more" you will be forgiven if you keep trying to get better

2955 days ago


hahahahahahahaha. I wonder who the "source" of this bit of information is. Don't you guys know about freelance journalists and writers. Who do you think they write this stuff?? LOL. Look, I'm a TEam Jolie-Pitt all the way but even I don't believe that Jennifer called out Brad's name in the midst of coitus interruptus with VV. How stupid can you get?

2955 days ago


Fine GOD will pass judgement, but we can give opinions.

2955 days ago


Angie is hot and the jealous girls are gathering. Watch out they get mean and ugly because they are mean and ugly. Woof, Woof girls too bad you'll never be a gorgeous as Angie. You%u2019re husbands think of her while they%u2019re doing you so you should be thanking her, not trying to come up with lame excuses not to like her. She's probably helping you save your marriages and you don't even know it.

Angie hot and you're not. Too bad for you.

2955 days ago

showers of Blessings    

How can this story be true?
Is this coming from the Jolie/Pitt mouth?
If you look at the story, where is the evidence?
Dont tell me you believe something like " sources said, a pal said, insider said" . How much weight can you put on these?

Let me ask you this question. Could it possibily that wanted to generate hits? Anytime you put Brad/Angelina 's name there, there will always be people reading.

I'm so glad I am not in the tabloid profession. Some of these people just have no conscience. They lied for a living. They spread rumor for a living. I am glad I have a good amount of education. I am not GULLIBLE !!!!

2955 days ago


sosad your an idot, are you sadly a female or male?

Its stupid people like you that come up with those childish comments, did you go through that same experience, and thats why your comming up with that, probably so.

2955 days ago


eli, angie is no angel you are right, NONE of us are. the bible i read says judge not lest ye be judged, something to think about. brad and angie are a family with kids, i will pray for their happiness.

2955 days ago


People don't seem to understand that Angelina makes Brad happy. Why is she to blame for everything that went wrong with Brad ? I mean Brad would have stick with his wife if she gave him kids but she didn't want to because she wanted a so-called movie career. It goes both ways...both of them are happy now because both of them got what they wanted. Jen more acting gigs and Brad a father. If Jen and Brad did have kids eariler on, then Angelina wouldn't even be in the picture. Jen is just a prima donna ,she could have carried Brad's baby and still be in work. For all I know...maybe she would have had a hotter career if she did give birth to Brad's baby!!
I think this whole story is a lie, Angelina managed to have a kid and work before, plus Brads the one who hired her for her next movie .
(please don't make me talk about Ja anymore I got a WHOLE lot of things I could mention that you would not like, and they, unlike this story are all true!!)

2955 days ago


Realistic, I wonder if you would think the same if it happened to you?

2955 days ago


So now woman are forced to have children or your hubby will leave you for someone else?

Come on, Brad just wanted some new p**** like all men just got busted cause his life is less private than most!

2955 days ago


eli, since you and i weren't there, i can't say what happened. i did hear brad and jen say he did not cheat. if my husband fell in love with another woman i wouldn't want him with me b/c of duty or what others might think and i don't know jennifer aniston but i think most women wouldn't want that either.

2955 days ago



Sorry eli, I know even big girls need love. But your insecurity is showing, posting a response to every one else's posts, well kind of makes you look sad. You will never be as beautiful as Angelina, but few women will so don%u2019t feel so bad. And I was only trying to point out to you jealous girls that it's an unattractive trait. Just makes you sound petty.

2955 days ago


Your comments really show how bitter a person YOU are--personally attacking people for their opinions. Why do you assume people are jealous of AJ? I know plenty of men who DON'T happen to think she is attractive. Why do you assume eli is a "big girl?" You are showing your prejudice!

By the way, those of you who think AJ and Brad didn't have sex while he was married are very naive. Even if by chance, they didn't, there is such a thing as emotionally cheating on your spouse!!

2955 days ago


This story came from New York Post, but beside that, why are some you keep typing that same old statements. Brad did this and Angelina did that and poor Jen. It have been over a year now and all have moved on. It is possible, some of you have one tracks minds and just won't let it go.

2955 days ago
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