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Rosie the Riveting's Raucous Week

10/6/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even by Rosie O'Donnell's outspoken standards, this week's been a particularly loud one. With just a few wags of her tongue (and a couple thrusts of her hips), the talk-show empress once dubbed the "Queen of Nice" has turned into a one-woman provocation machine.

First, on "The View," she irked the gun control lobby -- and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck -- when she suggested that the tragic murder of five young girls in Pennsylvania Amish country on Monday wouldn't have happened if better controls were put on the sale and possession of firearms. Then, on Wednesday, she incensed Catholics everywhere -- including the president of the Catholic League, who publicly denounced her comment -- when she put the blame for the Church's pedophilia scandal squarely on the shoulders of the current Pope Benedict XVI and referenced the controversial new flick "Deliver Us From Evil." And finally, yesterday, Rosie got into it with what she termed the "crazy" pro-breast-feeding legions, saying that they would be bombarding her with enraged complaints for her more pragmatic stance on the issue.

To top it all off, as if to prove dramatically that she just can't stop talking, she gabbed all the way through a steamy sex scene in a guest appearance on FX's "Nip/Tuck," hitting on such varied topics as Britney, K-Fed, and mac 'n' cheese along the way. Whatever she's saying, however, we're listening.


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I think it's great that Rosie kicked it up a notch, Most people that watch the view are white middle class woman , WAIT! White middle class republicans.

2764 days ago


GO ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep talking as long as it's liberal and left -wing. I LOVE IT.

2848 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I have no problems with anything she has said - her opinions are rational and valid. It's a sad day when merely having a definitive opinion on something makes you an opinionated loud mouth. Perhaps the feeble minded people at large would prefer middle of the road, politically correct comments from rosie so they don't have to use their mushy brains when listening to her - but that's more their problem then hers. Don't hate on rosie 'cause you're too closed minded to listen to a differing opinion or too stupid to grasp the concepts she's conveying.

2848 days ago

duh...totally !    

She scares me! way too LOUD !

2848 days ago


Rosie needs to shut up and listen more. She can never fill Merediths shoes. I was a really huge Rosie fan and KNEW she was gay but this in your face road she is taking is a big turn off for me, plus her liberal rants, so I don't watch the show after the first week with Rosie. She is too left and liberal I don't even turn on The View any more. I am not sure WHAT Barbara was thinking hiring Rosie in the first palce, she better put a gag order on her or the ratings and eventual cancelation will happen. I thought the show would get better after Star left but it is worse. I liked the chubby Star much better. This use to be my coffee and tv break time evert morning and looked forward to Hot Topics but no longer.

2848 days ago


Yeah. Keep talking, Rosie! You can only help the Republicans, especially when you are so rude and insulting, and flat out wrong, about EVERYTHING.

Great job on Nip/Tuck!

2848 days ago

jeanettte jay    

The great thing about any type of opinions is it checks people for a pulse. I say better fired up with an opinion and thought then bored uninvolved with little to no pulse on key issues our country is facing.

If she is to loud, turn down the volume or god forbit change the channel or shut the tube off honey. Rosie makes me think and laugh, 2 things all need more of these days

2848 days ago


Rosie's an idiot. You can ban guns in every state and they will still wind up in the wrong hands. It's not the guns stupid people. It's the people who use them.

2848 days ago


All Rosie has is a big mouth. I don't look for her to be on the View much longer. She needs to go live with the other cry baby Tom Cruise. Those 2 make a good couple.

2848 days ago


Face it - The View has never been a "must watch" show, until Rosie joined that is. She is phenominal in her new role as moderator. The rest of the panel don't know what has hit them, they seem shocked that their drivel is now challenged on a topic by topic basis by Rosie. Merideth never really held any of them accountable for their rantings. What a joy also to witness Elizabeth Hasselbeck having to metaphorically step down from her soap box. She is such a vacuous individual on a daily prime time show and that is grating to the audience. Everytime she speaks I pray for Rosie to put a sock straight into her mouth! Rosie on the other hand knows exactly the right thing to say on all occassions. Her compassion with troubled guests and children is genuine too, she is so down to earth. Actually, she is far too good for the show and I'm sure she will get sick of propping it up soon.

2848 days ago


Of course she talks a lot -- it's her JOB.

2848 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Rosie,you are one ugly bitch,you suck,the show you had sucks and the show you are on sucks,hopfuly soon you will be cut from the show so we dont have to look at you gay ass,thank god you are gay so you dont reproduce.I have not heard a positive thing said about you ,so I guess we all agree you dont belong on tv,I would rather have star back rather than look at you stuip ass.PLEASE GO BACK WHERE EVER YOU COME FROM.TRAMP

2848 days ago

blah blah    

Go Rosie! I think it is really funny that TMZ ALWAYS posts nasty things about Rosie! Silly TMZ. Everyone should go to much better. TMZ is late on nearly all of their stories!

2848 days ago


Rosie O' doughtnuts is nothing more than an opinionated fat ass that is not happy unless she is berating someone or something. So pathetic. She needs to grow up, instead of out, and realize that her opinion really means very little to most people. Hopefully, one day soon, someone will knock the sh*t out of her like they did Paris Hilton's washed up ass.

2848 days ago


Rosie is an angry person. Her anger comes from childhood and she projects that anger onto current political and religious events. She alwaya has to have something to be angry at and the person she should be most angry with is her sorry self for her ungratefulness. What she needs most is a good therapist.

2848 days ago
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