Rosie the Riveting's Raucous Week

10/6/2006 2:07 PM PDT
Even by Rosie O'Donnell's outspoken standards, this week's been a particularly loud one. With just a few wags of her tongue (and a couple thrusts of her hips), the talk-show empress once dubbed the "Queen of Nice" has turned into a one-woman provocation machine.

First, on "The View," she irked the gun control lobby -- and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck -- when she suggested that the tragic murder of five young girls in Pennsylvania Amish country on Monday wouldn't have happened if better controls were put on the sale and possession of firearms. Then, on Wednesday, she incensed Catholics everywhere -- including the president of the Catholic League, who publicly denounced her comment -- when she put the blame for the Church's pedophilia scandal squarely on the shoulders of the current Pope Benedict XVI and referenced the controversial new flick "Deliver Us From Evil." And finally, yesterday, Rosie got into it with what she termed the "crazy" pro-breast-feeding legions, saying that they would be bombarding her with enraged complaints for her more pragmatic stance on the issue.

To top it all off, as if to prove dramatically that she just can't stop talking, she gabbed all the way through a steamy sex scene in a guest appearance on FX's "Nip/Tuck," hitting on such varied topics as Britney, K-Fed, and mac 'n' cheese along the way. Whatever she's saying, however, we're listening.