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Model Eats Runway ... Twice

10/4/2006 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Model Falls on Catwalk: Click to watchIf you thought Carrie Bradshaw had it bad as "fashion roadkill" on "Sex and the City," you ain't seen nothin' yet.

One poor model had not one, but two incredibly embarrassing falls at yesterday's Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion Week.

The model, decked out in a pink skirt, impractical orange and yellow heels and a watering can full of water, was struggling right from her very first step onto the runway. As soon as she appears in front of the packed audience, the model wiggles, wobbles and nearly crashes face first into the stage. Thankfully, she recovers and gracefully continues her strut, but it's only a taste of what lies ahead.

After doing her little turn on the catwalk, the unsteady model suddenly crashes to the floor, water splashing out of her can as she went down. But, like a true pro, the model gets up and pushes on. Unfortunately, she may have pushed on a little too hard. She immediately begins teetering on her heels, waves her arms in desperation, and finally falls forward again. Hard.

Hey, nobody said being really, really, ridiculously good looking was easy.


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Ahhhh.. poor girl. =(

2876 days ago


Ok definitely humiliating for her, but I'm sure the water+catwalk floor texture+high heels shoes was an awful combination. I'm on her side.... NO BIGGY

2876 days ago


Perhaps if she ate a little more she could balance herself out. Her head was the size of a $20 helium balloon. I'm taking a guess that between those horrific looknig shoes and huge head she was destined to fall from the start. Loved it though!!LOL

2876 days ago


Maybe if she had EATEN something within the last week she may have been strong enough to walk that far.....

2876 days ago


perhaps if she wasn't stick-skinny from trying to obey the "fashion rules", she could've handled the 5 pounds of water in the bucket.

i've seen models walk in shoes more rediculous than those... but when you're carrying half your body weight all to one side, you'll more than likely tip.

2876 days ago


wow there's a lot of haters here.she is doing cocaine ,give her a sandwich,walk and chew gum.and so on .you people are the sick ones if you have nothing nice to say shut up maybe you need to lay off the cocaine.and maybe you are the one that needs another sandwich or not.who are you people to judge this woman like that .that is what is wrong with people today.always talking sh*t about others when they are to screw up to look in their own backyards.what are you all a bunch of ten year old punks with nothing but hate .grow up you people make me sick with all this hate.

2876 days ago


Someone take her to Vegas and to a buffet

2876 days ago


If that bucket hadn't been full of water, I think she woulda been ok.

Proof that most models are wimpy-ass chicks w/ no muscle-mass whatsoever.

Classic falls though...priceless indeed. Especially that last teeterer...

Whoop whoop whoop...not...gonna...make it...OOOFFA!!

2876 days ago


Does anyone know what a bucket of water weighs? Whose idea was this anyway? It's enough to carry onesself doing that dreadful model walk without having to carry a heavy weight too.

2876 days ago

b. inw    

She may have felt ill an faint prior to walking out on the runway, thus the reason for so many stumbles an falls, an was just trying to keep it together to the end.... give her credit for that!

2876 days ago


You people are pathetic. Laughing at that woman falling merely because she is better looking and more successful than any of you. You should all get on a bus that gets hit by a train so the next group of Lemmings can come laugh and joke in blogs about your misfortune. I'm betting you also would love to make jokes about the recent Amish schoolhouse shootings, as well?

2876 days ago


I feel sorry for the poor model. What idiot fashionista puts someone in shoes that are that ugly and unstable? "Seelley girrl, ze audience vill love zem! Vhat do you mean zey are not safe?" Proof positive that designers have brains the size of peas and egos the size of small planetoids.

2876 days ago


I'm glad she's O.K. after the fact. She could have easily broken an ankle. They make these models wear some of the MOST REDICULOUS CRAP in existance !!

2876 days ago


Do not be discouraged Girl, Life's walk is much harder. Pick yourself up and show 'em you are the best yet. Only you carry much less water.

2876 days ago


The folks who are making fun of this poor girl most likely have as ass that is too wide to fit through a conventional door and could eat an entire apple through a tennis racket. Get a life people !!

2876 days ago
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