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JLo to JetCo: Get Off My A$$

10/6/2006 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez on stageA private jet company is alleging that Jennifer Lopez is late on nearly $35,000 on payments for two flights from New York -- one to California and one to Puerto Rico. A rep for Lopez says that it's a billing error.

Avjet Corp. filed suit Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming the superstar flew twice with her husband and four other guests on Gulfstream jets owned by the company, and they have yet to see payment for the trips.

Lopez's rep says that a third party billing company was handling the invoicing for the flights, and Jennifer herself was not supposed to be billed. She has been pulled into the lawsuit, the rep says, because of her high profile.


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Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven beieves that JetCo is not the first thing to get on--or in--that bitch's keester.

2940 days ago


"She has been pulled into the lawsuit, the rep says, because of her high profile."

Shouldn't it be "her wide profile"?

2940 days ago


Her husband is a skinny ass nelly

2940 days ago


Lopez is a nasty whorebag.

2940 days ago


so over it already... guess she had to do something to get in the news. all those baby stories are getting old and who's going to believe that one anyway - they had to come up with something new. (if/when she finally does become pregnant, no one will believe it anyway so maybe that's good planning - just another false alarm....)

2940 days ago


Ugly, sheisty divas are never a good thing (see Beyonce and Mariah)...maybe she should use the millions she makes off her cheap ugly clothing line to pay these guys. Better yet, quit stuffing her face with cupcakes (that go straight to her cellulite-ridden ass) and save the money to pay her bills.

The poor company probably had to use extra jet-fuel to move that fat ass around...

2940 days ago



2940 days ago


J-Ho is so yesterday's news. She should stick to being a housewife. This turd never really could sing, dance, act, or make clothes. Her perfume smells like nasty tw*t juice.

2940 days ago


It really makes me sad to see how comfortable people are saying such ugly, horrid things about others simply for sport. I have been lucky enough to spend time with JLo on two occasions, and she is a terrific, giving human being. Love you, Jennifer!

2940 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Pilar #9, The Maven would like to know if you went down on her or she went down on you? Also, did either of you swallow, or spit it out.

2939 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Maven, speaking from experience, I can tell you she likes to have her men visitors come in through the back door, if you get my drift. The worst part of it is she gives what's known as "brown bonnets"--that's when whoever's being reamed doesn't clen herself out, and you wind up with a little wad of sh*t on the tip of your pecker. THAT'S why I broke up with her. She's a filthy pig.

2939 days ago


hey Pilar, you wrote just what i was thinking. Pay no attention to the masked cowards behind their keyboards -- hey when ya got no life you have a real party writing a bunch of BS online to J.O. with. Sorry your lives are so pitiful ya gotta dis for dissing sake. Whatever dudes…

2939 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hey, AnaCR--These celebrities are getting exactly what they deserve--and probably what they thrive on. They make sure they're all over the media network like fly manure--and then complain when people hold them up to ridicule.

The REAL stars don't go looking for publicity, which is why you never read about them on this web site. If Pilar considers JLo terrific, good for her. To me--and to a lot others--she's strictly crapola.

As for all that other trash like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise--etc., etc., ad finitum and ad nauseum--they have only themselves to blame for being held up to public ridicule. And so long as they continue shoving their faces and asses into the public eye, I shall consider them fair play for the put-down they deserve.

I suspect there are others who send comments to this web site that agree with me. .

The Maven has spoken. Pay heed!

2939 days ago


J-Lo deserves all the negative comments written about her.
Iit seems she was much "whiter"when she was with Affleck.
the J-HO has been around the block many times and with all colors of males.where is the Asian on her conquering list?

She is nasty to people as well as being a cheap skate..she told a stewardess on a flight she and Skinny boy were on that the stewardess was wearing CHEAP SHOES.
Has she come so far from the NY BARRIO?
She now appears much "darker" in her skin tones.
As someone stated, pay what she owes. She has the money, she is dressed in lavish gowns, expensive furs, jewels, etc etc..she has come a long way from the girl "on the block".
When will she ever remember her roots and become HUMBLE?

2933 days ago

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