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Jessica's Revolving Men

10/6/2006 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson & Dane Cook: Click to watchAfter her split from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson has been romantically connected to a handful of men including John Mayer and Maroon 5's Adam Levine -- but Jess doesn't seem to mind.

"I'm just used to it by now, it's just kind of a part of my life," she tells a reporter while promoting her new film "Employee of the Month," adding, "Every guy that gets within 5 feet of me is automatically linked to me."

Dane Cook, who knows a thing or two about being linked to the blonde vixen, jokingly adds, "Yeah, she's been my wife for 2 years now."

Just this week, Page Six spies spotted the "Employee" co-stars "whispering into each other's ears" and added that Dane "kept coming back to her every time he was pulled away." Simpson went home with another man though -- her hairdresser Ken Paves.

"Employee of the Month" opens today.


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Ya, like, when a guy comes near me, Daddy likes to call all the weekly gossip rags and pretend we're together, so like, I look popular. Cause you know, like, when you're an ugly midget that can't act and whose album isn't even in the top 200, you like, need, like lots of publicity, and tabloids are my only career.

2939 days ago

Biotch Please!    


2939 days ago


Daddy Joe doesn't have to call the gossip rags to take pictures.....he snaps them himself and then makes more money off his "little" girl. I'm surprised guys don't run for the frickin hills when they see the Simpsons around.

2939 days ago

Charisma Rules    

Years ago I just LOVED Jessica Simpson & then the couple of Simpson/Lache.

Now I am almost as sick of Jessica Simpson as I am of Paris Hilton, & there are no words to describe how sick of Paris Hilton I am.

Jessica - what's the deal???? You kept lying to everyone, saying you & Nick were fine, very much in love, in a week or two later, you e-mailed Nick that the marriage was over. Now you want him back??? He is NOT dumb enough for THAT!!

Sure would like to hear some good music from you again. Do you think that will ever happen, or is it just in the past?

2939 days ago


See looks like the "bad" Sandy in Grease at the end of the movie.

2939 days ago


Leave the girl alone. She is a normal human who makes mistakes. GET OVER IT!

2939 days ago


Oh come on you bunch of haters!

Shes cute I wonder what most of you look like?

Yea her hair looks better blonde, but Im sure half of you on here cant even talk!

2939 days ago

Lemon Yellow    

Jessica is pathetic. She wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, like she was all moral and religious. She said she was embarrased of her breasts when she was a teenager. Then she gets married, gets famous, makes alot of money and shows her boobies around whenever she can and dumps the husband, without even trying marriage counseling??? So now that she doesn't have to hide behind that whole 'virgin' thing, she can slut her way around, all the while her dad is slobbering all over her. It's all just sickening. Even if she could sing, I would never buy anything to further a career for someone so phony.

2939 days ago


The girl is doped up! She looks AWFUL. Go to rehab, Jessica, you look foolish.

2939 days ago

Charisma Rules    

When celebs yearn to be "more famous than..." and want the attention and adoration of the public, the public is entitled to have varying opinions.

I detest the parted-in-the-middle-with-an-inch-of-dark-roots look she is wearing in her latest movie but thought she looked adorable & glamorous in the photo attached to this article & these postings.

Still wish she would record some good music - she has a remarkable voice. Still wish she had not dumped Nick - her fans will never know the truth behind that mess because no one will say anything. Pretty hypocritical for a couple who owe their fame and present level of success in large part to the MTV show, Newlyweds.

I hope Nick and Vanessa build a life together, get married, and stay together forever.

2939 days ago



2939 days ago


Jessica is probably looking for another Nick. She knows she won't find one, so she just wants to play the field.

2939 days ago


I agree - Jessica seems completely doped up, she is totally slurring her words!! Was she just bombed or is it something else? Trainwreck!

2939 days ago

Mike V.    

#6 Ashley are you her even less talented lip synching sister? If you are, YOU BOTH SUCK!!!!!!

2939 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica is starting to be like Paris and Lindsay,different man every night,Nick made a good choice,take the skanks money and run dude,Dont look back,thank god you have no skank to deal with,You have more money thanyou did when you started with her,spend that bitches money,let the skank be.and #9 Venessa not going to marry Nick,Hopfuly he learned his lesson, and leave them hoes like paris and jessicia alone.NO SKANKS ALLOWED

2939 days ago
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