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Jen and Vince: The Way They Weren't

10/5/2006 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are finished ... or so it seems. The "Break-Up" stars confirmed through third parties yesterday in Us Weekly that their year-long fling is over. Since last October, the couple has been seen in all kinds of cozy positions -- but they've also done everything possible not to be seen together. What is certain is this: the DVD release of "The Break-Up" follows rather conveniently soon upon the heels of the couple's own publicly announced split.

So were they just playing coy this whole time, or did they contrive one of the most closely-followed non-relationships ever? (They are actors, after all.) TMZ takes a look back at the L'Affair Vaughniston.


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I think they were just great friends and were never involved other than good friends buts thats me. Nice charade and good movie...

2887 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn. Did you post something? YurMomma was to busy waiting for the next Firecrotch and Parasite story.

2887 days ago


Jen is still dealing with the pain of her divorce. There's no way she could be in love with someone else so soon. How do you get over divorcing Brad Pitt?

2887 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I was secretly hoping they were together, I love Vince... He's got a sweet face & I don't think she's the bitch everyone makes her out to be. If it was a publicity stunt it was a damn good one, I love the way they always speak so highly of each other it's really sweet.

2887 days ago


about freakin' time TMZ! what took you so long to "break" this story?

Now a message for Jen=GET A NEW FRIGGIN' HAIR STYLE!!!!! IT'S 2006. Jeeze, next thing you know they'll find her in a hotel room dying of an OD of cheescake after a crippy smoking binge mumbling "but i AM Rachel Green"

2887 days ago


I don't think they were goofin on the public. No one has that much time on their hands. I like them both and still hope they are together. I wont believe it until I read it in People magazine

2887 days ago


Oh, happy day, how does in feel to lose 2 guys in less than 2 years?
IN YOUR FACE!! JA fans who have been drooling every time there's a nugget of a rumor that Brad and Angelina even argue. "Brad will wish he had stayed with Jen" they would say. Looks like NOBODY wishes to stay with jen. that dried out has been is looking more like a bottle of milk on the shelf that's past the experation date. She SHOULD hook up with Matt, they can do drugs and get uglier together, then have a big nosed baby.

2887 days ago


Sheesh a little brutal and I would hardly say that about her lol, projecting are we?

2887 days ago


it is just funny that jen fans keep saying brad and angelina won't last and jen seems to be the one who can't maintain a healthy relationship.

2887 days ago


I am just so sick of going to Brad and Angelina's message boards and having those hysterical mean spirited aniston fans come in ranting on foot long blogs about them, their kids and everything they do. THEY project, gloating over any hint of misfortune, always dragging Jennifer into it. Making racial comments about their children, calling Shiloh devil spawn, on and on and on. All it accomplishes is to make me HATE HATE HATE Jennifer! It makes me glad to know that her star is falling and she'll be a footnote in Hollywood's history book soon enough.

2887 days ago

Black Sheep    

Hey, they were in a movie opposite each other as lovers and she needed a rebound guy. No biggie!

2887 days ago

kick Bachi    

Jennifer BigAssniston if a home wrecker herself. She stole Brad Pitt away from others. Jennifer Aniston Loves to Fly - She spreads her wings open for any men to dump their creamy loads in JenniferAniston's Hoo for an acting part - That's why Jennifer loves to carry cracker around in her purse cause' bitch has cream cheese ready anytime!
hummmm slut, skank, tramp, whore, homewreker, fake, hoe, btich... well at least this means that Jennifer Aniston's ho is PERFECT for any man want pumps cheese to fill her up. to be beautiful you have to be more than just a pretty face. Being beautiful means everything about your ugly face, if you want to find a real beautywhore then look at JENIFER .....and she has NO talent.

2887 days ago


Can't keep a husband or a boyfriend...what next, her dogs will leave her?
I think it's kind of sad myself.

2887 days ago

Oh Wow!!    

Oh really Sarah? #3? That sounds so much like YOU!!

2887 days ago


Well I am glad this happened Vince Vaughn was too good for her anyways. It looks to me like she was the big fake after all. Using Vince to make Brad jealous. And I actually did predict this would happen I wrote it on a different blog a few months ago that Vince would leave her and he did.

2887 days ago
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