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Harry Potter Rocks!

9/29/2006 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With names like Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys and The Hermione Crookshanks Experience it appears that the Harry Potter phenomenon will be around for a while. These Harry Potter influenced bands have brought a whole new sound to the world of Hogwarts.
Wizard Rock

The pioneers and most successful in this new music genre is Harry and the Potters, a band comprised of two brothers whose mantra is everyone should read books and then pick up instruments (regardless of whether or not you can play) and sing about it. "HatP" play around the Boston area where they are based, but in the summer they take their show on the road. Their venue of choice? Why- libraries of course.

This past tour they invited Draco and the Malfoys to join them. Draco's harder sound goes hand in hand with the character who serves as the arch-nemesis of Harry in the famous children's books.

The bands prescribe to a DIY (do it yourself) style, booking their own shows and pressing their own CDs, and have also built a grass roots following using MySpace as their very own Wizard Rock central.

So if you're feeling a little down while you wait for the next "Harry Potter" book or movie, download some Harry and the Potters and rock the night away.


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Might as well what else is there to do

2912 days ago

Jackson Blue    

Or if you're THAT bored, go to my homepage and watch the Weekend Edition of Celebrity Dirt! Let me know what you think, Valdermort!!! Thanks.

2912 days ago


Wow- harry potter needs to make another movie! he will forever be harry potter- guess it's better than having the name Peewee follow you around!

2912 days ago


This is stupid as hell.

2912 days ago


I've listen to the "wizard rock" an I think it is awsome and makes me laugh at how true to the books the songs they sing about. It's great. So no dissing the harry Potter world cuz it's apart of the 21 century, like it or not.

2912 days ago

Catherine Lanahan    

Wake up and hear the literary rumor Potter as a character will be offed permanently in the next book. BELIEVE IT!!

2912 days ago

DustinDiamond does the DirtySanchez    

Just go rent 'The Young Sherlock Holmes' (IMDb search). JK Rowlings is copying the end of the movie and having Harry's arch nemesis try and kill Harry, but that little whore gets it instead as she jumps in front of him and dies. Then, all that's left is Harry and Ron. I've seen a secret (super secret, in fact!) of the manuscript and that's what happened Sorry that I didn't leave any spoiler space.

2912 days ago


OMG! Harry Potter is the best thing EVAH! I can't wait until the next book comes out! YES! And I love the fact that these guys are making songs about HP. Awesome!

You made my day!!!

2912 days ago


I love HArry Potter, it's my favourite series... but come on people, talk about obsessive. People go way to far with this kind of stuff.

2911 days ago


How can people call this obsessive and stupid? I guess they probably never listened to HatP and are unwilling to try anything new. And what is so wrong about using Harry Potter to promote reading and general kindness? With so many horrible things on the TV and in the newspapers, I think it is good to hear something uplifting and positive.

2911 days ago


harry and the potters are amazing, but theyve been out for a whiiile now.

2911 days ago

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