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Model Eats Runway ... Twice

10/4/2006 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Model Falls on Catwalk: Click to watchIf you thought Carrie Bradshaw had it bad as "fashion roadkill" on "Sex and the City," you ain't seen nothin' yet.

One poor model had not one, but two incredibly embarrassing falls at yesterday's Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion Week.

The model, decked out in a pink skirt, impractical orange and yellow heels and a watering can full of water, was struggling right from her very first step onto the runway. As soon as she appears in front of the packed audience, the model wiggles, wobbles and nearly crashes face first into the stage. Thankfully, she recovers and gracefully continues her strut, but it's only a taste of what lies ahead.

After doing her little turn on the catwalk, the unsteady model suddenly crashes to the floor, water splashing out of her can as she went down. But, like a true pro, the model gets up and pushes on. Unfortunately, she may have pushed on a little too hard. She immediately begins teetering on her heels, waves her arms in desperation, and finally falls forward again. Hard.

Hey, nobody said being really, really, ridiculously good looking was easy.


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They should of let her practice her walk in those ugly shoes first. Poor girl. Can't walk and carry water at the same time in those shoes.

2947 days ago


See what happens when you don't eat your weaties children? Or actually, eat nothing for 4 whole weeks? If she would stop jamming her finger to tickle her tonsils, she might have been strong enuff to carry a pail of water and her ankles could control a pair of shoes. How basic is that? It's sad that these women do what they do to themselves only to look absolutely horrible! I don't know what sick mind would actually find skeletal figures attractive.

2947 days ago


poor girl! at least she gave the designer more attention!

2947 days ago

anita m    

it's a sad world we live in , when one person's fall drom grace becomes everyone's joke of the day

2947 days ago


Most of fashion design stuff is ugly. Model and fashion industry needs to really look at itself. They design shoes and clothes that are inpractical and dangerous.
Require models to be so thin so that every and any model can fit in the same outfit. And whats is with that stupid looking walk. Its is not sexy or attractive. It reminds me of a drunk walking the line for a sobriety test. That in itself is dangerous. I am suprised she didn't break something.

2947 days ago


Looks like that pail she was carrying was full of water. Why put water in the pail in the first place?

2947 days ago


Wonder why there was water in the prop watering can. Probably someone backstage had it in for her. Just a thought.

2947 days ago


OMG! Terrible - but so funny!! Did they have to put water in the can? Its not like anyone would've known if it was empty, or not! DUH!

2947 days ago


This is yet another example of the fashion worlds foisting ridiculous and now dangerous clothing on people. No one in their right mind would wear those shoes. Also, when you weigh 95 lbs and have a bucket full of 30 lbs of water in one hand, I am surprised you can walk at all, nevermind in heels. Who's brilliant idea was it to fill the watering cans? Models get highly paid to be ridiculous role models, I feel sorry for them. Also, how infantile is it to think falling down is FUNNY? All in all, the public needs to look very closely at their aesthetic vallues and cruel sense of humor. Models, just need a clue and some food.

2947 days ago


Poor thing forgot to eat her M&M that day. LOL

2947 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA This was soooooooo funny. Graceful is not in her vocabulary. Maybe she should have eaten something before she went on stage in her ugly shoes. She would have been a little more steady on her feet. HA HA HA Ha Ha hahahahahhahaaaaa

2947 days ago


Although I feel bad for her...I couldn't stop giggling, but the comments from people literally put me from giggles into hysterics !!!

2947 days ago


Yikes!! I think the water can weighed more then her. LOL!!

2947 days ago


I don't see anything funny about this poor girl falling in front of the world! My heart goes out to her. It was those horrible shoes which didn't add anything to the outfit anyway. I hope she wasn't injured in the fall.

2947 days ago


So very embarrassing! Why is everyone making fun of her? She could have been injured. I don't even know why the video is being played nation wide, maybe to inflict more humiliation on her. Put yourselves in a situation like that. Have you ever tripped or fallen on the ice out in public? Point made.

2947 days ago
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