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Michael Jackson Going Gangsta?

10/3/2006 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Remember when we said Michael was looking at housing in Ireland? That might just be true, as MTV reports that MJ was visited in his new home on the Emerald Isle by Hip-hop producer Ron "Neff U" Feemster. Yes, you read that right...hip-hop producer. Feemster has produced for Eminem, 50 Cent and Ne-Yo. MJ is apparently looking to urbanize his sound and get away from his pop roots.

Michael Jackson As GangstaAccording to the MTV report, Feemster's manager says Michael is looking to adopt an edgier, urban style: "He's got some hot records. Will.I.Am did one, Teddy Riley. We're giving Michael a lot of edgy street records. He's putting melodies to some hard party records." I don't foresee, or at least hope not to hear, Jackson actually rapping himself. My guess is that MJ will stick to the "wee hees" and "sha' mons" and let guest rappers do their thing to give his songs the "edgy" sound. Of course, when it comes to Michael you never know what to expect so don't be surprised if he tries his hand at droppin' some rhymes.

Who's bad? Michael, that's who. The question is, will this turn out bad, bad or just plain old bad.


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Hey, Joan (the first comment written) u said who gives a damn what MJ does. well u must do otherwise u wouldnt hav taken the time to read about him and what he is doing. If u don't care about what he does why did u come on here to were stuff is been said about MJ. I can tell u why u came here just to write bad things about MJ. Just cos he is successful theres no need to take it out on him. If you don't like him fair enough but there is no need to bad mouth him when he has been proven innocent. Oh and I would like to hear Mj rapping. It would be different and a new challange for him. I would only include 1 or 2 rap songs by with Mj rapping to start with just to see what the public make of it. If it works continue with it. Go on Mj. The real fans are behin u all the way.

2828 days ago


Oh, My God! Is Ash a typical Wacko Jacko fan, or just a victim of the American education system? Hey, Ash, are the y and o keys not working? If you are a representative of the people who follow the Weird One, Apparantly they are borderline illiterate. Besides, no one said the dipsh*t was innocent, just that the accusers were bigger scumbags than Wacko is. Rapping might be a new challenge for him. Of course, so would having sex with an adult woman. Maybe too big of a challenge.

2826 days ago


Why do all negative comments focus solely on Michael Jackson´s private life and his image? He is a musician - that is his job. He owes the public nothing more than to deliver good music. And that he has done for 40 years. What he does in his spare time is none of our business (as long as it is not criminal of course).

If you think he is a paedophile, I understand that you don´t like him. I wouldn´t either if I thought that, which I don´t. But all the rest of it - the alleged freakiness, the face etc - why does it bother you so much? He probably is an unhappy person - is that really a reason to hate him? Who is worse; the sad and lonely (possibly mentally ill) guy or the person hating him? Think about it.

2817 days ago


Frankly who gives one tinkers damn what this overaged manchild (pedifile, my opinion) does. He has become an aborition and the only time anything is printed about him is if he wants attention. The news media is so stupid in printing anything about this person. He has lost all respect of many people, myself included. He comes from a totally disfunctional family, and his children, God help them are being raised by an I don't know what.

2898 days ago


The last comment was a joke.

Michael Jackson is made out to be a freak by the media, but those that know him or have met him (myself included) agree that he is much more normal than that.
People choose to believe the image created by the media, but he genuinely is a nice guy.

As for the court case, he won that fair and square - there was no chance of him going to court - because there was no evidence or smoking gun. The media printed lies and rumour, stating that they were fact.

I think that many people will be interested to hear his new material, alot of people have a soft spot for his music even if they don't like the current image.

Remember when JTs 'Justified' was released, Jacko's Invicible trounced it in terms of worldwide sales even with only one single and next to no promo. With that kind of power, don't underestimate MJ.

2883 days ago


Give me a break. Micheal Jackson is solely responsible for the image he created of himself.

2864 days ago


Reuters editorial policy says:
"Reuters news operations are based on the company's Trust Principles which stipulate that the integrity, independence and freedom from bias of Reuters must be upheld at all times."

The Reuters UK employee Mike Collett-White told the world his subjective opinion by

1. a predjudgment in the afternoon BEFORE the world music awards show took place

2. the world wide distribution of a headline which includes a subjective, biased judgement

. selective choices of biased quotes

Mike Collett-Whites quoted Gareth Grundy, editor of Q music magazine, who called Michael Jackson "not an artist". (He called a person who sold more than 100 million records "not an artist". Like or hate Michael Jackson but one can't say he's not an artist.).

4. Mike Collett-White has published a third article. The headline is: "Michael Jackson comeback gig 'a flop', reviews say". HE was the first to let the world know - before everyone could see it - how bad the show allegedly was. The others copied from him. Now he claims to stick to the others' reviews.

You find on the Reuters website phone numbers and email addresses to complain about the Reuters UK employee Mike Collett-White who has to be neutral according to the editorial policy.

What Reuters presented the world was the OPINION of ONE single person. Hundreds of sources sticked to the biased news and distributed it all over the world (= copy-and-paste-journalism).

2860 days ago


Gee, Chris, I'm so impressed that you have met The Weird one. You may want to use a disinfectant wipe. He is completely responsible for his public persona. If he wanted to be viewed in another way (i.e. normal, or sane) he would present himself that way. If he wanted the world to take him seriously, maybe he wouldn't go to court in pajamas or dressed as Harry Potter. Or maybe he wouldn't hang an infant over a balcony. If people have a soft spot for Wacko Jacko, maybe it's between their ears.

2859 days ago


Stupid TMZ.

1542 days ago


Who posted THAT picture?! TMZ, you need to quit making a parody out of a RESPECTED artist like Mr. Jackson. Shame on you!

1268 days ago

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