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Katie and Posh: BFF

10/5/2006 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi targets Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham make headlines when they are by themselves, but together? That's a tabloid dream come true!

The two women were spotted shopping together in Paris during fashion week, causing quite a stir for the locals.

The Beckhams photo galleryWith these two women prowling the shops - we're wondering if Tom and David are at home, watching the tots and bonding over formula. Maybe not.


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I know this comment has nothing to do with Katie and Posh but damn ....Posh's husband is fricken HOT! DAMN!

2835 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Let me guess ... hummmm. .. the Church of Scientology is sending their 'big gun' Tom out to try and hook the Beckham's and their money?????

Why is Katie trying to look like Jackie O?

One good gust of wind and Posh'll be flying over the Seine.

2835 days ago


Can someone please get Victoria a cheeseburger? Ewww, and everyone in the U.S. is worrying about Nicole Richie. She looks positively obese next to Posh.

2835 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 59 Patrick: That post was great !! Tom only wishes he had sex with David , But alas it will only happen in his dreams. That was just too funny.

Unfortunately for Tom. David swings one way only.............with woman. He will always be an adulterous womanizer. Oh well.......too bad for Tom. The only one getting laid on this outing is Posh and David's nanny............................................ha ha

2835 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 61 Tracy : Posh does look really bad. Sick and unhealthy. Emaciated and on the verdge of starvation. They look like a couple of Herion addicts.

After Ncole sees this picture she will have to go on a diet. You hate to make jokes about this kind of thing. But after all, we are all in control of our bodies. EAT SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez......... you all look like Hell....

2835 days ago


my reaction. OH MY GoD!
both of but Katie more so, she used to look very healthy. she auditioning for a new He-Man movie?

2835 days ago


Holmes looks like a cross between Carrie Anne-Moss & Celine Dion. I think she lost her baby weight too fast. Remember her in Batman Begins (at the start of her Tomcapade?) She had a healthy look to her - there was actually substance to her face. She looks almost 40 in this pic!! The sunken cheeks don't match well with those brundlefly sunglasses. (Personally I can't stand those eclipse producing shades all these bitches wear)

Posh looks like a fucking bobblehead. Sad, Sad, Sad.

2835 days ago


Look again folks, TMZ screwed up,
posh is hot but the one on the left is that ugly hag celine dion.

2835 days ago


wise old owl: Is Oprah really gay? I just can't believe it. I respect your posts but just can't believe this...John Travolta too? Geez.

2834 days ago


DO they think the bigger the celeb the larger the sunglasses should be? Or could it be that they are both so thin the glasses look larger on their faces???

2834 days ago


I too agree that most moms take their kids with them SOMETIME!! What is it with these freaky guys......Tom and Michael Jackson..........and their kids??? You hardly ever see pictures of Nicole and Keith with her kids, and Michael, apparently never lets anyone even SEE his. Should someone be alerting the authorities about this? Well, in Tom's case anyway??
I'll never understand how a system can let a man have custody of minor children after having twice been acccused of child molestation..........ok I know this site isn't about wacko-jacko, but doesn't anybody find these guys and their kids a troubling thing?
I wonder how much $$$$$ Tom's giving Katie to "play" house with him? Did you sell your soul, Katie?? If you did, was it worth it? It certainly doesn't look like it; you look dead. God, what happened to you.............Tom and Scientology must be too much to fight together, you look whipped.
And that other child-like person, Posh,,eat a freakin' M&M or something!! How can anybody in their right minds think these girls look good??

2834 days ago


I don't know where Tom gets all this time to manage everyone's life in his family. I wonder while he's worrying so much about how she'll look in her wedding dress if he considers she is not Nicole Kidman. When he was married to Nicole Kidman he had a high fashion woman who always looked perfect. With Katie he has a totally different type of woman who is lovely and cute, but seems the complete opposite of Nicole. I feel so sorry for this girl who is going to marry this control freak. I can't imagine how it will last. I would just pray that she will see the light before it is too late. But....what do I know!!!!!!!!!!

2834 days ago


I just have one silly question, where is baby Suri, at home in the states with Daddy or playing with the Beckam boys in Paris?

2830 days ago
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