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Tattoo Fix

9/29/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markHow many tattoos does Nicole Richie have?

Nicole Richie's tattooNicole Richie sports nine (at least) tattoos on her body, Stephanie. The favorite seems to be this rosary she had tattooed around her ankle. She also has a spider-shaped one on her lower stomach, as well as a pair of ballerina slippers she got in honor of the song her father, Lionel Richie, wrote for her. (For you young'ins, that song was "Ballerina Girl.")

Make sure not to miss out on Nicole's fab photo gallery!

graphic of a question markWho made P!NK's wedding dress?

P!NK Margo, P!NK's stunning wedding dress was designed by Monique Lhuillier. Lhuillier has dominated the bridal fashion scene for the past six years, and has dressed the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Ali Landry and Kevin Costner's wife Christine.

Click here to see P!NK in all her wondrous glory.

graphic of a question markIs Paul Walker dating anyone?

Paul Walker
Miranda, it seems as though the love of Paul Walker's life right now is Meadow Rain -- his 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Walker found it difficult to get over his six-year relationship with Meadow's mother when that came to an end, but has said he enjoyed being single afterwards. We don't believe the "Eight Below" hottie is currently seeing anyone, unless he's keeping her under a tight wrap.

Prepare to see Paul alongside Jason Lewis and Laurence Fishburne in "The Life and Death of Bobby Z."

graphic of a question markWhen will Chili's solo album be released?

Rozonda Gregory, get ready for Rozonda "Chili" Thomas' solo album between the end of this year and early 2007. Chili has stated that if Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes were still alive, it would most definitely be a TLC album coming out, but that this album still has that TLC feel to it.

Akon, Missy Elliot and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins will be featured on some of the tracks.

For more in music, you won't want to miss this!

graphic of a question markWhat book did Ashton Kutcher read to quit smoking?

Ashton KutcherWell, Carol, it seems as though "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" was the book Ashton Kutcher turned to for help. He announced that he'd kicked the habit while filming for "The Guardian" (out in theaters today!).

If you or someone you know feels the need to try and stop -- or you'd just like a good read -- pick up the book by Allen Carr.

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No Avatar


The difference between people that have tattoos and the ones that don't is this,
It doesn't bother us that you don't have one.

2946 days ago

pharmacy brat    

wow...i really thought people would have nicer more educated opinions about other people. was i wrong!!!! with soldiers overseas fighting for our right to be tatooed, say what we like and wear what we like, practice whatever religion we please i would have thought people would be more tolerant. time to tell those poor soldiers they are wasting their time huh????we are still a nation of haters,

2946 days ago


Tats are UGLY!!

2946 days ago


I think Nicole Richie is 1of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD!!! You jealous "things" need to quit hating on her, look in a mirror and put yourself on blast!!! She has made it by becomming a pop culture icon. WHAT ABOUT YOU??? The only thing you've made it as is her judge. Get over it, Get a life and do something with your own life. Because if and when you become famous, no matter how beautiful you think you are, there will be someone waiting to hate on you too. THEN WHAT CHA' GONNA SAY THEN????

2946 days ago

Tattos for jesus    

How religious all you Dixie Chicks and tattoo haters are. I can feel God's love pouring out in your posts. What happened to freedom of speech. I am ashamed the President is from Texas and I like tattoos and don't hate anyone. I think I'll go get a new tatto now.

2946 days ago


Shame on you Iowa Girl. I personally think that Nicole Richie's tatoos are her own business too. But you, Iowa Girl, snap at Shane Scott and rant about judgemental Christians, go on about what kind of a catch you are hiding with your tatoos, wrap it up with a "don't assume anything on people, EVER."
I don't recall Mr. Scott mentioning his religious preference.
If you place tatoos, or defining markers on your body, you've created another label for judgement or scrutiny. It doesn't make it right that people do it, but it's not a secret that we all do. If you choose to cover yourself in tatoos, you need to either own it, or live with the bitterness that you've created for yourself.

2946 days ago


Ok here is what I have to say about the whole tattoo thing.... Yes I do think tattoo's are art to some people and most people that have tattoo's have them because they mean something.. I myself have a tattoo of a butterfly in memory of my grandmother. Does that make me gross too? No it doesn't!! It simply means I got something on my body for her because of the meaning she had to me... I dont have it in places for the world to see it is simly for me and nobody else.... You shouldnt knock people you dont know because everyone has a reason for what they do... Yeah maybe the rosery thing wasnt a good idea but there are plenty of people out there that do far worse and I have heard so many things said about her that is really uncalled for... We dont know her we dont walk in her shoes so why judge her when its not our place... And to the people who say tattoos are nasty... then you need to look at who the hell you are because even if you dont agree with them we really dont give a sh*t what you think... Im sure there are things you do that others dont agree with as well!!!

2946 days ago


i have a tattoo. i think it's awesome. i think ppl who are open minded are awesome. i do my best not to pass judgment on others. but i will be the FIRST to say that when you start judging ppl and saying things like, "she inivited satan into her life," YOU ARE IN THE WRONG! God doesn't like that anymore then He likes any other sin. LET HIM JUDGE! NOT YOU! if you don't like someone pray for them and get to know them and be nice to them. maybe you'll find that YOU need THEM more then they'll EVER need YOU. man, i can't wait to get to Heaven and see it full of all the ppl so called "christians" think should go to hell. won't that be a sight!? :)

2946 days ago


He/She that thinks tattoos are for sinners your wrong I know a preacher who has a full cross on his back, I guess he invited satin in his life to right? You seem like such a hipocrite
Please GET A LIFE!!!!!

A rosery on her ankle could be her sign of faith in God not satin

2946 days ago


I'm not sure how this topic got on to Christianity, but it seems to be going that direction. I don't know if Shane or Clara are Chrisitans, people seemed to assume that. Maybe I missed it. I AM a Christian. I'm not saying anything about tattoos or what, but feel the need to point out that, yes, as Christians we should love our neighbor, but we are all not perfect and have many faults and "all fall short of the Glory of God." Nowhere in the Bible does it say not to judge. It does say not to be "judgmental," which is the behavior I think people are really getting upset at. However, we MUST judge. When I say "judge," I mean deciding for yourself what is wrong and what is right. The Bible provides the guidance for that. As an example, I hope most would agree that adultery is wrong. The Bible would concur with that. However it would be wrong for us to shun a person who has committed that sin. As Christians our guidance would be to love that person and hopefully lead that person to repentence, forgiveness and salvation. Jesus Christ gave us the example. He associated with the lowly and the SINNERS! As Christians we should love others and welcome them into the Church. Our job is to bring as many as we can into the Kingdom. You can't do that by shunning them. There are many Christians with tattoos, and "good" Christians too. I am not going to think less of them because they have them. I'm not a perfect Christian, far from it. Bottom line, we need to love our neighbors, and not be JUDGMENTAL. Now, can we get back to the program, please?

2946 days ago


Will, that was the best posting so far on this damn thing. I love tattoos and I love real Christians, and everyone else as long as they're trying to do the right thing.

2946 days ago


How did God get put into a conversation about tattoos?

First off, Scott never said anything religious, nor did he comment that he was a Christian. I don't know what you all read, but he simply stated an opinion. For those who condemn him for that, I have one question. Just because you disagree with him, how do you figure your comments are any more respectful or correct?

Deciding you like or dislike tattoos has nothing to do with religious preference. It sounds more like Iowa Girl has something against that, not about Scott's opinion on tattoos. Everyone is free to have and express and them, and no one's is right or wrong. It seems to me alot of people have taken the opportunity to turn this into a forum to hate.

If she wants to put 5000 tatoos on her body, that's her business, she's the one paying for them. I've seen some nice ones, and I've seen some that I find objectionable. But then again, that's MY opinion.

As to whether it is disrespectful or distasteful, in the end she has to answer for that....but not to any of us.

2946 days ago

fed up with all of you    

Ok every one calm down! Tattoos are tattos... let it be. I have them, I like them. big deal. Is nicoles or my tats really that life altering to you! Mind your own business. Don't get you panies in a bunch. I just want to let you know Satan is not in my life anymore than he is in yours.

2946 days ago


Tattoos are ones own business. Who are these opinionistic people to say otherwise. It is their choice, not yours. I am a 54 year old grandma and if I want 54 tattoos that is my choice. If you don't like it, too bad.
Quit moaning and mind your own business.

2946 days ago


umm yeah Clara, maybe you need to go back to church, because last i checked god bearing people love everyone for who they are and forgive them for any mistakes. you sound like jealously has got ahold of you and last i checked that was a sin ! - jessica

2946 days ago
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