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Ring the Alarm: Beyoncé Wins Lawsuit

10/2/2006 5:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceA US District Court has dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against Beyoncé and the other writers/producers of her Grammy winning hit "Baby Boy," which included Jay-Z, Sean Paul and Scott Storch.

In a lawsuit filed in 2005, singer-songwriter Jennifer Armour said she submitted a demo of her song "Got a Little Bit of Love for You" to Beyoncé's father Mathew Knowles back in March 2003. Armour claims Beyoncé and company ripped off lyrics and hooks after hearing her song.

Although Beyoncé's song was completed in February of 2003 (and released on her album "Dangerously in Love" in June 2003), the court did a side-by-side comparison of the two songs and determined they were "substantially dissimilar."

Upon hearing the court's decision, Beyoncé said, "It's unfortunate that lawsuits such as this one occur, but I am grateful and relieved to have this behind me and I am eager to move on."


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I know I'm late but I have to say to BO! that your comment was so well thought out and argued it's no wonder no one had a come back. I'm in total agreement of what you said about diddy and Jay-z, I actually literally HATE diddy so yeah, I think he's a fraud and unoriginal did he get famous in the first?

But yeah, I'm sure Beyonce stole Jennifer's song. She can't write- hello? Bootylicious? C'mon.


2852 days ago


And im not surprised why...................

2913 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

I love u Bee! Keep ignoring all the haterz, who will only keep trying 2 bring ur successful a$$ down!! Keep up the hard work xoxoxo

2913 days ago


who gives a shit?!

2913 days ago


this woman is a pig!!!! black woman got money and now she thinks her pooo dont stink.......she is one more black that has gotten too big for her britches.....i wont be buying or listening to her garbage!!!!!! ugly ugly ugly!!!

2912 days ago

Gina G.    

Sounds like #3 has a big case of the "green-eyed monster", JEALOUS MUCH?!!

2912 days ago


#3 please shut your c*** and leave B alone. I bet that you are an ugly pig who just cant bear to look at a beautiful and rich young woman.

2912 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

#3- UGLY-FAT-WHITE-WOMAN: with nothing but ENVY! U make me sick, u worthless DOG! Go jump off a cliff & burn in hell! You disgusting piece of worthless garbage, ur a loser who will amount to NOTHING in life! In fact your life is ALREADY OVER!!! Just go Rot in Hell, u sick twisted pathetic excuse for a human!!!

2912 days ago


To melbourne chiqa: #3 is entitled to her opinion; just like you. Why would say those things about someone you've never seen or met?!? You are judging her (or him) by 3 lines of comments. Please grow up and learn some manners!

2911 days ago


Hey #7!! You certainly have some SERIOUS ISSUES that you need to deal with! CALM DOWN ALREADY!!!! Go to the spa, do some yoga, get a life!!!

2911 days ago


#7 - I thought the girl suing her was black?? The only white Jennifer Armour on the web is skinny and far from ugly. If the writer who sued Beyonce is fat and ugly, then she just ruined that other Jennifer's career LOL #3 and #7....whoa....what is all that about? It was just a lawsuit. That sh*t happens all the time in the music biz...that's too harsh. Madonna and Paul McCartney just lost copyright suits - famous and not famous people lose these all the time. I'm a B fan for life and I'm glad she got out of it but those comments are beyond f*d up.

2911 days ago


# 3 do sound like they're jealous of her sucess. Why would they bring up negative things like that, and so happen to mention the word black to make it sound like a race thing. That's like the only time people will say things like that, because they're cowards and like to hide behind a computer. Get a real life, it's only a blog.

2909 days ago


That's not a cute picture of Beyonce! you guys should have posted a better pic.
good that she won the case!

2899 days ago


no 3,
u need help beyonce is the fittest woman alive ever, id use her poo for toothpaste, and her music is good too.

2897 days ago


Stories like this don't surprise me at all. Jay-Z and P-Diddy are two of the most notorious beat-and-lyric-thieves known to the civilized world (even if they have the legal paperwork, I still consider them thieves, since they do it -not in homage to the original artist- but in an attempt to woo the younger fans that don't remember the original songs).

Notable quotes:

KRS-One (1988): "It's the J, the I, the M, the M, the Y, the J, the I, the M, it's Jimmy... (a song promoting the use of condoms to fight STDs)"
Diddy (2001): "It's the D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, the D, the I, the D, it's Diddy... (a song promoting the use of expensive cars to bed gold-digging women)"

2Pac (1996): "All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend (a song that uses metaphors to describe -in a metaphorical sense- 2Pac's relationship with his gun)."
Jay-Z (2003): "All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend (a song that uses product brand names -in a literal sense- to describe Jay-Z's relationship with Beyonce)."

There are many, MANY more examples, but point is, Diddy and Jay are no rookies when it comes to the theft game. Therefore, it would not surprise me in the least if they picked the pocket of this woman.

...The fact that they won the case doesn't sway my opinion, either. It may sound like a cliche, but facts don't win cases. Money does. The odds of Jennifer Armour -legitimate or not- winning this case were VERY slim.

2864 days ago

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