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She's a Man-Eater -- Jessica Plays the Field

10/6/2006 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's apparently not afraid to spread the wealth – just a couple nights ago, in New York, she was spotted making cute with co-star Dane Cook at the premiere party for her latest "Employee of the Month," which opens today.

But just two nights before that, as TMZ reported exclusively, the pop princess showed up at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, and promptly disappeared into the night – or, at least, an elevator – with rocker John Mayer. As for her evening at Manhattan hotspot Tenjune with Cook, Page Six spies say that the "Employee" co-stars spent the evening "whispering into each other's ears" (of course, it's a very loud club) and that Dane "kept coming back to her every time he was pulled away." At the end of the night, however, Jess left with her real constant companion – hairdresser Ken Paves.

However the film ends up doing, Jess is just happy that she didn't have to bare her body as much as she did in last year's "Dukes of Hazzard." As she tells Lloyd Grove, "Thank God I didn't have to wear a bikini for this one and I'm just a normal, all-American, strait-laced, Midwestern girl. I need to do that for myself."

Andy Dick Thinks His Son Looks Like His Lover

Meanwhile, Andy Dick's perception of reality continues to confound – and creep us out. The comic's 18-year-old son Lucas accompanied Dick to the premiere of "Employee of the Month," and the proud papa expressed his affection for his oldest child in the oddest of ways to Lloyd Grove. "He's really great," said Dick. "Every time I go anywhere with him, I immediately say, 'This is my son,' because it looks like we're lovers because he's so handsome." (Just to set the record straight, Dick is dating a Los Angeles painter by the name of Wendy.) And Dick, ever the denizen of bizarre behavior, says that he has very little in the way of discipline to impose upon young Lucas. "I'm not going to try to control him. I can't say anything, because he's doing better than me. Who am I to slap his wrists? I learn from him."

Buffett Caught With Pills in France

Grammy winner Jimmy Buffett had a trove of pills seized from his luggage this week by French authorities when he flew into an airport there on a rented private jet. The singer was on his way to St. Tropez, and according to Page Six and local reports, was detained, but not arrested. Buffett was allowed to go free after paying a less-than-$400 fine.

A rep for Buffett says that the pills were "medicine prescribed by his doctor," (though the local press contradicts that account) and contrary to reports that there were "more than 100-plus" tabs taken from the crooner, the rep insists that the number was more like 20.

Ripa's Reality To Become Sitcom

As though we didn't hear enough from Kelly Ripa about her and her husband's odd lives as soap stars every morning on "Live with Regis and Kelly," now the daytime diva is developing a sitcom for the CW network based on that very premise. Ripa and hubby Mark Consuelos met on the soap opera "All My Children," and their trials and tribulations together are constant fodder for chat and chiding by Ripa's co-host Regis Philbin. But this isn't the first time that the two will have been in a sitcom: Ripa's now-cancelled "Hope & Faith" featured Consuelos in a number of episodes.

Party Favors: Babs Loves Her Some Cheese Steaks, 'Lost' Finds Less Audience in Debut, Bush Death Film Banned

After her big show in Philadelphia the other night, Barbra Streisand (or at least someone at her hotel suite) decided to indulge in what Rush & Molloy term "a lot" of cheese-steak sandwiches at about 2 a.m. No word if Rosie O'Donnell, who made the trek down to see her favorite diva, was chowing as well ... ABC's "Lost" made its long-awaited season premiere, and even though it killed its competition in its 9 p.m. timeslot with 18.82 million viewers, its ratings still lagged 25% behind its season premiere last year, says Variety ... Regal Entertainment Group, the largest US movie theater chain, won't be showing the controversial fake-documentary "Death of a President," which features a staged assassination of President Bush, because of its subject matter, says the Hollywood Reporter.

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No Avatar


Barbra Streisand, here, reminds me of a transexual I used to date. He/She was some freak in the bedroom. Would hang off the bed screaming "Spit ON ME!" Beatiful Body too. Would have liked to see "Death of a president" I miss you Charlie! I still think about you at night!!

2937 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica is a hoe just like paris hilton,she screws a different dude every night,I didnt like nick and thought he was a d*ck,but i am glad he got rid of that hoe,Im glad he took half of her money because she is a dumb ass.hopefuly some other guy will marry that dumb hoe and take the rest of it.Fac it folks jessicia and ashley simp are trashy hoes and if she didnt have all of the kids thinking ther god she would be nothing.Bitch still dont know who charlie the tuna is.I think there step dad molested the two girls when they were young.Jessicia and ashley career will soon be over just like britt career is gone.I wouldnt listen to jessicia ,ashly or britts c/d if they gave it to me,porn is the road they will be on shortly ,trust me,there hoes just like paris hilton

2937 days ago


Jessica Simpson is a has been, She is so trashy, I think her career is over at least I am not buying or seeing anything she is in. She needs to just get out of the spot light and hide away some place.

2937 days ago


"Spread the wealth," I think you meant spread her legs! She has really gone down since her divorce. Sometimes the grass is not always greener Jessica. You should have appreciated what you had!!!

2937 days ago

Your Mama    

I don't know about JS being a man eater but she definitely looks like a man.

2937 days ago

Amy Sue    

Is there something wrong with her? I saw her being interviewed on Fox with Dane Cook. She was staring at him like lasers were coming out of her eyes. She looked so pi$$ed off. Maybe because he was doing most of the talking. Good thing because anytime I hear her talking she sounds like a complete bubble head. She just didn't look like a person who's movie was coming out and should be happy about it.

2937 days ago

Lady G    

She is going to look horrendous when she ages. It is a shame she went from being someone with good morals to a B List Hollywood whore... Is there an island we can put Lohan, Hilton, the entire Simpson family, and Brandon Davis on? I will contribute a large donation.

Where are the days of Bogey and Bacall? I was born much too late...

2937 days ago

love the U!    

ok. how is JS a "midwestern girl" when every single thing about her states she's from richardson, tx, a susburb of dallas. last i heard, those southwesterners/texans/dallasites hate being referred to as anything other than their southern roots.

and as for BS (ohhhhhhhhhh, the irony of those initials!), does anyone actually listen to her??? what a fugly nasal retard. get over your bush obsession, no one gives a sh*t about your non-sensical opinion. bab this bitch.

2937 days ago


Her "edge" over Britney and the rest of the indistinguishable pop princesses was her reliance on her faith--her purity--and her relationship with Nick. As someone who is out partying nearly every night with a revolving door of men and someone who divorced Nick, she has nothing left to seperate her from the crowd. Her star is falling fast, and it's her own fault.

2937 days ago


She looks really evil, those scarey eyes in front of that empty head. I think she's a robot and her wiring is getting rusty, its just a matter of time til her head explodes and her headless corpse starts chasing after people with an axe.

2937 days ago


I know she will never read this but I have to say I will not ever buy anything from corp again. I had to explain yo my children why she changed and frankly I couldn't. I do not believe she is so stupid as to know where this was going to land her. I do believe her infamous father had alot to do with all of this. So I guess what I'm saying is when she really does start making her own dicisions then maybe we will see the real her. The only thing I can say now is GOOD-BYE Jessica.

2937 days ago


Wow- her eye makeup- woo! She's usually pretty!

2937 days ago


There are so many haters on this sh*t, have you people looked yourselves in the mirror?

Please if your such models how come you dont have a modeling career or something?

Stop hating so much on people its not good for your health or looks, jessica is pretty and just because she has guy friends that doesnt make her a ho!
No one knows these peoples lifes, everybody just assumes all the time about them! SO RELAX PEOPLE TAKE LAXATIVES OR SOMETHING SO YOU CAN RELIEVE THE STRAIN YOUR ASS!

2937 days ago

Biotch Please!    

She's a HO, Whore, SKEEZER and a dumb azz to boot!!! She needs to close her legs and open her mind to getting some sense about herself. She has the potential to be a good actress and she is blowing it all away on DUMB D*CK! None of these clowns she is dating are worth too much. She can do so much better.

However, the first thing she needs to do ON THE REAL, is FIRE HER STYLIST! SHe looks like TRAILER PARK ALL GLAMMED UP!! SHe used to be so pretty! Ken Paves is using her like a bidet! Her hair looks AWFUL!

She needs to get Jonathan ANTIN from BLOW OUT to give her NICE HAIR AGAIN!!!

2937 days ago





2937 days ago
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