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Confessions of a Hollywood Doorman

10/7/2006 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of a mysterious doormanEver wonder how hot Hollywood nightclubs decide who is getting in their exclusive establishments? Who will be denied? Why some celebrities get in and others do not? TMZ has all the answers. We spoke to a doorman at one of the most exclusive places in Hollywood and he spilled all the secrets of the trade.

"You need to be on the permanent guest list." Nightclubs in Hollywood have guest lists that feature people who will always be treated like royalty. Our source says "this list is about 300 individuals." Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguliera are a few names at the top. Second, you can call and make a reservation if you have endless amount of cash (Brandon Davis, Stavros Niarcos) but even with a reservation, nothing is for certain. Celebrities: You have to be a hot property right now (not you Bobby Brown), as even being "famous" will not guarantee entry.

Our spy tells us there are always exceptions to the rules. "Mike Tyson was let in once because we felt that if we said no he might start boxing with the staff!" Being female usually works in your favor, but even Tara Reid will be turned away if she shows up with 5 guys. Take notes from Keenan Ivory Wayans, "he wasn't on the list but he was with a date and looked embarrassed, so I let him in."

Proclaiming your A-list status is also a "no no" with the doormen. On one occasion, Joaquin Phoenix, tried to enter through the back door (to avoid photographers) and was told to go to the front. Mr. Phoenix replied with, "You're making a a big mistake! Don't you know who I am?? I'm kind of a big deal."

Bottom Line....Yes, if Paris is on her way in, you're going have to wait.


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Well I have been in alot of these list only clubs. But my way in is a little different. My friend is a sales manager for the company that supplies the booze to these places so we never have a problem getting in. Sometimes the working man is treated with the same respect as the celebrity. Or do you think maybe they do not want any problems with the delivery of the precious liquor .

2905 days ago


The people who scream whore the loudest are the dirtiest,filthiest whores themselves!

2905 days ago


Hey TMZ reshow us the pic of paris drunk when she fell down a flight of steps and looked like a crumpled rag doll at the bottom. That was about 4 or 5 years ago, now that is interesting! Also why did you take away or alter the video that had Paris and Travis tongueing at Hyde, than Travis and another guy fired up a joint, and THAT'S when Paris looked at her blackberry and left. I dont think your impartial to Paris! It was there one day and gone the next. What's up with that?

2905 days ago

can't fool me    

How sad that the cheap talent gets the VIP treatment when the real deal (hugely talented, private Joaquin Phoenix) is turned away.

2905 days ago


The only time in their lives those doormen have any power is when they are doing their jobs being DOORMEN. Otherwise they are nobody!!!

Its kind of a sad, pathetic, existence.

2905 days ago


The clubs in Hollywood are about the size of a three car garage, are sweaty, and aren't worth even going to in the first place. It's hilarious to see everyone get all bent out of shape about 'getting in, or not getting in.' If you go on an "industry night" there, it's everyone and their neighbor's dog trying to push themselves as a writer, director, actor, actress, animator, etc. I actually had the pleasure of listening to the following conversation last time:

- 21ish year old girl: "My mother doesn't believe in my acting career. She doesn't take me seriously, and thinks I'm just going to move out here and become a stripper."

- Very Large Black Man (in deep voice): "I was a stripper for 3 years before my acting career took off!"

- 21ish year old girl: "Oh, i never thought of that, maybe I should try it?"

Every time I make the trek to LA / Hollywood, I vow never to check out their nightlife again. Vegas Baby. :-)

2905 days ago

can't fool me    

How sad. The tawdry publicity hogs get the VIP treatment while the real deal (hugely talented and modest Joaquin Phoenix) is denied entrance. Someone should show this doorman the door.

2905 days ago


I really want to go to a club were the guest list has people like Paris just crawling with s.t.d's on it!

2905 days ago


Paris Hilton? I don't understand the need for the celebs to be "today" hot stars..what about what about the oldies that are considered icons...


2904 days ago

duh...totally !    

the big problem is these sites like TMZ , all the daily news shows like E!, access hollywood, etc...and all the weekly tabloids!
I remember when just 2 yrs ago, there were like 2 mags--monthly subscriptions, and maybe 3 shows.....

this celeb stuff is just getting out of hand! The Stalk-A-Razzi is ridiculous!
get out of their damn faces!

2904 days ago


Who thehell cares about all that BS.

2904 days ago


you all need to get a life.....your just jealous that your not a celebrity....why do you guys even talk bad about the swear like they read this bullsh*t and get offended....come on now get off the computer and get into reality....there RICH your NOT

2903 days ago


Oh come on ... Joaquin Phoenix?! These other losers it's kinda funny (even though it's a bit sadistic to laugh) but snubbing him is RIDICULOUS, he's one of the most talented actors of his generation.

But maybe he's lucky, cuz what REAL star would even WANT to go into this scumhole if Paris Hilton as the #1 VIP (and sure to be there in all her putrid glory) ?

2902 days ago


You guys seem to forget this is hollywood.....HYDE is here today.......gone today.
the next big club hot spot will be here before you know it and everyone will say what is hyde?

2894 days ago


"You're making a a big mistake! Don't you know who I am?? I'm kind of a big deal."

Arrogant statements like that is exactly why these pretentious wannabes should not be allowed in.

Even though i'm just a regular schmoe who'll never get in, I'm glad there's still some justice left in this world lol

1513 days ago
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