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NBC Mum on Lauer's Marital Woes

10/8/2006 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt and Annette LauerNBC is extremely concerned over reports that Matt Lauer's wife filed for legal separation, and the network is doing everything in its power to stop the story from spreading.

Annette Roque Lauer, who married Matt eight years ago, filed a petition for legal separation last month, according to Rush & Molloy. The columnists say Lauer withdrew her petition, but sources inside the network are on red alert to manage the story. Indeed, one source at a rival broadcast network tells TMZ that NBC is deeply worried that a messy break-up, especially involving the couple's two kids -- and another on the way -- could damage Lauer's image as morning TV's golden boy. A rep for the couple told Rush & Molloy that the pair is "not divorcing." It's unclear why Lauer had a change of heart and withdrew her petition.

Jessica Hooks Up with John Mayer

If a secret hotel tryst is any indication, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer appear to be making sweet music together, despite past protestations to the contrary. TMZ spies spotted Simpson and Mayer at the tony Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills last week. There's been considerable buzz about the story, and several reports suggested that it couldn't be so. Now, other sources have come forward saying that TMZ is right on the money.

Here's how it went down: Mayer was the first to arrive at the hotel's bar, and he actually chatted up one of our spies and asked her upstairs to "talk." She declined. Not long after, Jessica arrived and made a beeline for her friend and musical collaborator Romeo Antonio, who was sitting at a table. When Antonio subsequently hit the boys' room, Mayer was there and asked if any romance existed between Antonio and Jessica. Apprised that there was not, Mayer then returned to the bar, talked to Simpson for about ten minutes, and then the two left the bar together and disappeared into an elevator. They were never seen again -- that night, at least.

Don't Mess with Brangelina

At least, that's the message after their bodyguard allegedly manhandled a photographer who was waiting for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie outside their hotel in Pune, India, where she's shooting scenes from the forthcoming film about slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. It all went down Saturday afternoon, according to the Associated Press, when Pitt and Jolie were leaving their hotel, the Le Meridien. A British photographer was trying to snap shots of the couple, and that's when their bodyguard reportedly attacked. He grabbed the photog by the neck and started yelling at him-and it was all caught on tape by Indian television. "I couldn't breathe. He had his fingers on my windpipe and he knew what he was doing," the photographer told the Hindustan Times. That'll teach him to mess with Brangelina, no doubt.

Moss Kicks Doherty Back into Rehab

Amid reports that his girlfriend Kate Moss was not happy with his drug-addled ways, Pete Doherty has entered rehab once again and called off the remainder of his British tour with his band Babyshambles. Photos surfaced of the singer looking, well, very disheveled the other night, and reports said that he had been kicked out of Moss's house half-naked at 3:30 in the morning after the two got in a huge fight. Here's hoping that this latest round of rehab will finally set Doherty's ship straight.

Party Favors: Madge's Adoption Mystery, K-Fed's Acting Debut, "Trek" Model Ship Gets Over $500K at Auction

Madonna visited yet a third orphanage in Malawi on Friday, fueling more speculation that she's planning to adopt a child from the impoverished African country, despite her publicist's denials ... Kevin Federline makes his acting debut this week on "CSI," on an episode called "Fannysmackin'." (If only we were making this up.) He plays a teenage thug who harasses investigators while they work ... Yes, Captain, they are insane: A Star Trek fanatic purchased the 78-inch model of the Starship Enterprise used in the title sequence and pilot of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" for $576,000 at a Christie's auction Saturday. The sell-off of all kinds of Star Trek memorabilia, including set pieces and costumes, raked in more than $7 million.


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Old Guy Rick    

Don't we all get tired of learning about the latest shenanigans of our f__'d up
celebrities, our aristocracy? I sure do. But at least AngieBrad spend some of their time doing good in the world.

2940 days ago


I wish Matt and his wife the best of luck, aand hope they can work things out.

2940 days ago


"Fannysmackin' " ? Federline, Playing a "thug"..........Mmmmmmmmm......God does have a sense of humor......

Moss......Who's her Boyfriend ?.....NEVER heard of him.......
Jessica and Mayer ?...............OK, so what if they did?
Brangalina..........The way they are followed , I don't blame them for having guards. BUT, they should be careful about thier guards hurting someone. can you say "Court case " ?!!
Matt.......So what ?......are we supposed to think Matt is exempt from marital problems ?

2940 days ago


Here's my assessment: Matt's wife looks like a high maintenance slag that would have never given him a second look if he wasn't a TV personality and millionaire. Matt is where he is because he has a boyish accessibility that makes for good face, but he isn't cut out for high society. His snobbish bitch of a wife and he are starting to grow apart, and ultimately are doomed.

2940 days ago

tim be honest I have never like Matt's conversation with his interview people. He is lack of education in many ways.Bravo for his wife move on..

2940 days ago

Matt Barner    

Matt Lauer is gorgeous and yet professional, an asset to Today. However, I think some may interpret his professionalism as coming off snooty. He certainly meets the criteria to be snooty..... smart, handsome, educated, well-dressed, and quick-witted. I think TODAY is a great show and I look forward to it each day. As for Matt's personal life, there's a lot more for us to worry about in this world than what Matt is doing when he's not on NBC.

2940 days ago

catherine mabe    

i like Matt Lauer and i hope he and his wife can work things out. Just because he is who he is most people forget he is still a regular man with a family and i wish them all the best as i would any other couple. Pray for there marriage to work out.

2940 days ago


many of those who have come around go around and i think it's all the same thing with jessica and matt.

2940 days ago


My motto is live and let live, you people don't have anything to do. Get a life.

2940 days ago


I always thought Matt seemed to think alot of himself. Only thing that could hurt his image is himself.

2940 days ago


Umbrosexual. How dare you demean God.! He abhors homosexuals. Many scriptures, inspired by God, do not, approve of Satan's couples and those that approve or condone such a mixed up mindset.

2940 days ago

Rick Sloan    

Matt Lauer what a MORON he thinks far too much of himself and he probably thinks that he is a GOD..Please if the guy died tommorrow NO ONE would miss him .. Please give us someone with a personality not a little Fag who thinks he 's Hot...

2940 days ago


I've watched The Today show for years and Matt has definitelty lost his appeal. He no longer has any oooomph to the show. He is so so boring. Hey maybe you could fire him and hire Tom Cruise instead. Just a thought. Matt is in a deep rut and is getting buried. Yes even Tom would have more appeal than Matt and he lost me too.
Good Luck!

2940 days ago


After reading the garbage written, I am no longer wondering what has happened to our country and why there is so much crime and hatred. Anyone who has written what they wrote in such a vulgar way...should print it and re-read it when they grow up. Shame on you all for passing judgment on people you don't even know..only read about. Yes, they have babies out of wedlock..and YES, it is a terrible thing to do to a child, unfortunately...this is exactly what I am talking about...our country has lost respect for oursleves and each other. What we are teaching our children is reflected in what has been written.

2940 days ago


You should get rid of Matt, I dont watch your program anymore he is very abussive
Katie is beautiful since she left NBC

2940 days ago
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