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"The View" -- Who Wears the Pants?

9/30/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Make no mistake about it: Barbara Walters runs "The View," and if you don't believe it, just ask her. Sources connected with the show tell TMZ that Barbara is going out of her way to make it clear to everyone, including Rosie, that she's The Man. And that's one reason that Barbara has been on the show nearly every day since Rosie debuted. But it's utterly obvious to everyone connected with the show that Barbara is asserting herself to all and sundry both backstage and on the set.

By contrast, Rosie has been on her best behavior. Our spies say that, during commercials, her Rosie-ness navigates the audience, posing for pictures with audience members and generally playing nice. Barbara, on the other hand, has been all business, all power, all the time – and she wants to keep it that way.

Britney's Career In the Danger Zone?

Britney Spears wants to do everything she can to help hubby Kevin Federline get his hip-hop career off the ground, but music industry sources tell TMZ that in doing so she could be putting her own career in jeopardy. And even though she's reportedly contributing her voice to a duet called "Crazy" on K-Fed's album, the same sources say that doing that duet could seriously hurt Britney's prospects -- just like it did for Whitney Houston. "Not that [Britney] was churning out hits," says one recording-industry vet, "but it's very reminiscent of what happened to Whitney after the baby and 'Something in Common'."

Indeed, after Whitney and Bobby recorded that 1993 collaboration, Whitney -- who not a year earlier had put out one of the biggest singles of all time, "I Will Always Love You" -- never quite recovered. Besides her manifold personal problems, her musical production also stalled, and though she had two more #1 singles in the Nineties, she's fallen far from the glory of the Eighties and early Nineties. As for Britney, she doesn't have a musical mentor like Clive Davis to guide her through the rough creative patches, so it could be an ever rougher road ahead for Britney than for Whitney.

Eva and Tony Call It Quits – For Real

After a day of rumor, suggestion, and speculation, now it's official: Eva Longoria and NBA star Tony Parker are finished as a couple. "They did break up. It's amicable," says a source to People magazine. "It's distance and demanding careers and not living in the same city. It didn't happen yesterday. It's been going on for a while."

Earlier in the day, a source from the San Antonio Spurs, Parker's team, had said the break-up rumors weren't true, and Longoria's rep Liza Anderson had said that the two were "going through a very difficult time." The pair met in November 2004 and confirmed their coupledom by August 2005.

Party Favors: Scarlett Johansson Is "Sexiest Woman Alive" ... Robin Williams Says Mel Was "Wake-Up Call" ... "Nip/Tuck" Slices Into Scientology

Supplanting the bootylicious Jessica Biel as Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive" is the curvaceous Scarlett Johansson. The 21-year-old actress isn't sure how she feels about the crown, however, and would like people to recognize her, um, renal attributes as well. "What about my brain?" she asks. "What about my heart? What about my kidneys and my gallbladder?" ... Robin Williams says that Mel Gibson's DUI arrest helped push him into getting help for his drinking problem. "If you're violating your standards faster than you can lower them, time to go away," he tells Access Hollywood. "Well, if (rehab) was good enough for him, I'll go." ... FX drama "Nip/Tuck" is pulling back the sheets on Scientology, says the LA Times, in its storylines this season, but it's not trying to skewer the often-controversial religion. Creator Ryan Murphy says he's not in the Church, but he was curious about it – and has educated his writing staff on the religion's tenets and beliefs.

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Anyone that has either watched Barbara Walters or worked for ABC know EXACTLY who wears the pants or skirt as it may be, and that is the one and only Ms.Barbara. Take this as the truth-BOTH Ms.Walters & ABC are keeping a close watch on Ms.O'Donnell also, and waiting for strike 3!!! She's got 1 & 2 under her belt already, and I can promise you that ABC is VERY AWARE that debut Neilsen numbers are only curiosity---It's where they level off that will be closely watched!! I,.myself will no longer be a "Viewer". I had thought Joy was as loud & boisterous as the show would get, and I didn't mind Star Jones at all. They are ALL very much opinionated & outspoken which leads to loss of control, and at least they were mature enough to keep it that way, until now!!! I WILL NOT watch The View
any more with Ms.O'Donnell on it as she already has a track record for controversary., but this is out of control now!!! It's so painfully obvious to watch her try to run The View as HER show and to stir up controversy, but I'm sorry!!!!
That is too darn early in the day to get pulled down so far with such crap!! I would
almost rather watch cartoons with my children!! I do watch Regis & Kelli, and I do enjoy that since it's not meant to be a "heavy & serious" show and never has been! That's why I enjoyed The View when it first began, even on the rough days, they never let it get too depressing, and it was intelligent!! Now it is only fodder,
and I don't need it with my coffee!! At the start it was sometimes amusing or even plain funny, always informative and intelligent, and the discussions were even interesting to listen to and never out of line!! Now it's all gossip, and bickering incesantly, but worse-mean spirited backbiting and a heck of a lot closer to some version of the Nat. Enq. or the other trash magazines I won't touch. Why should I now want to watch this crap it's degenerated into?? I do not and will not watch it!!
Mark my words, Ms.Walters and ABC both saw the changes happening and won't tolerate it. So I expect you'll see some major overhaul VERY soon, otherwise I wouldn't plan on seeing Ms.Walters staying with the show as it has become! This is not what she nor ABC envisioned so get ready for a very bumpy ride soon all you "Viewers"!! Either that or you can plan on watching as "The one who really does wear the Pants" to be bidding farewell, as she won't stay long with what this has become!! It's beneath her anyhow!! .....and Rosie-people in glass houses... Remember?? I'm sure Clay is thanking you now for making his dream career any tougher than it already was!! I think you owe two public apologies now?! Good luck to you all--I'll return to starting my days out in a nice mood again with a different "View" than yours from now on.

2900 days ago

Ann Vorderbrueggen    

When the "View" first aired I watched it every chance I had. Very frequently. I respected (initially) the way everyone conducted themselves...with respect of each others points of views. It was not quite as formal but interesting, as watching Sunday mornings plitical forums but a wider range of topics.
Unfortunately it had started to go down hill even before Rosie came aboard. I was very disappointed that Barbara had other more important things to do than her own show. Now she seems to be there just to babysit Rosie. I used to watch Rosies show every afternoon. I thought she was honest, definitely opinionated, but refreshing. I found Rosie to have a great love for children and just causes. Rosie' s sexuality was never an each his own!
BUT NOW even before Rosie, I found the "View" to turn into an obnoxious bitching session with everyone talking over each other. It was loud and annoying. After Rosie came on, (I was shocked they choose her) it became worse. I always liked Rosie...but something happened to her after she left her show. Maybe she just faked the person she really is on her old show. I've been disappointed in the person she has become. Thank God Meredith bailed when she did. I think she was the only "real" person on the View. I gave the show another glance after Rosie came on out of curiosity....and another chance. It has now become more overbearing and louder! After I heard Rosie's opinion of Kelly Rippa and accusing her of homophobia on the View....that nailed every nail in the View's coffin. I think both Rosie and the View need to be shut down! Everyone on the show is, if not already, losing respect of their audience. Yes I hate to say even an icon such as Barbara Walters, whom at one time was worthy of it. It used to be a show which gave you at least something to think about....Now it's become hard to even think about the show.
Please take it off the air...everyone I know hates it. It's a Bitch session that makes all woman look like loud mouth bitches! We deserve better and can offer or debate issues better then this crap! Certainly misrepresents women poorly!

2899 days ago


Rosie's great on the view. She was overpowering the first week, but has toned it down. She is the lead chair (taking Meredith's place). Tony Parker, good for you. After Eva's bigmouthed public comments on your sex life, it was only a matter of time before you wised up.

2952 days ago



Rosie: I've been watching and you're doing great. Ratings are up.
Britney: Try not to drop this one.
Eva: Her loss, could be my gain??
Robin: Nuts, but in a good way.
Scarlett : "Smartest Woman Alive" would be more impressive.

Nuff said.

2952 days ago


I think that Eva Longoria is a sleeze...she has always rubbed me the wrong way, and Tony Parker is very young for her, and he still has alot of life to live before he wants to settle down...if he wanted to marry her, he would of asked by now. He smartened up..good for you!! Move along'll be in "love" again in a week.

2952 days ago


Barb Walters: this woman can work on my last nerve. Especially her wishy-washy interviews w/people, she just can't get the real deal. She should "really" retire. > Britney: Just like Whitney, we lost respect in Whitney as a woman long ago and Britney has followed suit. > Eva Longoria: Another airhead. Looked as if Tony Parker wasn't into her like she him. I knew he would sick of her once they moved into together, I mean, how long can you live with someone that has that kind of non-stop gab? > Scarlett Johansson: Well, she's more in love w/herself than the rest of us, or maybe perhaps other than Woody Allen, spooky!

2952 days ago


I love Britney anf think she is very kind hearted and a great singer and performer but marrying this peice of trash was the biggest mistake of her life and for it she is getting put down and her career is in danger.

She just jumped into this thing with Kevin and did not think what is this boy going to do to me. Ever since Kevin came around all you ever hear is negative stuff about Britney and before he came around she was on top of the world. It is such a shame and I do hope she gets back on her feet but at the same time it is not looking very good.

2952 days ago


Does anyone really care about the View or rosie o donell? This site has been so boring lately!

2952 days ago


I rarely watch " Veiw " and I belive that Walters will be the resond for the show .

2952 days ago


i for one am tired of your rosie bashing.your homophobic is showing or else you just don't like women of influence. no wonder we won't have a woman pres anytime soon. looking to chile.

2952 days ago

Cindy Schneider    

ROSIE is a big mouthed, pushy broad. Her "left-coast" thinking tries to overwhelm everybody. Not good material for THE VIEW. I no longer watch it.

2952 days ago


Barbara created The View. It was her vision, and she remains in charge, as it should be. I like Rosie, but she's not in the same league as Barbara. Actually, only Merideth came close to being in the same journalistic class as Barbara. The rest of the women of The View have been sort of second rate, really.
Poor Britney. She needs to be loved so badly that she forced herself on a person so beneath her in terms of accomplishment, finances, etc. However, they might have more in common than we know. Britney wasn't brought up in a cultural hot bead environment. I feel sorry for her, somehow.
Eva? Please! She's college educated and has a hit show right now, but Tony Parker was her hot young thang. But, who got tired or who? Tony's too young for her.
Scarlett Johannson has an unconventional beauty by today's standards. She's lovely and seems to be very mature compared to her peers, who include Lindsay Lohan. She's lovely.
Do you think any of the peole mentioned here today give a hoot about us? LOL

2952 days ago


What kind of sexist crap is this? You would never write an article about two men like this. "Who Wears the Pants on CNN? Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper?" Grow up, and quit bashing women!

2952 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

k-thug sucks,and so did britt,now shes sister thug,un employement line,or soup line,make no matter to me

2952 days ago


i love how you all think you know these famous ppl and their lives/relationships just from reading the trash thats printed about them. your all a bunch of f***ing idiots.

2952 days ago
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