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Anna Nicole's Custody Battle -- Anna Challenged

10/4/2006 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead: Click to watchThe man who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl was put off by a judge today, as his lawyer challenged the celebrity mom to settle the custody dispute by submitting to a paternity test.

Larry Birkhead, along with his lawyer Debra Opri, appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court Wednesday and asked a judge to order Anna Nicole to return from the Bahamas and submit to a paternity test. The judge continued the hearing until October 26. TMZ is told Opri also wants the judge to order Anna Nicole to submit to a drug test.

Opri addressed Anna directly in her press conference after the hearing: "Anna, I am talking to you directly now and I want you to listen to me and I want you to hear what I have to tell you. If you are so certain that Larry Birkhead is not the father, then you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose by submitting to this jurisdiction and allowing a paternity test."

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer, claims he's the dad. Birkhead has scoffed at Stern's assertion.


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Go Birkhead GO    

This is ridiculous! TO: LIA --- Are you an idiot? Because you certainly aren't a rocket scientist. Apparently you have seen the news and you own a TV because you know that he is requesting a DNA test. So, I wonder why you would think that he is a jerk for wanting his baby away from A DRUG ADDICT THAT IS NOW BEING SUSPECTED FOR MURDER!!!!!!!! And BTW who is talking money?? Right now all he wants is proof and if it is his baby he wants that baby kept safe. Have you seen his financial statement - How do you know he isn't well off himself. Someone just posted on here that they know his family and that he is well off. It is also been said in the media that he bought her a VERY expensive diamond ring. Not something a poor man can do.
TO: Team Birkhead - I am taking names! Someone needs to kick these fools asses!! Thanks for the support!

2907 days ago


Yeeee Haaaaaa! Woo Woo Woo! Now we're rock-n-rollin! Go Birkhead Go

2907 days ago

Go Birkhead GO    

Amen - Anna is a terrible mother on many levels.

To: Everytime you think... - I am glad that some of the Anna fans are finally seeing the light. She is really showing her true colors. I can tell you that if someone claimed to be the father of my child and requested a DNA test, I would say "OK, When and where?... I will be there." Also, I think there is one thing that is being over looked here. ANNA's LEGAL ADVICE. Who the hell is giving her advice? She is really getting poor counsel. I can not imagine an atty telling her to act this way or do these things when the media is catching her every move. Everything she is doing that is captured in the media will be used against her in court. Also, I have found out that Howard Stern issued an affidavit stating that he nor Anna were served with the papers yesterday in the Bahamas....however HE signed for the papers and there is a photo of him doing so. NOW her long time atty has just commited purgery. Hmmmm I hope her other atty's are smarter than him. Also, as stated by Team Birkhead... They tried to get a wealthy gentleman to sign papers saying that he was the father to detour Birkhead from seeking paternity. Birkhead was smarter and found out from sources that the man was sterile. ALL of this happened while she was under the legal supervision of HOWARD the jackass Stern.

2907 days ago


And the plot thickens, I said it before and I will say it again Anna and howard only got married or gonna get married to cover up what really happened in that room ,and as husband and wife they cant testify against each other, this new crap of Annas attorney saying Annas is grieving is a bunch of bullsh*t ,sorry a**hole we all saw her her having a grand ole time on the boat in her bikini, when her son wasnt even burried yet, seems she got over him real quick, I just hope to hell Larry is the father and he takes that baby from the piece of white trash Anna ,if Anna has nothing to hide then she will do the DNA, but its obvious shes a f***ing nut case f*** you Anna and Howard a**holes

2907 days ago

the wise old owl    

You don't have to be a law student to see what is going on here. Simple common sense will do. I have been attacked from day one for my candid blogs about Anna's lack of character and her flawed parenting abilities.

Go back and check my posts. I tagged this publicity whore and called her for what she was long ago. Now after reading the post from Birkhead's family member Iit only confirms what I knew all along.

Anna of all people SHOULD know the devestating feeling and unconsolable grief of losing a child , yet she is trying to do the same thing to Birkhead. Again, I don't think the woman has any real feelings left inside her. Her brain has been so damaged by drugs it has left her complacent and unable to sympathize. She is so narcistic that she is INCAPABLE OF REAL LOVE.
Unless someone is serving a purpose for her , she has no use for them. INCLUDING HER CHILDREN. Now that is really scary.

I will continue to support Birkhead , just like I have all along. All the people who gave me sh*t in the begining are starting to come around and see the light. If you have one positivie thing to say about this whore , Please say it now. Cause I sure would like to hear it. SHe has not one redeeming quality. SHAME ON HER FOR ALWAYS PUTTING HERSELF 1ST. She is possibily the worst role model I have ever seen. Go Birkhead GO......... I have only the highest regard for you. Your upbringing and your character far exceeds anything Anna has shown. I am routing for you.

2907 days ago


ANNA NICOLE OVERBOARD! Well, I guess. She's certainly "jumped" off the deep end. Bury your son Anna Nicole.

2907 days ago

Oh Wow!!    

There are some cold ass bastards and bitches in here. I do believe that Larry is the father, but I'm hoping that he's not... and I do think it's strange that she had a commitment ceremony so soon after her sons death, but maybe it IS a way to deal with her grief. I honestly hope none of you heartless a**holes have to go through what she did. She's most likely confused. I mean to have a time of complete elation to be completely shattered by a time of deep devestation. How the hell would YOU deal with it? Some with drugs, some with suicide, some would probably try to get out and see if there's ANY way you can ever smile again. She can't even bury her son, who's been dead almost a month now.

And here we are, barely a month later. This Larry Birkhead comes in and starts DEMANDING that she comes back to the states, and DEMANDING that she do the paternity test, and DEMANDING that she get a drug test. He DEMANDS that she gives in to his DEMANDS, and I think it's a media gimmick. He's doing it for attention. He's a photographer who PROBABLY isn't getting much work, and what better way to get press when no one gives a f*** who you are?

I have a feeling that he may be the father if for 6-months she made him think that he was. Why go to the Bahamas and change the story now? But I do think there is a time for everything, and now is not the time for him and his bitch lawyer to get on their soap boxes and try bossing this woman around. Give it another couple months or so. I mean GEEZ!! But he's taking advantage of the situation. Her son died a short time ago. She's not in the right frame of mind.. why not try to intimidate her through the media? Dirty bastard.. just like some of you. YES he has a right to know, but he should also have a heart and wait... he waited this freaking long.

And to think about it, he should've tried to be there during the last few months of her pregnancy, to make sure the baby was okay and not subject to her alleged drug use. Why get someone addicted to drugs pregnant? HMMMMM??? WEAR A RUBBER YOU DORK!!!

2907 days ago


Ugh ... how nasty is that?! Don't know your baby's daddy. This sh@t was written for Maury!

2907 days ago


Oh Wow! I'm disappointed. You're not keeping up. Anna Nicole was still involved with the babydaddy up until her nemesis Marshall up and died in June. That was when ASHOOOOOOOOOL took her to North Caroline while he negotiated with Trimspa to buy the house in the Bahamas as future compensation for when babymomma would be a spokesperson again next year. It was also THE way of knocking babydaddy out of the loop. We all know this based on the many disclosures made so far. Everything was going to plan until... Daniel died. At this point we do know for sure that methadone was involved, but can only speculate where it came from. Will soon, very soon, know for sure.

Now Anna is refusing to return to the states. Not to bury her son, not to have a paternity test, not even to continue the pursuit of the Marshall fortune. BTW she was offered $88 mil to drop litigation but ASHOOOOOOL turned it down. Go figure.

ASHOOOOOOL sold the birth/death pics and was surprised - very surprised - at the $$$ they brought. Thought, okay now, let's "stage" a wedding ceremony invite a professional photographer and negotiate for $1 mil. Might be awhile before the Marshall $$ comes through.

ASHOOOOOL believed he had thought everything throughl - well, maybe not the Daniel dying part - but had not counted on babydaddy going public AND to court. So much for the best laid plans.

So, before you start slinging your sh*t, get your facts together. Truth will win out everytime. Also, as to "how do you know that???????" I JUST DO!!

2907 days ago


Yes, Maybe this Larry guy is the father. The question is, is he after the child because he wants to love and support her for the next 18 years, or does he think he's going to steal a quick buck from Anna. I'm not a Anna Nicole fan, but it is just wrong to go after any person like this right after loosing her son. I am sure Anna is grieving over the loss of her son, and i dont bame her one bit for not going to have the test in LA. She wants this baby girl, and as a mother she has the responsibility to fight to keep her. For Anna's and the baby's sake lets hope that Howard is her father! She is suffering enough, and shame on Larry for putting her through this so soon after loosing Daniel!

2907 days ago


Tacky, tacky, tacky. I'm sure Anna Nicole will allow the test, but give the girl some time to take a moment before diving into another drama in her life. I hope if he is the father he uses more patience and understanding with his child. And as for that tacky, nasty lawyer - karma's a bitch lady.

2907 days ago


To #36 - ""Anna has barely been afforded the time and respect to bury one child"" ARE YOU SERIOUS? WTF This woman has had time to have death pictures published for $$$, saying at the time that the $$$ was for memorial for her son; had time to stage a swim party otherwise touted as a "commitment" cermony AND sold 30 pics for $1 mil; and still has not TAKEN THE TIME to BURY HER SON!!! What is wrong with you??? When would the right time be for babydaddy to take action? That catatonic ashole attorney of hers directly challenged Larry Birhhead on Larry King to get a court order for a paternity test. HE KNOWS HE"S NOT BABYDADDY> Good Gawd, make sense.

2907 days ago


raising my marquarita to you jackdaniels.

2907 days ago


I don't think Anna Nicole's ever going to be known for acting appropriately in any circumstance - she's out there. I have NO doubts that she loved her son and even though her actions make some question her motives - just let her do what she does. If I lost my chlid I wouldn't want people judging me or my actions, or heaven forbid having some loudmouthed lawyer barking ultimatums over the tv. Let her be.

2907 days ago


take your rose colored glasses off Mariah. Anna Nicole is a drug addict. A user. She is not now nor was she with Daniel the kind of mom you think of when you say "mother". It is painfully obvious that she loved her son and that he adored her. However, we all have seen the embarrassing public displays of Anna being "f**ked up! Even naked and "f**ked up! With her son looking on.

Daniel Wayne Smith died of embarrassment. Too bad, so sad, but that's the truth.

There is nothing, absolutly nothing to suggest that Anna has turned any corner on this drug use issue. Quite the contrary; she is still heavily sedated.
And has not buried her son.

2907 days ago
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