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Anna Nicole's Son's Death Certificate

10/5/2006 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the death certificate for the late son of Anna Nicole Smith.
Anna Nicole Smith's son's death certificate
While the certificate says an official cause for death is still "pending chemical analysis" for 20-year-old Daniel Wayne Smith, two separate sources close to the official Bahamian investigation confirmed the existence of three separate drugs in Daniel's bloodstream -- the same drugs found last week by Anna Nicole's private pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht.

Daniel Smith died in the Bahamas on September 10 while visiting his mother who had just given birth to a baby girl.


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2910 days ago

candice moore    

the date of death says 10-9-2006. it's a fake!

2910 days ago


The date is shown as Date - Month - Year, so it actually says he died on September 10, 2006, which I believe is the day he died. Look closely at the Death Certificate, and you can see that it is correct.

2910 days ago


The date Is always done BACKWARD In MEXICO Or Foreign Country the first number is the DAY, the SECOND number is the MONTH , then the year. so Date Of death is 9-10-06. (as done in usa).

SAD SAD SAD.... Im sorry for Your Loss ANNA. He is with the Angels NOW

2910 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Hey stupid.. 10-9-06 means September 10, 2006....just figured you would want to know.

2910 days ago

bekir celikay    

yeah stupid!!! lol....go E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! T.O. SUCKS!!!!

2910 days ago

the wise old owl    

Anna's dirty little secret that she has managed to keep under wraps all these years is finially out. She is exposed warts and all. The pathologist she hired acually helped point the finger at her, as a possible hand in her son's death.
Just where did he get the methadone ? Ummm.............

Although it's been a well known fact in the Entertainment business that she has long been a user of Methadone , she has managed to keep it from going main stream. But thanks to this document it's all out in the open. Now that an innocent child is involved the authorities are going to come sniffing. They will want answers.

If the paternity test proves that Birkhead is the father , this will only help him on his quest to gain joint custudy of Danilynn. It is now Anna who has painted herself into a corner. Her best laid plans are starting to unravel. Her celebrity status won't help her in a court of law. If she has endangerd her baby in any way. She will be held accountable. On Oct 26th Birkhead will be back with his lawyer to release the lastest information on the progress of his injunction to forse a paternity test. Then the whole truth will be out for all to see. What the hell is she waiting for.? And don't say because she is grieving. We all know by her behavior that she's not.

Anna thought she could hide in the Bahama's forever. She may be able to do just that. But if a U.S. court demands that she submits to the test and the Magestry of the Bahama's refuse to honor that, then Birkhead is out of luck.

However, if she travels back to the U.S. for work or any other reason. She will have no other choice but to honor the court ordered test. Either way she's screwed. It's so obvious that she thinks he is the father because of her cloak and dagger behavior. She acts like a guilty party. It will be very interesting to see how this whole sanario plays out. I was on to this whore from the begining. Instead of this being about the child, which it should be. It's all about HER. Selfish, greedy, narcistic, self serving, conieving, decietful and opportunistic are just a few of the adjectives that apply to Anna's sick personna. Her child deserves better. GO TEAM BIRKHEAD GO !!!!!!

2910 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

I'm not an ANNA fan; however a death of a child no matter who you are is difficult enough without the media including YOU TMZ stooping and stopping at nothing for so called JOURNALISTIC SENSATIONALISM! The boy is dead and that so called death certificate should stay private for the family. All of you over at the TMZ offices should get a swift kick in the ASS for being so insensitive.

2910 days ago

Stan and Paula    

I agree with 7 !!

2910 days ago

Davis J. Tomasin    

Have'nt you figured it out by now-------- the SON is the FATHER.

2910 days ago


Hey, comment #8! You are a freakishly evil person, aren't you? You should be twirling your mustache and stroking a white cat, while you revel in someone else's tragedy? You freak! How dare you cast judgement on someone you don't even know? You should be ashamed of yourself. We'll see how you would handle if your child would die. Oy, you are a waste of space.

Anna.. I hope you are Howard will be forever happy and that you will be able to soothe your wounds together. Hope that Dannielynn is happy and healthy. :)

2910 days ago



2910 days ago

My two cents    

Wise Old Owl--We all know Anna cannot stay in the Bahamas forever (god forbid), but if she does travel to the US and doesn't submit to the testing, what happens? Jail time? Who can be the so called, "watch dog" on her movements to and from the Bahamas to the US? This may all prove to be very interesting to say the least.

2910 days ago


Anna Nicole is represented by attorneys in California; they have a responsibility to the court to report her travel to California, if and when she is so ordered to submit to a paternity test. The death certificate and continuing investigation into how the drug wound up in Daniel will be a determining factor in what the court orders in the hearing later this month.

Anna Nicole will have to return to the states to advance her claim to the Marshall estate.

Put on your hip boots, we're wading in it now!!!!

2910 days ago


I just saw the pictures of Anna, Howard, and not his baby at their whatever they want to call it. How dare that bitch be dressed in white, smiling, kissing Howard, and all the while Daniel is laying in some morgue, still not given the proper burial.

For someone who had to be sedated, she sure looked all decked out, false eyelashes and all the other false body parts of hers.

Anna should burn in hell, which I am sure she is going to anyway. How dare she pull a stunt like that - her son is dead, he overdosed. He was only 20.

I think Anna and Howard should burn in hell for the rotten things they have done. Let's just have some fun, grab a few rays, kiss the baby, all for a photo op, not thinking at all about Daniel.

Anne & Howard, whatever money you both my have, I hope you wind up spending in on medication for some awful disease you both get.

You are two low life scum bags.

Daniel is better off dead than having to live with that fuckin no good whore.

I hope that baby gets taken away from her, cause it ain't no way Howard's. We do not need to see another child fucked up by Anna and Howard.

I wish them both death.

Daniel, thank God you are finally at peace with your maker. You will no longer have to live a life of insanity. I hope you are resting in peace, and know that I think about you every day.

Anna & Howard, when one or both of you get found out that you both had a hand in Daniel's death, I wanna be there to see you both linger as long as you have kept Daniel in a morgue maybe longer. You are both MURDERER'S!

2910 days ago
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