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Matt Lauer and Wife Flip-Flop on Divorce

10/4/2006 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer DivorceSo are they or aren't they? As they await their third child together, Matt Lauer and his wife Annette are trying to keep their marriage from dissolving completely.

On Sept. 13, Annette Roque filed a petition in Manhattan Supreme Court seeking a split from her husband, but, according to Rush & Molloy, the former model is withdrawing the petition, and a rep for the couple says today that they're "not getting divorced." Last spring, the Lauers separated, then reconciled. It is unclear when the Lauers will welcome their impending arrival.

K-Fed To Get $10 Million After Split

If you were K-Fed, would you be taking care of the babies? Page Six reports today that Kevin Federline's walk-away package, in the event that he and wife Britney Spears ever split up, is $10 million – much more than has ever been reported. "Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again," according to a "frustrated family friend." He would have gotten his $10 mil – but has apparently stuck around at least to reap the professional fringe benefits of his rather more famous wife, like cameo appearances on a TV show and a rap album.

Tori Preggers -- Will It Fix Feud With Candy?

Tori Spelling, as many had suspected, is pregnant with her first child, and according to several reports today, she's three months into bringing baby along.

But it's still too early to tell whether the impending arrival will have any warming effect on the glacial rift between Tori and her mother Candy, who have had a very public tiff over the past year over everything from Tori's wedding to her inheritance to a tribute to her late father Aaron at the Emmy Awards.

According to People, the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star already plays stepmom to her husband Dean McDermott's 8-year-old son by ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. McDermott also has a 1-year-old adopted daughter with Eustace. A friend of the couple says, "They're so excited."

Did ABC Pay $1 Mil For Babwa's Irwin Interview?

Barbara Walters' interview last week with Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's widow Terri was a very big get for Walters and her network ABC – but at what price? According to Rush & Molloy, "sources inside and outside" ABC News are wondering whether a "licensing fee" that the network paid to the Irwin family of as much as $1 million is ethically acceptable. An ABC exec insists that the fee was more like "mid-six figures."

Still, a rep for ABC News says it's all on the up-and-up. "We do not pay for interviews. Period," says Jeff Schneider. "We paid a fair license fee for hours of exclusive material of Steve Irwin. Compensating rights-holders for their video is something that is a standard industry practice."

Though some ABC staffers were "taken aback" by the shell-out, Rush & Molloy also report that CBS offered even more for the same interview, which would have been done by Katie Couric. Even though CBS was willing to shell out a hard mil, the Aussies declined because Barbara Walters is better-known Down Under – because they get "The View."

Party Favors: "Lost" Is Found, Finally ... Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito To Wed ... Another Carrey Movie Kaput

The "Lost" boys and girls are finally back tonight, and the question that all the rabid fans of the show want answered, according to USA Today, is: Who are the Others, and what do they want with Jack? ... Actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito, who've kept their romance very much under the radar, are engaged, says People. The marriage will be the first for both ... Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz' much-hyped reunion flick, "A Little Game Without Consequence," has been shelved, says the Hollywood Reporter, making it the third movie in a row for Carrey to stall or shut down completely. Problems with the script are thought to be the culprit.

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No Avatar


Matt!! Nooooo!! Say it ain't so. I watch you everyday. I hope your marriage issues will be worked out! God Bless.

2941 days ago


Wait ... Britney is po white trash. Why should she cut her losses. Hell Kevin needs to cut his! As for Whitney and Bobby ... Bobby was already a loser true. But ... Whitney is a grown ass woman. Why blame Bobby? Puhleeeeze. These women made choices. They need to deal with the consequences for being stupid. I won't blame the men. They came in as losers..... the women knew what they were getting! Britney wanted a man who left a pregnant woman! I don't feel sorry for that ho.

2941 days ago


Yes she is trailer trash. A class act? Yea, depending on how you define "act." Great actress! Poor Terri was too upset to utter two words on behalf of her husband at his memorial - and she even left before it was over. Yet just two days later she had no problem speaking about him for an hour straight. That's because money was involved. The grieving widow. Yea, riiiiiiiiiiight.

2941 days ago


Exactly, Me. I don't like to talk crap about anybody. I'd rather speak something good or nothing at all, but I caught that too.
She couldn't even (so called) speak at her husband's memorial and a day or two later I'm reading about her granting , not one but two TV interviews.
Well, it WAS Steve Irwin's spirit that I was impressed with after all.

2941 days ago


K-fed will be broke in a month.. viva las vegas!

2940 days ago

Brent Hendrickson    

Hey Holly...(response #11) Welcome to the world of crappy divorce settlements men have been living in for decades. Johnny Carson's wives had nothing to do with his success...only needed to 'take cars of him' off camera -- they got millions. Fred Couples, the golfer...his wives did nothing to build his career or augment his physical abilities, they only needed to look nice and screw him once in a while...and they sure did...for millions. Women have been doing this to men for years...GO K-Fed!!!

2940 days ago

Lemon Yellow    

Britney's not a ho--(remember she was a VIRGIN?)...Also she's not po...she's quite rich. What she has is very poor judgement and a desperate need of attention.
Kevin ran off to Vegas right after Sean P. was born. He's predictable, at the very least.
If Britney had really intended to leave KFed as her 'friend' says, she would not have had sex with him, without birth control especially. I think she got pregnant intentionally to keep the cameras following her around like they did with her first pregnancy.
They are both equally untalented and uninteresting. They won't move away from the cameras, they are looking for them. Pathetic.

2939 days ago

Fran Alfano    

Matt, so sorry to hear about your personal problems. I watch you everyday and have done so for the ten years or so that you have been on NBC. The feeling that I get is you would be devastated if you had to be separated from your children. I will pray for you and your wife to resolve your differences so that the children will not be affected. God bless your family. Keep up the good work, professionally and personally. Good luck.

2937 days ago

Carolyn Kolba    

I don't care if Matt Lauer's marriage stays or goes...that's between the two people involved...I don't think it will affect his job on the Today show...Without him, there is no Today show...if he left I would also go to GMA...He is the show and should definitely be paid much more than Meredith Viera...after watching every morning, she is not an asset to the show and should be removed...her sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired and Matt Lauer covers for her unbelievably...The show would be great just as it was with Matt, Al, Ann and Natalie or David Gregory...He is so very enjoyable with a wonderful sense of humor...your wasting your 40 million on Meredith.

2937 days ago


Does anyone have anything nice to say? Personally
Matt Lauer is awesome and I feel bad for his troubles.
I hope he and his wife can work things out.
He is the only reason my friends and I watch the Today Show.

2937 days ago


Its called money, bottome line would not have expected out of Terri Irwin, whatever she got should have gone to charity, i am sure she is wealthy, i cannot believe it. it brings her down 15 levels

2937 days ago


as far as lauer is concerned the today lost couric (who misses her mereidith is so much better) i am so afraid when courci flops she is going to come back to the today show with all theat gitty stored up, nightmares i should say, i am sure lauer wife is being paid off big, big bucks to keepp her mouth shut, she was a model, wow, it hurts to look at her, now what was the problem there, i betcha it was his fault that is why the producers dont want a scandal and anything leaking out. the article said she was going to speak out and suddenly she retracted.. maybe it will come out eventually if it is impossible to stay together, they said it will ruin his career, so is he gay, transvistit (sp) wife beater, something is very wrong here. and he looks so sweet

2937 days ago


Get a dictionary! It is hard to take comments seriously when people spell EXCITING WRONG!! Good are smarter than K.Fed?

2937 days ago


I hope Matt and Annette can work things out! These personal issues can be so devistating and doesn't help when the whole world has to know about it! Good luck to you both!

2937 days ago


Brittney has not figured out that you take out the trash on Friday. Maybe one day she will see the light and boot K-Fed's lazy ass out the door without a cent. How ridiculous to pay him for each child she bears - all the more reason for him to scew around. As for her being a virgin - I kinda doubt it, since she lived with Justin.

2937 days ago
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